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Comic: Bermudez Shorts

Middle Eastern Hydra

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Arnie Bermudez

It seems like every time the United States tries to bring peace to any part of the Middle East, another terrorist organization rises up ... using U.S. weapons and training. It's just like the mythical Hydra, only this one seems to be home-grown. I wonder which area of the world we'll try to liberate next.

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Jun 24, 2014, 10:05 am
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So, every tine we try to explain to those people on the other side of the glove, using whatever force we think is required for them to understand, they violently revolt?
I cannot imagine why…
Think of the middle east as your local bar, and the US as the rich, rude asshole that comes in and runs the table with his custom made cue, surrounded by sycophantic thugs that rely on his cash to drink. Now imagine that all of the good stools at the bar are occupied by them, they are loud and rude, and treat the bartenders and waitresses badly. They hit on your women; leaving them crying in the ladies, casually moving on to the next after they ‘score’.
You don’t get to eat too well, and work to much in bad conditions to be really healthy, so calling them out is pretty much out of the question. So you key their cars in the parking lot, and maybe flatten a tire or two. Because they cannot face you one on one in a mano a mano confrontation, they call you a coward.*


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