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Today's unemployment crisis by the numbers

Ensuring that unemployment insurance reaches the unemployed remains a critical component of any serious effort to help stem the harmful effects of this recession and to help the American economy recover.... Read more»

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Jun 30, 2010, 11:18 am
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This article is wonderful. Finally! An article that points out facts and is not riding on the argument of the deficit spending merry-go-round. The simple facts that we need to worry more about keeping our economy going more than other deficit spending that puts nothing back in our pockets! I wonder how many people that are employed really realize how close they are to losing their jobs? Wonder if they ever knocked their head up against a brick wall until it bled just to try to survive? That is basically what alot of us, the unemployed, are going through right now… Kind of like tying a runners legs together and telling him to win the race.

Jun 30, 2010, 11:53 am
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This article is well researched and well written. I would like to foot note it with my take on the situation as I am sure that it will, unfortunately, reflect the plight of very many formerly hard working people.
Here it goes:

After being continuously employed in excess of forty years during which I was always able to provide for myself and others I was laid off. I was always hard working and tax paying. Now it looks like it is time to go bankrupt and to loose my house to foreclosure. It is difficult to afford to feed my family and to put gas in the car. There are no “extras” like taking the kids out for ice cream or fishing. I can no longer afford the bait never mind everything else.
After the golden umbrella bail out of the people and corporations that caused the stock market fiasco it is an out and out betrayal that Joe and Jane Public are allowed to languish and suffer in imposed poverty.
I used to be highly doubtful of those who claimed that the new World Order had an agenda to globalize poverty. However, our law makers are making a believer out of me. I’ve been working since I was a child and I believe in working but where are the jobs that were integral to what we once called “the American Dream’’ which the younger people never even heard of. The dream that if you worked hard and saved that you and your family could enjoy a reasonably decent life style. This dream has been systematically destroyed and it is undermining the very middle class that has been a point of pride and a great strength to this country historically. The Dream also provided for upward mobility so that people could enter the middle class and even transcend it.
The activities of those who endorse not extending unemployment benefits, including law makers, are acting in a very not American Way. America was built on the American Dream and they are turning it into the American Nightmare. Who or what do they really serve? This is not every one of them but there are too many or over one million people, who represent a much larger amount of suffering because many of their families are now deprived, would and should have had their checks already. This is not money for free. With every working paycheck I and others put into the system and when we need it, and we really need it, expectations are that the money should be there. I cannot afford a simple barbecue for my family for the Fourth of July. There is one steak left in the freezer and I can’t afford the charcoal.
The law makers should unilaterally recognize the need and rapidly help Americans who need and deserve help.I hope that people note those who hesitate to do so and they should remove as many self serving rascals as they can when elections make doing so possible.
God bless America!

Jun 30, 2010, 12:10 pm
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Sorry for your troubles. If you weren’t so far away, you’d be welcome to come over for steak and a few beers on the Fourth.

There’s not much left in our larder, either, but I think I can manage one more session on the grill. Maybe.


Jun 30, 2010, 12:48 pm
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Thank you my brother! Just the fact that you care makes me feel good in my heart. I wish that the law makers that are blocking this reflected some of your humanity as this is about a massive amount of people suffering needlessly.
I will get through…my faith in God and the many blessings given to me will make that possible. What about other people without my education,vocational credentials, and long work history? If I’m having such great difficulty then what about the less fortunate without my advantages? Via lax regulation government allowed the screw ups that resulted in this mess and they even bailed out the institutions and individuals responsible for it. It was the biggest rip off in history and already millionaire corporate gangsters got a golden umbrella on the way out of the door. Considering this those in power should be pro active in helping those trapped in the aftermath…no ifs, ans, or buts.
At any rate, thank you very much for caring. Your doing so has actually made my day. Thank you very much!

Jun 30, 2010, 10:40 pm
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Well I’m a 38 year old, worked my adult life paying taxes until a lay off took me out and I’ve never recovered, I went down with the united states economy! Too boot, my tier 1 ended last month and I’m nearly homeless here in Los Angeles. And have a heart condition and no healthcare.
I hate to ask for a handout, but I’m in bad shape.
We’ll my fellow homeless friends, looks like we will have to sit this 4th out begging for scraps.

Funny how fast our government bails out Wall-Street.
Outsourcing is un-American. Now there’s 100 + people interviewing for even the most menial job!
Boy, that 1990’s era US surplus went away fast during those bush years didn’t it?
Additionally, I can’t believe the lack of media attention on this, as well the absence of compassion on behalf of our politicians.

Jul 1, 2010, 6:40 am
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I am sorry that you are in such bad shape.

Yes, the lack of conventional media attention is notable by is absence as is compassion by many but not all of our pol1titions. It endorses the accusations that the establishment press is infiltrated and controlled by the powers that be and I am sure that they have a lot of politicians by the balls also.

I’ve never been much for conspiracy theories but it is certainly looking like the fix is in somewhere high up to reduce people to poverty so that greed never ending can be served by those that have everything already while the rest of us descend into a financial and emotional hell hole.

At this point I would not be surprised if the whole mess was intentionally engineered with the purpose of ripping off the vast collective wealth that was formerly represented by the middle class.

We live in a country where corporations, not all of them American, are able to influence domestic and international policy. Profit and power are the goal not the common good for Americans and humanity in general. This is very bad news and it will become much worse unless the public wakes up and back lashes via legal means while such avenues still exist.

We need competent honest government that is transparent and true. That is not what we have now. We the people are not being heard or served. I remember this country when it was America and “the pursuit of happiness” was a real option. Too many people are like indentured slaves to credit and if they can’t hold their own they will loose everything. If they can hold out they remain in a situation where they are working from paycheck to paycheck, mostly, just to pay creditors and to try to get by on the little left over.
We render relief all over the world but we need more at home. Corporations and government put us into this situation and they should be doing more powerful and positive things to shield the population from the negative results of what they allowed to happen.
You and I and over fifteen million others (the number will grow vastly unless something is done)are victims of unsurpassed wealth, power, and greed.

Sorry, we missed your input...

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