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Quick take

McCain: 'Disgraceful' that Trump unwilling to stand up to tyrant Putin

"Today's press conference in Helsinki was one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory. President Trump proved not only unable, but unwilling to stand up to Putin. No prior president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant."... Read more»1

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Opinion: Democracy, cancer and depleted uranium

When my sister, 101st Airborne Army Capt. Chaplain Fran E. Stuart, returned from Iraq, she was forever changed. Not only had the desert sand, gun blasts and heat penetrated her psyche during her one-year deployment, but a carcinogen had made its way into her body as well.... Read more»1

Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow


As far as the work-to-payoff ratio goes, gag cartoons must be somewhere towards the bottom of the artistic pile. The punch line in a cartoon is typically simple and immediate, and afterward, the cartoon offers its reader little else. There aren’t a lot of layers; unlike a poem or a painting, the cartoon has used up its usefulness as soon as it’s been ‘gotten.’... Read more»5

Comic: Gratitude

Thank A Cop Day

Friday is Thank A Cop Day, which we think is a great idea. Thanks, guys and gals!... Read more»

Comic: Taxation

Tea Party Patriots, Marrakesh Chapter

Ah, to live in a world without taxes ... and police, and fire services, and garbage collection, and street lights, and municipal water and sewage ... and so on.... Read more»

Comic: Butterfly effect

Tamil Tea Party

A box of tea bags is hurled over the White House fence, and half a world away, the effects are being felt among a group of Tamil tea pickers in Sri Lanka.... Read more»

Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow

The language of lubber

I'm not one of those types who sews a Canadian flag onto his backpack when traveling overseas. I'm just not. That's because I don't sew very well. The fact is, during my last sojourn to Europe in 2004, I faced an up-hill climb in combating the stereotypes Europeans (those I talked to, anyway) had of Americans as loutish, close-minded, vainglorious oafs (with access to long-range missiles and a sense of entitlement). Now, either those attitudes were based somewhat in truth or the Europeans I met happened to be as close-minded as they believed my countrymen to be. Or both. I'd like to say that I fought the good fight and dispelled some stereotypes, but my cause was not aided by the fact that Bush was visiting the continent at the time. And that I behaved pretty much like an oaf. A loutish one at that. ... Read more»

Oil & politics

The political hydraulics of OPEC

Iraq and Iran vie to best Saudi as the world's leading producer of oil and it's China that looms as final arbiter.... Read more»

Pope Benedict XVI

Priest sex abuse scandal is closing in on the pope

Opinion: He needs to stop blaming media for failings of his own leadership and his own church.... Read more»

Comic: International diplomacy

Pyongyang Party Boyz

A former President with an eye for the ladies. A rogue state dictator known for Bacchanalian self-indulgence. Paaaaaaaaaaaaaarty!!!... Read more»


Is Kyrgyzstan upheaval bad for the U.S.?

Three days after thousands of protesters President Bakiyev from the capital, officials in the country's new government expressed outrage that Washington turned a blind eye to the deposed administration's abuses. Some of them are calling for the closure of the United States' air base.... Read more»2

Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow

Braille bestsellers

Is it possible for America's bestselling authors to become so repetitive that the pieces of their books, if broken apart, would fit back together, in any order, as cleanly as if produced on an assembly line?... Read more»3

Comic: Politics (lite)

Republicans chart their course

The 'party of yes'? Or the 'party of no'? Both words are one syllable, so pronunciation shouldn't be much of an issue. Making it a tough call.... Read more»2

Comic: Romance

Dating secrets of the dictators!

Ever wonder how some guys get all the girls? Well, there's no mystery, really! Money and power! Chicks love it!... Read more»


Obama refocuses his diplomacy

Real diplomacy doesn’t happen to the sound of applause. In recent weeks, it seems Obama has come to understand this and has shown a change in the White House’s game plan when it comes to international affairs.... Read more»1


A right to lampoon Arab leaders

The kings of Morocco, Jordan and Saudi Arabia could speak more freedom into the law with a single royal statement.... Read more»

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