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Brewer gets bill targeting dealers who buy stolen scrap metal

The state House sent Gov. Jan Brewer a bill Wednesday that would require scrap metal dealers to register with the Arizona Department of Public Safety and would increase penalties for dealers who knowingly purchase stolen materials.... Read more»0

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Study: Medical marijuana will spark 1,500 jobs in Az

The medical marijuana industry will create 1,500 jobs in Arizona, according to a new study sponsored by a medical marijuana trade group. Leading medical marijuana opponent says the study is flawed because it doesn't account for the cost of prosecuting those who will abuse the system. ... Read more»1

New ‘average’: Official say wildfire seasons aren’t what they used to be in Az

As the 35-acre Fisher Point fire burned in a canyon just a few miles south of his office, Coconino National Forest fire information officer Dick Fleishman said he anticipates an average fire season.... Read more»0

Ryan Field, 3 other Az airports slated for tower closures

The four airports, which also include Glendale Municipal Airport, Phoenix Goodyear Airport, Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport and Tucson’s Ryan Airfield, are among the 149 smaller facilities around the country scheduled to close their air traffic control towers due to federal budget cuts.... Read more»0

Sky Train makes tracks at Phx airport

The first phase of the $1.6 billion PHX Sky Train project opened to the public at noon Monday, and many of the first passengers were sightseers eager to ride. The free automatic system connects light rail, Sky Harbor’s East Economy Parking and Terminal Four.... Read more»0

Brewer: Bright future for Az solar industry

Gov. Jan Brewer said her dedication to solar energy can be seen on the roof of her house, where she’s had solar panels since the 1970s. “Arizona was made for solar energy,” she said Wednesday.... Read more»0

Az lawmaker: Raising contribution limits would boost transparency

Increasing the amount of money Arizonans can contribute to political candidates would deter those who want to give more from working through political action committees and improve transparency, a state lawmaker contends.... Read more»0

Az House OKs allowing cities to post public notices online

The state House on Monday advanced a bill that would allow local governments to post public notices on their own websites instead of paying to publish them in newspapers.... Read more»0

Brewer rallies with home-schooling advocates at Capitol

About 1,000 people gathered Monday at the Capitol in Phoenix, where Gov. Jan Brewer told home-schooling advocates that she will "fight for your freedom from government intrusion."... Read more»0

GOP lawmaker targets public employee unions

Only one in 20 Arizonans is a member of a union, but that hasn’t stopped several Republican state lawmakers from pushing bills aimed at restricting organized labor. Sen. Rick Murphy, R-Peoria wants to rein in unions representing public employees such as police officers, firefighters and teachers — groups he says take advantage of taxpayers.... Read more»0

Lawmaker wants Az to nullify ‘unconstitutional’ federal actions

Arizona answers to the U.S. Constitution before it answers to the federal government and shouldn’t have to enforce any action from Washington it considers unconstitutional, a state lawmaker contends.... Read more»0

New push to outlaw electronic cigarettes for kids

To a state senator, nicotine is nicotine regardless of whether the product delivering it is chewed, smoked or inhaled as mist, and all forms should be illegal for minors. SB 1209 would add electronic cigarettes to a list of products including cigars, cigarettes and chewing tobacco that are illegal for minors to possess.... Read more»0

Lawmaker targets scrap metal theft by proposing registration

HB 2262, authored by Rep. Tom Forese, R-Gilbert, would require scrap metal dealers to register with the Arizona Department of Public Safety. DPS would have to develop an annual report including the numbers of registered scrap metal dealers, unregistered dealers and violations by registered dealers. ... Read more»0

Bill would make communities justify photo radar on highways

Cities that have installed or wish to install photo radar systems along state highways would have to provide statistics on speeders and accidents if a lawmaker has her way.... Read more»0

Immigrant rights groups want reform to focus on families

Immigrant rights groups, joined by Democratic elected leaders including U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva, said national reform proposed by a bipartisan group of senators focuses too much on enforcement. ... Read more»0

New lawmaker profile: Rep. Andrea Dalessandro

One of a series of biographical sketches on new members of the Arizona State Legislature.... Read more»0

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