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A Border Patrol agent reveals what it's really like to guard migrant children

With the agency under fire for holding children in deplorable conditions and over racist and misogynistic Facebook posts, one agent speaks about what it’s like to do his job. “Somewhere down the line people just accepted what’s going on as normal.”... Read more»

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Immigration SB1070

Poll: 60% of U.S. voters like new Az immigration law

A new poll finds that 60 percent of voters nationwide support Arizona's tough new immigration law.... Read more»

Health care reform

Federal database will show industry payments to doctors

Doctors who accept speaking fees, five-star meals and other compensation from pharmaceutical or medical device companies will soon see their names – and the value of the gifts they accept – revealed on the Web, under a new federal law that follows several states in drawing attention to such financial benefits.... Read more»


Don't make friends with aliens, Stephen Hawking says

Instead of sending probes into space looking for intelligent life, we should keep our heads down and hope they don't find us, says Stephen Hawking. ... Read more»1

Opinion: Dark days for Christians in Morocco

The days of Christians in Morocco may be numbered. ... Read more»

Comic: Global finance

Boys will be boys

Fun and games for the boyz at the spring meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in Washington.... Read more»

Comic: The White Star State

Reflecting public sentiment, Arizona changes state flag

Why mess around? If you're going to change the law, change the state bird (perhaps to the dodo?), change the state colors (to white, of course), and change the flag.... Read more»

Austria's referendum on Nazism

Barbara Rozenkranz, the dour, embattled far-right candidate for Austria's presidential election on Sunday, will likely come in a distant second. But she is also on track to show that many Austrians are willing to back a known Nazi sympathizer.... Read more»

Turkey, Armenians and the word 'genocide'

On April 24, groups will gather in town squares and city parks around the world to commemorate this first genocide of the 20th century, when more than a million Armenians were killed as the Ottoman Turk government purged the population.... Read more»

Health care reform

CBO: 4 million to face fines for not having health insurance in first year

About 4 million people could be fined for failing to buy health insurance when the health overhaul law is fully in force in 2016, the Congressional Budget Office forecast on Thursday.... Read more»

Border & immigration: SB1070

Brewer signs controversial Az immigration measure

Gov. Jan Brewer, doing what she called "best for Arizona," signed SB1070 into law, strengthening the state's immigration laws. Pima County Supervisor Richard Elias said the law would "create a new Jim Crow" in Arizona.... Read more»2

Opinion: Media bias and Israel-Palestine

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's refusal to stop building Jewish homes in Arab east Jerusalem and the West Bank has become a major obstacle to peace talks with the Palestinians and severely strains relations with President Barack Obama's administration. That's a simple statement of fact.... Read more»

Jordan weighs sterilization of disabled women

Though they’ve been close allies for sometime now, Jordan and the United States have an unlikely common ground. Groups in both nations are working to stop the sterilization of intellectually disabled women.... Read more»

Australia health experts: 'We'll soon be as fat as Americans'

Hundreds of thousands of Australians will die unnecessarily during the next few years simply for being too fat.... Read more»

Comic: Pope Benedict XVI


It can't be fun knowing you'll go down in history as the Pedophilia Pope. At times, Benedict must ask himself, what would Jesus do? ... Read more»2

Taco Bell storms vegetarian India

Bangalore is the site of the country's first Taco Bell. Indians haven't shown this much enthusiasm for American fast food since McDonald’s came to New Delhi and Mumbai more than a decade ago.... Read more»

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