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How voter access laws & passion brought people to the polls

Nationally, 53 percent of the citizen voting-age population voted in 2018, a 12-point bump from the previous midterms.... Read more»0

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Millennial buyers face tough housing market

Millennials are hitting the market at a difficult time, with rising prices and few houses to buy as the housing industry has shifted to building more downtown rentals. Some people seeking to buy houses have been discouraged and have postponed the step, just as many have had to put off moving out of parents’ houses, forming couples and having children as they tried to build careers delayed by the recession. ... Read more»0

More employers may be using temps to skirt immigration laws

States that have required private employers to use E-Verify have seen especially dramatic growth in the number of temporary workers. Experts say that’s no accident. ... Read more»0

Departing from 'sanctuary cities,' some sheriffs embrace immigration enforcement

Despite concerns about the added personnel costs and the possibility of being sued for civil rights violations, a variety of local officials, from conservative sheriffs in Texas to a liberal county executive in New Jersey, have embraced partnerships with federal immigration authorities.... Read more»0

Could good, affordable housing solve farmworker shortage?

As farmers in the West face labor shortages, some are finding that providing affordable housing is key to getting the help they need.... Read more»0

Will small 'sanctuary cities’ defy a Trump crackdown?

Smaller cities and counties may not be as willing to remain “sanctuaries” for undocumented immigrants as big cities such as Chicago and New York who have vowed to defy the Trump administration.... Read more»0

In more states, newest immigrants are educated Asians

In 37 states, a country other than Mexico is now the most common country of origin for newly arrived immigrants, according to a Stateline analysis of census data. ... Read more»0

Americans are moving South, West again

Americans are heading South and West again in search of jobs and more affordable housing, as the nation’s economic health continues to improve.... Read more»0

Immigrants a burden and blessing for states

States pay to educate and assimilate new immigrants. But there’s a payoff when the new arrivals contribute to a state’s economy and tax base.... Read more»0

Deportations are down, but fear persists for migrants

What can states and cities do to embolden unauthorized immigrants to come out of the shadows and report crimes, get driver’s licenses and tap into other services?... Read more»0

SF shooting, federal policy put pressure on 'sanctuary cities'

Two things happened July 1 to pressure hundreds of cities and counties to rethink their policies limiting cooperation with federal deportation requests. One was the shooting death of 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle, allegedly killed on a San Francisco pier by a Mexican immigrant with seven felony convictions. The second was the rollout of a new federal policy asking local police to only detain immigrants for deportation if they are convicted of serious crimes. ... Read more»0

Executive action won't solve issue of uninsured immigrants

The president’s proposed immigration action could give millions of unauthorized immigrants the right to stay in the country and work, but it won’t solve their lack of health insurance. ... Read more»0

States brace for flood of deportation-relief requests

Millions of undocumented immigrants could benefit from President Barack Obama’s immigration changes planned for this spring. A new report profiles 94 areas in 24 states with the most concentrated undocumented immigrant communities. ... Read more»0

Hispanics and education: A Texas-sized challenge for states

As Hispanics drive population growth in most states, the relatively low percentage of them earning college degrees is becoming a pressing concern. ... Read more»0

South, West get population boost from movers

New census figures show people have started returning to recovering housing markets in the South and West.... Read more»1

Immigration order prompts hostility, gratitude from states

President Obama’s decision to defer the deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants has prompted sharply varying reactions from state leaders, with some vowing to fight the decision and others hailing it as a vindication of their own policies. ... Read more»1

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