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Farmers, fieldhands look to fix ‘flawed’ visas

Francisco Duarte stood in the sun with little shade or water for hours, waiting to pick lemons. But he never complained, because he was afraid he would be replaced by an undocumented worker willing to work longer hours for lower pay. He is among the hundreds of thousands silenced by a visa program that pits citizens, guest workers and the undocumented against one another.... Read more»0

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In debate over Redskins name, is ‘R-word’ for racism or respect?

Amanda Blackhorse is outraged when she thinks of the Washington Redskins, a team whose name and mascot are deeply offensive to the Navajo woman. But she is also saddened at the thought that in the Navajo Nation, Red Mesa High School uses the name for its sports teams as well.... Read more»1

Poll: Flake among least-favorite senators after gun-bill vote

U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake’s vote against expanded background checks on gun sales earlier this month caused his approval ratings to drop, making him one of the “most unpopular” senators in the country, a new poll says.... Read more»7

Az officials bring case for immigration reform to Washington

A delegation of Arizona officials came to Washington to press for comprehensive immigration reform, saying the time to act is now while the nation is paying attention. "Congress is listening," said one. ... Read more»0

Kelly, Giffords vow to continue gun-control fight

A resolute Mark Kelly vowed Thursday that he and wife Gabrielle Giffords, a gun victim and former congresswoman, will campaign even harder for gun control after the Senate refused to expand background checks for gun sales.... Read more»1

Demands on Colorado again make it nation’s most-endangered river

A new ranking lists the Colorado River as the most-endangered river in the country, as increased demands on its water supply have put the river “at a breaking point.”... Read more»0

Bill aims to stem wildfires by boosting ranching, logging on federal land

Proponents of a bill to let ranchers and loggers operate more freely on federal land said last week that changes are needed to give the U.S. Forest Service help clearing forests before wildfires can break out. But critics said the public and private partnerships envisioned in the bill could open the door to environmentally harmful use of the land.... Read more»0


McCain, senators grill Homeland Security on enforcement claims

Senators questioned assurances Wednesday that the border is getting more secure, telling Homeland Security officials that the government needs a better plan and a better way of measuring progress on the border.... Read more»0

Barber, Kirkpatrick among most likely to buck party – and proud of it

Arizona Reps. Ron Barber and Ann Kirkpatrick touted their designation this week as being among the Democrats most likely to buck their party in congressional votes.... Read more»0

Az housing market slow, but prices rising

The total value of home sales in Arizona rose over the last year even as the number of transactions slipped, real estate executives say, as foreclosed and distressed properties were moved off the market and the subsequent lower home inventories boosted prices. ... Read more»0

Feds reject request to declare southeast Az snail endangered

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service rejected a petition Thursday to list an Arizona snail as endangered, saying the Rosemont talussnail was actually the same species as a much more common snail.... Read more»0

As economy bounced back, so did Indian casino revenues

Revenue from tribal gaming in Arizona grew at more than twice the national rate in 2011, rising for a second year as the economy inched out of recession, a new report says.... Read more»0

Tempers flare in hearing over new Resolution Copper land-swap bill

A four-hour congressional hearing grew testy Thursday as House members considered a bill to swap thousands of acres of private and federal land to make way for a massive copper mine in Southeast Arizona.... Read more»0

As Az mining increases, mine-related toxic releases grow

Arizona metal mining and manufacturing produced 84.5 million pounds of toxic chemicals in 2011, a 34 million pound increase over two years. It reflects a spike in mining, but while environmentalists say it shows a need for regulation, miners call the numbers needlessly frightening. ... Read more»0

Navajo woman challenges Washington Redskins 'offensive' name

A Navajo woman was in Virginia on Thursday to argue that the Washington Redskins should not be allowed to trademark what she and other Native Americans see as a racial slur.... Read more»1

Navajo disaster declaration marks shift in tribal-federal relations

Tribal leaders were hailing President Barack Obama’s declaration of a natural disaster on the Navajo Nation, the first under a new law that lets Native American governments appeal directly to the federal government for emergency assistance. ... Read more»0

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