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Workers Memorial Day commemoration calls for safer workplaces

In an annual commemoration of Workers Memorial Day at the State Capitol, a Democratic lawmaker called Monday for more rights and safer conditions for workers.... Read more»0

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Enviros renew call for ban on lead ammo in condor’s range

An environmental group says endangered California condors in Kaibab National Forest are still dying from lead poisoning, despite a significant reduction in Arizona hunters using lead ammunition. The Center for Biological Diversity wants lead bullets banned in the condor's range. ... Read more»0

Wildlife experts making campsites safer after 2012 bear attacks

After the Payson area saw three black bear attacks last year, officials are rolling out a Bear Aware campaign. It includes bear-proof storage containers and tips for keeping bears from visiting campsites. ... Read more»0

Game & Fish fee bill on governor's desk

Legislation that would allow the Arizona Game and Fish Department to price and package hunting and fishing licenses without approval from the Legislature was heading to Gov. Jan Brewer after winning state House approval Monday.... Read more»0

Az’s National Park sites had fewer visitors in 2012

While the National Park Service saw a slight increase in visitors across the country in 2012, its sites in Arizona recorded a third straight year of overall decline.... Read more»0

Good conditions for rattlesnakes, but run-ins with people should be rare

After two straight winters with enough rainfall to create good conditions for rattlesnakes, hikers, hunters and golfers have extra reason to be on alert as temperatures warm, experts say.... Read more»0

Phx superfund site is first to be cleaned up in Az

The site near downtown Phoenix was designated a state superfund site after the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality determined it was contaminated with levels of lead and other chemicals that exceeded the health standards of the state and the federal government. ... Read more»0

Enviros decry damage from Border Patrol off-roading

Environmental groups contend that Border Patrol off-road vehicles used to catch illegal immigrants and drug smugglers are damaging the landscapes of two ecologically sensitive areas of southern Arizona. They are calling on the agency to update its environmental training. ... Read more»1

Grants aim to improve boating facilities in Arizona

Before 1992, many boaters at Lake Pleasant had to make a tough decision when nature called: head to a restroom back at the launch ramp or, well, take care of things on the water. Thanks to a federal grant programs, boaters now can make use of far more convenient bathrooms built on a makeshift island as well as improved facilities for offloading sewage from boats.... Read more»0

35 years of keeping eye on Az bald eagle nests

The bald eagle is no longer endangered, but government, private and tribal groups are keeping alive the Arizona Bald Eagle Nestwatch Program, which is marking 35 years of keeping an eye on nests around the state. ... Read more»0

After lean years, Arizona State Parks looks to spruce up facilities

State parks around Arizona have faced lean times for the past several years as lawmakers grappled with the budget deficit. Now park officials and supporters would like to make some improvements. ... Read more»0

Bill would put commission in charge of Game & Fish fees

Concerned that a complicated licensing system deters would-be hunters and anglers, the Arizona Game and Fish Department wants to simplify things by bundling options. But under current law any such changes must go through a three-year legislative process at the State Capitol.... Read more»0

Authorities recapture first Mexican gray wolf released in years

A male Mexican gray wolf released into the forest of Eastern Arizona last month has been recaptured after failing to mate with a pack’s alpha female as officials had hoped.... Read more»0

Catholic schools rally urges lawmakers to keep tuition tax credit

About 1,000 Catholic school students, joined by bishops and legislative leaders, attended a rally Wednesday timed with National School Choice Week. ... Read more»0

New lawmaker profile: Rep. Rosanna Gabaldon

One of a series of biographical sketches on new members of the Arizona State Legislature.... Read more»0

University chiefs: Met mandate to do more with less

Briefing lawmakers Wednesday, presidents of Arizona’s three public universities said they have met the state’s mandate to do more with less.... Read more»0

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