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Opinion: Setting the record straight on border crime

Those who support the Arizona’s draconian new immigration law have justified it with hyperbole, exaggeration, and falsehoods about the state’s crime rate. It’s ironic that violent crime rates in the state have been declining.... Read more»

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Jun 20, 2010, 1:53 pm
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Yeah, right. Now go explain that to Mrs. Krentz and to Deputy and Mrs. Puroll. And to the people living on the border whose homes were broken into 14 times in the last year by armed illegals. And to the people who were duct taped when illegals broke into their homes and robbed them at machete point earlier this year. And to the Mexican border ranchers who were killed for control of their ranches, and to the Mexican border rancher who was tortured, killed and dumped in the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, and to the Mexican ranch foremen who are presently in the custody of kidnappers.And to remote AZ border ranchers who feel they need to be armed at all times even inside their own homes, even in the bathroom. And to the Border agents and deputies who have been shot at, and their widows.

I personally was a first responder to a mass murder committed by illegal aliens on illegal aliens, and out in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone coverage. Gee, that was fun-NOT. Has the author ever dealt with anything like that?

Did the author mention that just a couple of years ago the Border Patrol reported that 1 out of ten illegals they detain already had violent criminal records, and that today that number has risen to one out of five?

If our border is so much safer now than 2006, then tell us how many American citizens were murdered in cold blood by illegal immigrants in 2006 minding their own business on their own property versus 2010. How many law enforcement officers were murdered by illegal immigrants versus today? How many kidnappings were there in Phoenix then versus today, and why are there currently about 95 convicted murderers in the Phoenix jail who are illegal aliens? Why did the author fail to mention that Phoenix is the kidnapping capital of the USA?

Anyone can spin any story using statistics, statistics and da***d lies.  Did the author compare trends in the violent crime rates in AZ against the drop in numbers of illegals trying to cross since 2006 due to the economic conditions? Why let inconvenient facts get in the way of her own political rhetoric and that of the ever-politically correct Janet Napolitano?

Why must liberals always lump “immigrants” together without separating illegal immigrants from legal immigrants? Because the facts would be too clear that way?  Why can’t the author recognize that Mohammed Atta might be a less desirable example of “immigrant” than Albert Einstein? What an insult she has dealt to Dr. Einstein and every other person who has immigrated to this country by respecting and following our laws.

Do we really need the Chief of the San Jose Police telling Arizona how to govern itself?  Who elected him to any Arizona office? Is San Jose suddenly located on the border? What makes him the expert? Do Arizonans have some reason to want his opinion? Did we ask for it???? For that matter, did we ask for the author’s opinion obviously sent to us by electronic submission straight from anywhere BUT Arizona??? Has the author spent any time at all in the remote regions of Arizona’s border?  Why doesn’t she come park her RV down here and spend the night in ANY wilderness area on our Mexican border if she insists it is so safe? After all, real people DO live here, but maybe they don’t agree with her politically motivated rhetoric because they LIVE the facts, and she might feel uncomfortable around people who arent’ afraid of speaking the truth.

The “Center for American Progress” states in their own website,
“The Center for American Progress is dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through progressive ideas and action.”  The word “progressive” is just a code-speak word that actually translates directly to “communist.” The two words are fully interchangeable. But it’s politically incorrect to use the “c” word because the commies so love to mislead.

Speaking of Communist, I find it highly interesting that Hillary Clinton chose to announce on her visit to Ecuador that the Dept. of Justice intends to sue Arizona over our law.  Ecuador has an open border with Communist China allowing any Chinese person to visit Ecuador without a visa. The purpose is apparently to facilitate illegal immigration to the US from China through Ecuador.

Who’s looking out for Arizonans? Certainly not the federal government Or their lofty smarter than anyone cronies hiding behind computers in wealthy tax-exempt NGOs.

Jun 21, 2010, 7:42 am
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Ok look at this way,
Clean up the drug use in America make it legal
or lock up drug users.Just look at the meth use in the suburbs.
As for communists twist wow the cry of Beck and Tea party.
If the feds had a better program for people who would like to come to the USA like open borders, one would have to check in with the BP to be checked for pass crimes it would stop a lot of heart ache for people.
We in America offer some other nations don’t
FREEDOM are you willing to give up any part of that to blame others for you fears?
So we must stop the drug use or make it legal…

Jun 21, 2010, 5:52 pm
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I feel for all the families of the victims of Americas way of making gangs and mafias. Please Join NORML get educated vote yes on prop 203 for medical marijuana and lets get our government whipped back into shape with a self funding initiative and get finances back in the hands of our government. By paying sales tax on marijuana and eliminating gangs biggest money source and move it into the hands of good honest people with a business license. Together we can stop violence from prohibition and create enough money to fund our borders safety. PLEASE BELIEVE ME. CANNABIS WILL SAVE THE WORLD IF OUR GOVERNMENT WOULD STOP PROHIBITION!!

Sorry, we missed your input...

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