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Support TucsonSentinel.com today, because a smarter Tucson is a better Tucson.

Journalism is an vital public service in a democracy. Investigative reporting uncovers injustice, exposes corruption and holds officials accountable. Community reporting celebrates the unique nature of Tucson's people, reflecting our sense of place through a knowing lens.

We aim to provide both: to point out the things we all love about Southern Arizona, and point to possible solutions for what needs changing. We believe that just as an unexamined life is not worth living, an unexamined city is not worth living in.

You appreciate a healthy debate

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Our reporting digs deep, and tells stories that otherwise wouldn't see the light of day. We peel away the narratives and get beyond the talking points to tell you and your neighbors what's really going on. We report undeniable facts, with solid sources — the sort of up-to-the-minute journalism that inspires action.

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TucsonSentinel.com is a nonpartisan news source — we don't write stories to push any political line. We don't report to tell you what to think, but instead to give you important things to think about.

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