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McCain: Mark V-J Day with commitment to protecting peace

U.S. Sen. John McCain released the following statement marking the 70th anniversary of V-J Day, the signing of the surrender instrument that ended World War II in the Pacific:

As the world marks the 70th anniversary of the official end of World War II in the Pacific, I am grateful for the service and sacrifice of countless American heroes who at tremendous cost defended our nation and liberated the Pacific. I also mourn the lives of millions across the Asia-Pacific region claimed by the horrors of that war.

While some have chosen to mark this anniversary by focusing on the past, I view this day as an opportunity to celebrate not only the end of war in the Pacific, but all of the progress we have achieved since then. Once enemies in war, the United States and Japan are now partners in peace – reconciled with our shared history, committed to our shared values, and dedicated through our alliance to protecting peace and stability throughout the world.

And from the ashes of war was born a rules-based international order predicated on the principles of good governance and rule of law, human rights and democracy, open markets and the conviction that wars of aggression should be relegated to the bloody past. For seven decades, the United States and its allies, including Japan, have committed our power and influence to the defense of these principles. Now as the rules-based international order confronts increasing challenges, including in the Asia-Pacific, we must recommit ourselves to the principles that have produced and extended prosperity and security across the globe.

John McCain is a Republican Senator from Arizona.

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Sep 7, 2015, 8:46 pm
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What????  John McCain the biggest and most dangerous warmongering madman wants world peace. McCain wants to start WWIII

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FAdm. Nimitz signs the Japanese surrender. Adm. John S. 'Slew' McCain Sr., grandfather of Sen. John McCain, was among those who observed Japan's formal surrender aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, Sept. 2, 1945.


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