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Comic: Bermudez Shorts

The Martha McSally Show

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Arnie Bermudez

Good ole Martha McSally is at it again. With a makeover and a snazzy new advertising campaign, she's setting her eyes on Ron Barber once more. With support from the Family Research Council, the PACs of John Bolton and John Boehner, and billionaire David Koch, the divorcee and former Air Force pilot is bringing the big dollars ... and they're DARK green.

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Aug 21, 2014, 10:50 am
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As of the last filing, 40.6% of Ron Barbers funds came from PACs and special interest committees - almost $1 million

13.5% of Martha McSally’s fundraising came from PACs, a bit less than $300K.

So, tell me again which of them is the special interest shill?

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