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Life on the front lines: A view from James Foley’s camera

James Foley, an American journalist who reported for GlobalPost, cared deeply about the victims of war and the rights of people living under oppressive regimes. He was an old-school reporter, who traveled light, talked to the locals and put the story first. Foley's execution at the hands of the Islamic State was made public one year ago. His death followed nearly two years of captivity in Syria.... Read more»0

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Europe takes a harder line on migrants

The EU is moving away from saving lives, focusing instead on keeping newcomers out.... Read more»1

Mandela: The fondest farewell the world has ever seen

U.S. President Barack Obama led world tributes to Nelson Mandela on Tuesday, hailing him as 'a giant of history' at a rain-soaked memorial attended by tens of thousands of South Africans united in proud, noisy celebration. "He was not a bust made of marble, he was a man of flesh and blood," Obama said of Mandela. "It is hard to eulogize any man... how much harder to do so for a giant of history, who moved a nation towards justice."... Read more»0

Obama nominates Jeh Johnson as next head of Homeland Security

President Barack Obama nominated former Pentagon lawyer Jeh Johnson as the next head of Homeland Security Friday.... Read more»0

FBI has used drones in the U.S. since 2006, watchdog says

Though drones have become an essential tool for the CIA in battling militants in Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere, a new report reveals that the FBI has also relied on drones to fight domestic criminals since 2006.... Read more»0

McCain loses at high-stakes poker during Syria hearing

Sen. John McCain, a leading advocate of military action in Syria, was caught playing poker on his iPhone during a key Senate hearing on the issue Tuesday.... Read more»0

NSA able to spy on 75 percent of US internet traffic

The United States' National Security Agency can observe more online communications of Americans than once believed, according to a new report in the Wall Street Journal.... Read more»0

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood accuses military of 'massacre' after Morsi supporters shot dead

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has accused the military of a "massacre" after more than 50 of its supporters were shot dead during a sit-in in Cairo. ... Read more»0

IRS: Additional 'inappropriate' screening of groups occurred

Danny Werfel, temporary head of the IRS, told reporters Monday he's suspended the use of all such screening lists. ... Read more»0

Edward Snowden skips flight to Havana

The whereabouts of Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor who leaked details of secret US surveillance programs, are unknown after he failed to board a flight from Moscow to Havana on Monday. ... Read more»0

Obama nominates first Latino to new cabinet as Labor secretary

Assistant U.S. Attorney General Thomas E Perez is popular with labor and Hispanic groups, but will face tough questions over accusations his department was rife with political infighting. ... Read more»0

The endlessly quotable Hugo Chavez

Here's a look back at some of the Venezuelan president's strangest remarks.... Read more»0


At last, a glimmer of hope for undocumented immigrants?

It was not so very long ago that Republican presidential hopefuls were trying to outdo each other in their tough stances on immigration. With proposals ranging from Herman Cain’s electrified border fences to Mitt Romney’s "self-deportation," it seemed that the GOP was intent on demonstrating just how unwelcome undocumented workers were in this country. Then came Nov. 6, and a resounding victory for President Barack Obama. ... Read more»0

NRA to attend White House meetings on gun violence

The National Rifle Association is sending a representative to meet Biden, and the gun violence task force.... Read more»0

Love hotel for dogs opens in Brazil

Brazil's newest "love hotel" stands apart from the rest, not for its amenities, but its clientele: dogs. Discerning dog owners pay $50 a day for a room to breed their canines in what's billed as a clean and safe environment, complete with dimmed lighting and even a heart-shaped mirror on the ceiling and red cushions on the floor.... Read more»0

Mexico's drug war

Mexico admits captured Sinaloa cartel 'drug lord' is car salesman

Authorities in Mexico have admitted they got the wrong guy when they claimed to have arrested the son of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, head of the Sinaloa cartel and the country's most wanted drugs lord.... Read more»1

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