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Note: This story is more than 3 years old.

From the editor

What they're saying about TucsonSentinel.com

In the past months, we've received a number of emails, comments and actual letters from readers telling us how much they appreciate the quality reporting of TucsonSentinel.com. 

In the year since the Jan. 8 shooting, we've had hundreds of people give us a pat on the back for our coverage of that terrible event and its aftermath — along with our continued reporting on the border, local politics, the environment and other issues. Many of them have donated to support their local independent nonprofit news site. Whether it's a $5 or $5,000 contribution, or a few words of encouragement, the dedicated volunteers who bring you TucsonSentinel.com appreciate having engaged and informed readers.

We thought we'd share a few of your comments:

"Our nation would be in much better shape if more media outlets took the time to find the facts and report them as you do." — T.E.

"I’m so sick of watching TV news, it’s great to know I’m up-to-date with the Tucson Sentinel." — J.O.

"I currently rank yours as the best news outlet in Tucson.... Keep up the good work." — S.J.

"Everybody in the country is chasing TucsonSentinel.com again." — B.P.

"Do you reside in Tucson? Do you read TucsonSentinel.com? You should." — B.M.

"I like the TucsonSentinel for always following up and following through on stories. Not just grabbing a headline and forgetting." — N.H.

"People are going to be looking more and more to the Sentinel. A new day for solid reporting is breaking." — B.M.

"Good clean reporting." — J.G.

"TucsonSentinel.com has been spot-on this entire time." — J.H.

"High five for your reporting efforts. You've been doing one hell of a job." — J.L.

"Fantastic coverage. Thank you for your timeliness and reliability." — T.S.

"You have done a great job covering this story in a respectful and thorough - yes, that's what journalism is supposed to be - manner. Thank you." — J.E.

"Thanks for providing an independent news source for Tucson." — G.C.

"Great TucsonSentinel.com work, as usual." — M.E.

"It's so nice to have accurate reporting now days :) Keep it up." — L.M.

"I now know what news source to trust the most in Tucson." — D.G.

"You guys do an amazing job. Thank you." — A.K.

"This is the first major event where I didn't turn the TV on once for news." — A.H.

"Tucson Sentinel, I love and deeply respect your coverage of the real news in our good Old Pueblo. Tucson rocks and so do you. Your reporting of Gabby's progress gets a tear from me nearly every post. Your journalism has heart, courage and lots and lots of love for our beautiful city." — B.V.

"I want you to continue and thrive. I'm telling everyone I know about TucsonSentinel.com." — J.O.

Sentiments like that make us want to shuffle our feet and stare at the ground, but they're also very much appreciated. If you haven't chimed in yet, let us know what you think—and please consider making a contribution today. As a locally run nonprofit, we depend on the support of readers like you to continue to bring you solid reporting you can rely on.

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Jul 13, 2011, 2:08 pm
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Kudos and accolades for all the praise and applause! Tucson Sentinel deserves every bit of it and far more. thank you for providing this news site.

Sorry, we missed your input...

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