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Despite mandate, E-Verify checks still spotty

An Arizona law requiring businesses to check every new hire's citizenship is often disregarded and rarely enforced, five years after it took effect and a year after courts upheld it. Many new hires in 2011 were not checked against E-Verify and few employers have been cited. ... Read more»0

Center for Biological Diversity sues – again – to protect Mexican gray wolf

For the second time in as many weeks, a Tucson-based conservation group has sued the federal government over endangered status of the Mexican gray wolf. The Center for Biological Diversity challenged the government's refusal to list the animals as a wolf subspecies. ... Read more»0

Farley pledges to renew fight for ban on texting while driving

State Sen.-elect Steve Farley, D-Tucson, said he will reintroduce legislation next year to ban texting while driving, despite repeated rejections in the House, noting that the rest of the country has finally caught up with his idea. While the Tucson City Council passed such a ban in February 2012, moves to halt the practice statewide have run into dead ends.... Read more»0

Brewer rejects Az health-insurance exchange, triggers federal operation

Gov. Jan Brewer announced Wednesday that Arizona will not create a state-based health exchange but will leave that job to the federal government, as detailed in the Affordable Care Act.... Read more»0

Report: Online sales cost Az $708 million in lost taxes

Cyber Monday might have meant savings to consumers, but it could very well mean lost money for the state of Arizona. A new report says Arizona will see approximately $708 million in sales taxes go uncollected on online and catalog purchases from businesses located outside the state. ... Read more»1

U.S., Mexico sign agreement on stolen mobile devices

U.S. and Mexican government officials signed an agreement Tuesday aimed at fighting theft and cross-border trafficking of cellular devices by making stolen cell phones and tablets unusable.... Read more»0

Report: Latino voter turnout will jump in Az, nationally

The number of Latinos going to the polls in Arizona for this presidential election could jump as much as 23 percent from their turnout in 2008, according to a new report.... Read more»1

Prescott among top in nation for percentage of at-home workers

The Prescott metro area ranks seventh-highest in the nation for the percentage of people who worked out of their homes in 2010, at 7.6 percent.... Read more»0

Farmers frustrated as farm bill set to expire

Congress left town without acting on the farm bill, which expires Sept. 30. Its expiration won't immediately affect farmers and food-stamp recipients who benefit from the massive, multi-year bill - but that doesn't mean those groups are happy about the inaction. ... Read more»0

CD8 had largest gender/wage gap in Az

Women earned more than men in just 12 of the nation’s 435 congressional districts in 2011, and one of those districts was Arizona's CD4. Tucson-area CD8 posted the state's largest wage gap, with men earning nearly $12,500 more than women.... Read more»1

Migrant worker drought worries farmers

With harvest season for many crops approaching, Arizona farms need workers to help bring the crops in. But immigration policy has made it harder to find the skilled labor force farms have relied on for 20 years.... Read more»0

Report: Medicare cuts could cost thousands of Az healthcare jobs

Arizona could lose more than 9,800 health-care and other jobs next year if a 2 percent cut in Medicare takes effect Jan. 2 as part of the $1.2 trillion federal budget “sequestration,” a new report claims.... Read more»0

Az farmers rally in Washington to urge action on stalled farm bill

Farmers from Arizona traveled to Washington to rally at the Capitol to act on a stalled farm bill before it expires on Sept. 30. But some lawmakers, like Rep. David Schweikert, R-Scottsdale, are arguing for programs like food stamps to be stripped out of the bill before a vote. ... Read more»0

Court: Phx cops 'reasonable' in tasering man who died

A three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that two Phoenix police officers used reasonable force when they used a Taser 22 times on Ronald Marquez, a man they caught trying to perform an exorcism on his 3-year-old granddaughter.... Read more»0

Presidential aspirations behind, McCain again addresses convention

When he last stepped on a Republican National Convention stage, the GOP was John McCain’s party. He set foot on the convention stage again Wednesday, but this time stood in the shadow of current nominee Mitt Romney.... Read more»0

Arizona delegates weather soggy start to Republican convention

The hurricane didn’t show up for the official opening of the Republican National Convention on Monday. Neither did the Arizona delegation.... Read more»0