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Emission impossible: Few signs of coal revival despite Trump support

Despite the Trump administration’s ardent support of coal over renewable energy, the percentage of U.S. electricity from renewable sources continued its gradual rise in 2017.... Read more»

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Nazi nuclear program

Uranium discovered in Netherlands belonged to Nazis

Forensic nuclear scientists have determined that bits of uranium found last year in a Dutch scrapyard came from a Nazi nuclear program... Read more»

Year of the tiger

Can Vladimir Putin save the world's wild tigers?

Asia's most venerated beast, the tiger, is being wiped out by those most obsessed with its folky mystique. Conservationists fear that 2010, the Year of the Tiger, will stir even more interest in the black market for tiger parts.... Read more»

Border violence

Drug shootouts spur travel warning for Nogales, rest of Mexico

The U.S. State Department has issued a travel alert for U.S. citizens traveling to Mexico, citing a rise in violence throughout the country. Nogales, Son. and other border cities are listed in the alert as where most of the violence has occurred.... Read more»

Comic: Neocon cyborg

Dick Cheney's heart & the butterfly effect

With former Vice-President Dick Cheney in the hospital after his fifth (!) heart attack, the ramifications are far-reaching... Read more»

Election 2010

Glassman delays Senate run decision

Rodney Glassman, the Tucson city councilman who's been mulling a run for U.S. Senate, will think it over some more.... Read more»3

Child health

Az lags in dental health policies for kids

Arizona meets only half of eight goals designed to ensure children get proper dental care.... Read more»

Afghanistan war

Afghan police training mired in contract dispute

As the war in Afghanistan intensifies, a contract dispute in Washington is interfering with the Obama administration’s plan to rebuild the Afghan national police into a military force with skills to fight the Taliban.... Read more»

Health care

Poll: Americans split on health care bills, but most frustrated by delays

As legislators prepared to debate health care at President Obama's "summit" on Thursday, a new tracking poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation finds Americans with mixed views on reform. ... Read more»

Goddard: Changes to Mexico’s justice system bode well for reducing corruption

Dramatic changes to Mexico's criminal justice system will make its prosecutions more like those in the United States, opening proceedings and paving the way for more transborder collaboration, Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard said Monday.... Read more»


Dragon Watch: Taiwan's rusty air defenses

While China ramps up its missile threat, Taiwan's air defenses are getting shabbier by the day. So says an unclassified report from the Defense Intelligence Agency.... Read more»

Comic: Silver medals and silver linings

Looking on the bright side in a recession/depression

Sure, the world is mired in the worst economic 'downturn' since The Great Depression, But one Korean man looks on the bright side.... Read more»

Child health

Pediatricians want warning labels on hot dogs

Pediatricians are asking the hot dog industry to warn consumers that their product could be lethal.... Read more»2

Is Arabic a dying language?

Arabic is no better than the third most-spoken language in the United Arab Emirates, behind English and Hindi. Emiratis live as a privileged minority in their oil-rich country, but their language — and with it, their sense of national identity — is in danger of being swamped by a relentless tide of Western-style consumerism.... Read more»

Health care reform

Obama's health care proposal

The proposal Obama will bring to his Thursday health 'summit' with Congressional leaders contains many of the ideas from the bills already passed by the Democratic House and Senate, including a mandate that individuals buy insurance and a promise to "end discrimination" from pre-existing conditions. The full text inside.... Read more»

Comic: Olympics

Easy medals in fake sport? Just say nyet.

Russia may finish up in Vancouver with its worst ever Winter Olympics result. Can the bear afford to hibernate part of the year anymore?... Read more»

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