Judge hears challenge to Tucson 'sanctuary city' initiative
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Judge hears challenge to Tucson 'sanctuary city' initiative

There was a court hearing Monday afternoon on the Republican move to block Tucson's "sanctuary city" initiative from going on the November ballot. The judge indicated he'll make a ruling this week, but likely not until Friday. In the meantime, here's a listing of the various motions filed in the case:

Benny White v Randolph Complaint (Initial)

Benny White v Randolph Complaint (Amended)

City's Response to Complaint and MSJ

Real Parties in Interest Motion to Dismiss

White's Response to PDI Motion to Dismiss

Pima County Motion to Dismiss

City's Response to PDI Motion to Dismiss

PDI Response to Complaint FINAL III

Pima County Reply in Support of Motion to Dismiss

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City of Tucson Request for Judicial Notice

City of Tucson's Second Request for Judicial Notice

White's Objection to City's Requests for Judicial Notice

Ruling: Judge OKs Tucson 'sanctuary city' initiative for ballot

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