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What the Devil won't tell you

Grijalva, Dems have no choice but to investigate Trump admin's shenanigans

The Grijalva-Zinke spat is a small example of the question faced by Democrats as they suddenly have oversight power: Should legislative oversight equal executive shadiness, or does the the sheer scale of executive shadiness excuse it from accountability? ... Read more»1

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Comic: Religion

The Obama Seder

President Obama, Jewish? Who knew?!?... Read more»2

Comic: Kleptocracy

Karzai & Karzai

President Obama flies to Kabul to tell President Karzai that enough is enough. President Karzai replies, "But how much is enough? Really?"... Read more»

What are we feeding our children?

The Tucson Food Dude, Kevin Hall, adds a local perspective to growing national concerns about what we feed our kids.... Read more»

Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow

Blossoming into adolescence

When it comes to visual art, I'm one of those people who, unless it's really obvious, doesn't tend to "get" when things aren't what they're actually "supposed to be."... Read more»

Media & journalism

You're a genius, Chris Matthews

The MSNBC host has talked so loudly and incessantly that he can't even hear himself think anymore.... Read more»

Comic: Life in the doghouse

F-bomb fallout for Biden

A day after Joe Biden's over-enthusiastic appraisal of the passage of health care reform legislation, the President is still ... not happy.... Read more»9

Comic: Popularity

The worst governor - all the way down

Together David Paterson and Arnold Schwarzenegger govern 56 million Americans. Most of whom aren't happy about it.... Read more»

Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow

A physical study of George Clooney

It's slightly ridiculous that People magazine publishes a "World's Sexiest Man'" issue every year. Hollywood stars tend to look pretty much the same every year, including those in which they win and those in which they lose. Or...do they?... Read more»2

Do you speak American?

When a blond French management consultant meets with potential American clients, everything seems to be going well. Yet, after she begins speaking, some executives have decided on the spot not to hire her. ... Read more»

Comic: Arrant Nonsense

Gay Dutch soldiers to blame for Bosnian massacre, says retired U.S. general

Retired U.S. army general John Sheehan said the Dutch policy of allowing openly gay men and women to serve in the military enabled a Serb massacre of Bosnian Muslims... Read more»2

Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow

Ice fishing

Fishing, skating, and math. Oh my.... Read more»5

Comic: Walking the walk

Osama bin Laden: Dead or alive

Attorney General Eric Holder said this week U.S. forces "will be reading Miranda rights to the corpse of Osama bin Laden". He forgot to mention one thing ...... Read more»

Comic: False Bonhomie

Palin in Tucson: Reunited, and it feels so good ...

Former Alaska Governor and ex-vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will stump for Senator John McCain in Tucson on March 26. Isn't politics great?... Read more»

Comic: Kimjongilia

Kim Jong-il is 'pissed off'

Do trade sanctions work against rogue regimes? Many experts say no, but new evidence out of North Korea appears to support their use.... Read more»

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