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Stories by Carrie Ann Sitren

Guest opinion

Glendale busts budget, plans to raise taxes

How do you close a $35 million budget gap? Perhaps the better question is why that hole was dug in the first place. One answer for the City of Glendale is hockey.... Read more»0

Guest opinion: Sunshine Week

Sunshine is the best disinfectant - even on campus

As national Sunshine Week comes to a close, some legislators are trying to close out the sunshine. A new proposal would expand a current exemption to Arizona's public records laws and limit public information at universities.... Read more»0

Guest opinion

Mesa throws Cubs a spring training softball – will taxpayers cry foul?

Mesa pitched a softball to the Chicago Cubs baseball team, and the Cubs hit it out of the park—but taxpayers should cry foul. Under a new contract, the city will shell out $84 million to build a sparkling new stadium for Cubs spring training.... Read more»0

Guest opinion

Clean Elections Commission taps taxpayer dollars to save itself

Arizona's Citizens Clean Elections Commission is dirtying up politics. Afraid of a proposal on next year's ballot that would end the commission's funding, the commission is using taxpayer money to run ads against the ballot measure.... Read more»0