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Erica McFadden

Erica McFadden | TucsonSentinel.com
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McFadden is a policy analyst at the Morrison Institute.

She is a licensed clinical social worker with an MSW from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), and hold dual bachelor’s degrees from the University of Texas at Austin in business and Spanish.

She received the Hartford Fellowship during her tenure at VCU, which allowed her to work and conduct research with several aging organizations in Virginia.

McFadden has 15 years of experience working with various non-profits in different positions in the fields of aging and disability including: counselor, consultant, educator, researcher, grant-writer, lobbyist, marketer, and executive director.

She also is a contributing author of a textbook, Lifting Our Voices: The Journeys Into Family Caregiving of Professional Social Workers, about social workers as caregivers that addresses the impact of the current health care system on families.

McFadden served as executive director to LINC Inc., a community-based service and advocacy organization for people with disabilities in St. Louis. It was there she received the most intensive training in public administration and motivated her to return to school to obtain her Ph.D. at Arizona State University in public administration with a research focus on aging and disability policy and planning.


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