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Fear & uncertainty: Asylum-seekers in limbo under Trump’s expanding ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy

As the Trump administration seeks to expand the "Migrant Protection Protocols" or "Remain in Mexico" program along the southwest border, migrants and shelter operators worry about the future, even as asylum reviews tighten further. ... Read more»

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In the dark: Sky observations cast light on pollution

Globe at Night, which promotes the value of dark skies, set a record in 2010 with more than 17,800 measurements of night sky light pollution. The program teaches about the impact of excessive artificial lighting on local environments, and the ongoing loss of a dark night sky as a shared natural resource.... Read more»

Dems block McCain's efforts to increase troops along border

Democrats blocked an effort Thursday by U.S. Sen. John McCain to add 6,000 troops to patrol the border.... Read more»

New Arizona border-crime unit to prosecute Mexican cartels

A new Tucson-based Border Crime Prosecution team will investigate and prosecute the smuggling of weapons, humans, drugs and money across the border by the Mexican cartels.... Read more»

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One month after SB 1070, change seen in Arizona

Opinion: One month ago, Gov. Jan Brewer signed the draconian bill SB 1070 into law, legalizing racial profiling. In that month, Arizona changed.... Read more»8

Immigration SB1070

TPD chief criticizes Az immigration law to AG Holder

Tucson Police Chief Roberto Villaseñor met with Attorney General Eric Holder in Washington on Wednesday to criticize Arizona's new immigration law.... Read more»2

Tucson No. 19 on most-innovative cities list

Tucson is No. 19 in most innovative cities, according to a new study by Forbes.... Read more»2

Comic: Border & immigration

A Mexican with an automatic weapon

Even if your name is Sanchez and you have to carry your passport at all times, being stop-lossed in southern Arizona is a damn sight better than the alternative.... Read more»

Superintendents’ appraisals tough to get from school districts

Taxpayers cover the salaries of superintendents in Arizona's public schools, but in many cases it's difficult to learn exactly what governing boards think of their work. TUSD, Flowing Wells and Marana schools did not provide information on their superintendents' performance appraisals.... Read more»

1,200 National Guard troops to be deployed on border

1,200 National Guardsmen will be deployed on the U.S.-Mexico border, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords announced Tuesday. Sen. John McCain said he'll ask for 6,000 troops.... Read more»

Immigration SB1070

Arpaio criticizes Mexico tourism ad; says it threatens Arizonans

Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio is criticizing a new Mexico tourism ad, saying it appears to threaten Arizonans.... Read more»1

Rocky Point news site calls checkpoint reports 'untrue'

A travel warning issued by the U.S. Consulate in Nogales, Son., is based on unsubstantiated rumors, said a Puerto Peñasco news website. The consulate warned Americans traveling to the Mexican resort town, also known as Rocky Point, of "unofficial checkpoints" set up on Highway 8.... Read more»

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Giffords: Bill will make it easier for doctors to stay in Medicare

For too many years, Congress has kicked the Medicare physician reimbursement can down the road, refusing to make the tough and fiscally responsible decisions needed to keep this crucial program afloat.... Read more»

Martian winter frost ices Phoenix lander mission

NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander mission is officially over, thanks to sharp pictures from a Mars-orbiting camera that appear to show the collapse of the lander's solar panels due to an expected coating of heavy winter frost.... Read more»

Buz Mills backpedals on education 'administrator' claims

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Buz Mills has backed away from claims that Arizona schools have as many administrators as they do teachers. (With video)... Read more»1

30-vote margin picks new Oro Valley mayor

Satish Hiremath will be the next Oro Valley mayor, after edging out Mike Zinkin by just 30 votes in last week's election.... Read more»

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