Rothschild files reelection petitions; still no GOP candidate
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Note: This story is more than 3 years old.

Rothschild files reelection petitions; still no GOP candidate

On the first day he was allowed to, Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild filed petitions to secure a spot on the ballot. He submitted the maximum number of signatures allowed, as well as raising as much as possible under the city's public election financing program.

No local Republican has yet filed to run, but Pima County party chairman Bill Beard said Monday that "I am still planning on fielding a mayoral candidate."

Rothschild collected more than 4,100 signatures on nominating petitions, a campaign spokesman said.

Democratic candidates for mayor must submit at least 2,047 signatures of registered voters supporting their candidacies, with a maximum of 4,092 valid signatures being counted.

Because signature requirements are based on per-party voter turnout in the preceding election, GOP candidates must collect only 1,306 signatures, with a maximum of 2,611.

"I'm thankful that our community is rallying around my vision for Tucson," the Democratic mayor said in a news release.

Monday was the first day that candidates could file nominating petitions with the City Clerk's Office. The deadline to qualify for the August primary ballot is May 27.

Rothschild campaign said he has raised $115,838.65 from about 550 donors — the top limit under the city's public financing program, which doubles the amount raised by qualifying candidates. That would give Rothschild more than $231,000 for his campaign.

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A Democrat, actor Chuck Williams, has filed to run against Rothschild in the primary but has not made a high-profile effort to collect the signatures necessary to appear on the ballot.

Two weeks ago, three Republican candidates filed to challenge the three incumbent Democratic members of the Council who are seeking reelection this year. Despite his pledge to run a candidate for mayor as well as for the Council seats, Beard declined to say Monday who that might be, or when the Republicans might announce a candidate.

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Walkup happens to be a good man…sorry if you don’t like the fact that he supported Barber over McSleazy

Apr 27, 2015, 4:37 pm
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Rothschild is far from perfect, but he doesn’t seem all that bad. Of course, I say that because I’m comparing him to brain dead Bob Walkup. Pretty much anything would look okay following that.

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courtesy Rothschild's campaign

Rothschild, center, files his nominating petitions at the office of City Clerk Roger Randolph, left.