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Note: This story is more than 3 years old.

Reports: Rocky Point gun battle kills police officer, others

Local media in Mexico have reported several dead, including a police officer, after a rolling gun battle Thursday in the middle of Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. Some reported 4-6 people were killed after shots were exchanged between police and drug traffickers.

The shootout lasted nearly a half-hour, reported NumeroUnoOnline. Police were called around 6 p.m. after shots were fired between at least two vehicles on Fremont Boulevard, a main street in the seaside town, according to Sonora Ahora and De Frente.

Three suspected traffickers were reported killed on the grounds of a school near the Unidad Deportiva sports complex; photos and video posted online showed a dead man laying near a dark gray Chevrolet Avalanche. A white Pontiac Grand Am shown just feet away was also reportedly involved in the shooting. The incident took place next door to a school for special needs children.

Police reportedly chased a third vehicle, a white Dodge pickup, as firing continued. Another suspected drug cartel member, a passenger in that truck, was reportedly killed. Three police officers were reported shot by De Frente, one fatally.

Rifles, handguns and grenades were found near the dead men, De Frente said.

Up to a dozen people were reportedly injured and taken to local hospitals.

"If they're civilians they go to the public hospital for treatment. If they're cartel they go to the army hospital to die," one Puerto Peñasco resident said late Thursday night.

There has "been a turf battle going on for about 2 weeks between cartels," said the resident, who declined to be named.

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The resident said that rumors of a dozen or more killed on Fremont Boulevard were circulating in the town, known to many American tourists as Rocky Point.

The resident said he'd heard that gun battles throughout the city may have killed as many as 28 people, but cautioned, "Rumors flourish. Body counts rise."

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Jul 22, 2012, 1:12 pm
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Very well thought out comment, Slats.  I totally agree. As a property owner in Puerto Penasco for that last 18 years, I feel much safer there then in Tucson.  Just do an Internet search for “Homicides in _________” you insert the major city name in the USA, and you’ll find many more than you may imagine.
Stop doing illegal drugs and this problem goes away.

Jul 21, 2012, 9:23 am
-4 +11

Dear Editor,
I have been a permanent resident of Rocky Point for 2 years. I have been bringing my wife and kids for more than 20 years. When a shooting or any violence happens here I am amazed how quickly and widespread the “Don’t go to Mexico"warnings surface. Thank our lucky stars there was a massacre in Aurora, Colorado last night or we would have made the national news. When a congress woman and other innocent bystanders got slaughtered in a Tucson SAFEWAY (ironic, don’t you think?) why wasn’t there a national alert to the country warning all good citizens to avoid the State of Arizona as they should fear for their lives due to the mass carnage taking place in the local grocery stores. Now Colorado movie theaters???. I am sending my own Facebook warning to everyone to stop going to movies .....at least in the good state of Colorado. Why are Americans so desensitized to local murders and mayhem like it is an everyday occurrence . OH WAIT, MAYBE BECAUSE IT HAPPENS EVERYDAY in every major city in the USA. I feel for the families of everyone who dies prematurely at the hands of some idiots with guns. This may sound sad but true, but here goes. If the Americans don’t want to hear or see drug violence anymore in Mexico. STOP DOING DRUGS. It is the american appetite for the illegal substances that create the black market in the Billions of dollars each year to the cartels.
I do realize the almighty dollar plays the lead role in the push to keep Americans in America, spending American dollars in American businesses, buying American goods and services. What the anti Mexico screamers aren’t reporting is that they ARE in fact hurting Americans because most of the expensive properties in Rocky Point belong to Americans. So in a weird way Americans are damaging american income and therefore, economy. HHHHHHHMMMMMMM. Nevermind, disregard this email. 
Slats Grobnk

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