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Stories by Lena Groeger

Looks can kill: Deadly results of flawed designs

From automobiles to software, poorly designed products just might kill you.... Read more»0

Murdoch’s circle: The growing News International scandal

From phone hacking to bribery, the corruption at News International has involved many players — increasingly, ones close to Rupert Murdoch.... Read more»0

FDA lax on monitoring medical implants

The FDA doesn't track data on medical implants, despite numerous high profile cases of malfunctioning devices that led to injury or even death.... Read more»0

Soldier accused in Afghan killings likely had unreliable brain test

An unreliable test used to detect traumatic brain injuries in soldiers may have failed on a 38-year-old staff sergeant accused of killing 16 Afghan civilians.... Read more»0

Senate bill could roll back health insurance savings

An insurer-supported Senate bill aims to roll back the requirements for consumer rebates from health insurance companies.... Read more»0

Red Cross hit with $10M fine over bad blood handling

The FDA has hit the American Red Cross with a nearly $10 million fine for safety violations, lax oversight and faulty testing of its blood services. The fine is just the latest of more than a dozen the Red Cross has racked up in the last decade. ... Read more»0

Giffords may get better brain-injury care than most of her constituents

Because of a lack of research and spotty insurance coverage, thousands of Americans with brain injuries don’t receive the comprehensive treatment they need.... Read more»2

New technologies in works to better diagnose brain injuries

Traumatic brain injuries have been called the signature injury of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, affecting more than 155,000 men and women in uniform. But these traumas don't always have outward signs, making them difficult to diagnose.... Read more»0