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Mexico Gulf Cartel leader Mario Ramirez Trevino captured

Mexican authorities on Saturday captured Mario Ramirez Trevino, one of the country's most-wanted drug-gang leaders as head of the Gulf Cartel.... Read more»0

Brazilian president unveils series of reforms in attempt to end protests

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is attempting to put an end to days of nationwide protests against government corruption and poor public transportation, healthcare and education. ... Read more»0

Jason Collins comes out as first gay active NBA player

Jason Collins, a 12-year NBA veteran who played in 34 games for the Celtics this season, came out as gay in a piece he wrote for Sports Illustrated.... Read more»0

George Jones, admired country music superstar, dies at 81

Country music superstar George Jones, who was best known for his hit classic "He Stopped Loving Her Today," died Friday. He was 81.... Read more»0

Alaska's Rep. Young apologizes for 'wetbacks' remark

Alaska's U.S. Rep. Don Young has apologized for a comment he made, referring to Hispanic migrant workers as the racial slur "wetbacks."... Read more»0

Scientists create Harry Potter-like invisibility cloak

Scientists have created a miniature version of Harry Potter's invisibility cloak, although so far it only works in microwave light.... Read more»0

'Fast and Furious' guns linked to Mexico murders

A new report by Spanish-language network Univision has found links between murders in Mexico and guns involved in the government's "Fast and Furious" operation. ... Read more»0

Mexico's drug war

Nieto eyes retired Colombian general for security advisor

Colombian Gen. Oscar Naranjo will be Mexico's chief security advisor if presidential front-runner Enrique Peña Nieto wins next month's election.... Read more»0

14 dismembered bodies found at Mexican city hall

Fourteen dismembered bodies were found in a truck parked outside city hall in the Mexican town of Ciudad Mante.... Read more»0

López Obrador gains ground in Mexican polls

Leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador is gaining in the final month of Mexico's presidential race, polls indicated Thursday.... Read more»0

PepsiCo's Sabritas attacked by drug cartel in Mexico

Mexican potato chip company Sabritas, a subsidiary of U.S. food giant PepsiCo, was the target of a drug cartel this weekend when its delivery trucks and warehouses were firebombed.... Read more»0

Mexican drug kingpin gets 25 years in U.S. prison

Former leader of Mexico's Tijuana drug cartel Benjamin Arellano Felix, 58, was sentenced Monday to 25 years in U.S. prison and ordered to forfeit $100 million.... Read more»0

8 in Mex. accused of killing 3 as sacrifices to Santa Muerte

Authorities in Sonora have arrested eight people accused of killing two boys and one woman as human sacrifices for Santa Muerte — the saint of death.... Read more»0

Apple tries to sue Kodak

In a filing at a New York federal bankruptcy court on Tuesday, Apple Inc. asked for permission to sue Eastman Kodak Co. for infringing patents Apple said cover technologies used in printers, digital cameras and digital picture frames.... Read more»0