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FactCheck: What the Mueller report says about obstruction

In the hours after the public release of the redacted report from Robert Mueller, President Trump took to Twitter with a message that reads, in part, "NO OBSTRUCTION!" That's not at all that the report says, though.... Read more»

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Richardson deploys New Mexico Guard on border

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson has ordered his state's National Guard to patrol the border with Mexico.... Read more»

Psychology of being green: How can we alter our moral balancing act?

Never trust a man in Birkenstocks: That’s one lesson you could take from a recent study that found that people are more likely to cheat and steal after purchasing green goods as opposed to conventional goods.... Read more»

Health care reform

Health overhaul will cover young adults, but details still vague

A provision of the health law that would allow children up to 26 years old to remain on their parents' health plans will not become effective until Sept. 23, six months after enactment of the legislation, "creating consternation among some parents." ... Read more»

Health care reform

Obama promotes health reform, asks people to give it time to work

President Barack Obama continued to tout the new health law in an appearance in Maine Thursday. ... Read more»

Nuclear program

Will sanctions work on Iran this time around?

Having failed to talk Iran out of its nuclear program the Obama administration has ramped up efforts to get the Security Council to endorse a new round of sanctions. ... Read more»

Expect delays before John Paul II is made a saint

A battle has erupted in the Vatican around the late pope and how he should be remembered, while investigations into how the church handled allegations of sexual abuse by priests is casting new shadows on John Paul II's image.... Read more»

Health care reform

States look to bolster Medicare, Medicaid in wake of health care reform

Starting today, states can choose to take the first steps toward the massive expansion of insurance coverage that is the health overhaul's chief goal. And for some states, that move could have the benefit of reviving funding for state-run programs that insure low-income adults.... Read more»

Health care debate

Corporations already claiming pain from health care reform

A week after the health overhaul cleared Congress, a business lobby that opposed the plan is now regrouping to shape its implementation and exact political retribution on supporters.... Read more»

Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow

Lost in the Mojave Desert

It seems to me that if I had a choice between continuing to wander a forbidding desert or heading due west to La La Land., it might take me awhile to make up my mind.... Read more»3

10 wild foods (NOT for vegetarians)

What may be considered wild in one part of the world might be a nice between-meals snack somewhere else.... Read more»

Comic: Not the moon

To drivability and beyond!

U.S. regulators have asked NASA to help investigate the possible origins of the sudden unintended acceleration problem in Toyota cars. The agency put their best man on it.... Read more»

Is your beauty oil made from goat turds? Not anymore

Morocco's little-known argan oil is poised to be the next big thing in beauty products, but don't tell anyone that it was once extracted from goat droppings.... Read more»

PR firm behind propaganda videos wins stimulus contract

A PR firm chosen to win consumer trust on medical records privacy was hip-deep in controversy a few years ago for producing a series of fake TV news stories that violated a federal ban on propaganda. ... Read more»

N.C councilman offers naming rights of his twins to Google

A Raleigh, N.C., city council member has promised to name his children after the founders of Google if the company will provide the city with high-speed internet.... Read more»

Fatty foods can be as addictive as cocaine

Yes, it's possible that you can be addicted to junk food.... Read more»

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