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Note: This story is more than 3 years old.

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: 3-way race for Pima County sheriff

Wednesday on Buckmaster: A debate between Democratic Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik and challengers Mark Napier, a Republican, and the Green Party's Dave Croteau. Plus, Desert Garden host Phil Seader talked about Saturday's Operation Clean Sweep, and the Tucson Weekly's Margaret Regan talked about the arts.

The Buckmaster Show airs noon-1p.m., Mon.-Fri. on KVOI AM 1030. The opinions expressed on the Buckmaster Show are those of the host and guests. TucsonSentinel.com posts show archives as a public service, because of the number of local newsmakers interviewed on the program.

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Oct 22, 2012, 2:29 pm
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Oh, and Dave, if you do indeed know how to read (which I am currently split on), read this. It will help you understand the term “rhetoric” and when the term is correctly used…


Oct 22, 2012, 2:26 pm
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Dave, you can’t correctly spell someone’s name even when it is right in front of you. If you can’t master that skill, how would anyone expect you to conquer bigger and better things, like being a Sheriff?

Oct 22, 2012, 2:14 pm
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Brett, you speak in rhetoric and name calling.  Imagine a man like yourself supporting a man like Napier.  Enough said.

Sorry, we missed your input...

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