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Pall on Mall for smokers: UA campus smoking ban coming

If you're a smoker, the University of Arizona may be about to put out your fire, or at least your cigarette.

If a proposed policy takes effect Aug.15, the school will ban "the use of tobacco or nicotine-containing products" on all UA property.

According to the policy, which was revised June 26, "the purpose of this policy is to establish the University of Arizona’s commitment to protect the health of university faculty, staff, students, and visitors on its property and in its vehicles," and applies to "students, employees, affiliates, associates, contractors, volunteers, and visitors."

Prohibited nicotine products will include any lit or unlit cigarette, e-cigarette, cigar, pipe, bidi, hookah, or water pipe.

The policy does make exceptions for nicotine patches, nasal sprays and gum used by people trying to stop smoking.

The only other exceptions in the policy are for controlled-research, classroom instruction or "traditional, cultural, or religious uses"—all of which must be approved by the university in advance.

The policy is vague about enforcement of the new rules, saying only that students and employees found in violation will be sent to the appropriate supervisor or representative. Visitors caught using prohibited nicotine products "may be required to leave campus."

A statement on the UA website reads:

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The University of Arizona is considering a Tobacco-Free University of Arizona Policy and is accepting public comments until July 27, 2014. Please send your comments to Allison Vaillancourt (vaillana@email.arizona.edu) by Sunday, July 27, 2014.

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Jul 18, 2014, 11:52 am
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There has been a smoking ban on the medical campus for over a year and at the hospital for longer ... with no enforcement provisions. Count the cigarette butts around the campus. #fail

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