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Ally Miller encourages cruelty in attacking Star reporter

My grandfather was a typesetter. My great-grandfather was a writer. I own a newspaper, and I am a scientist because I believe in the power of unbiased truth. I have ink in my veins and newsprint wrapped around my bones.

So, it is with great sadness that I saw Supervisor Ally Miller’s Facebook post the other day publicly implying Arizona Daily Star (or the “Red Star,” as she calls it) journalist Joe Ferguson was asleep or drunk on the job, when I knew him to be neither.

The supervisor brandished her platform as a weapon to cast doubt on a man so committed to his craft that people on both sides of the political spectrum disagree with him at times.

If this wasn’t enough, Mrs. Miller allowed her supporters to body-shame Mr. Ferguson, to mock his appearance and his work. Some of these terrible comments were “liked” by Mrs. Miller, encouraging the cruelty.

We. Are. Better. Than. This.

But it doesn’t feel like it.

We seem to care more about what is on our screen that what is in our hearts. More about scoring points for our side than about the greater good. We’ve traded in human connections for likes, decency for ridicule, kindnesses for cruelties. We’ve become hard because the world will eat the soft and we’ve become heartless because kindness is exploited.

We. Are. Better. Than. This.

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We can disagree with a journalist and support journalism.

We can tell our side of the story without being cruel.

We can respectfully disagree.

A free and open press is critical to a functioning democracy, nationally and locally, and Mr. Ferguson is one of the best.

I ask that Mrs. Miller stop doing this. I ask that the Board of Supervisors considers some way to honor journalists and the tireless work that Mr. Ferguson has done for our community.

You HURT him, Ally.

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Aug 20, 2018, 8:08 pm
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She intended to hurt him. She’s a mini Trump.
Trying to guilt her will do no good. She lives in her echo chamber of assholes and the only way to deal with her is to get her voted out.
We are better than this.
She isn’t.

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