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Monday deadline to register to vote in Tucson primary

Monday at midnight is the deadline to register to vote in Tucson's primary election for mayor and City Council candidates. You can register online or check your current registration at ServiceArizona.com.... Read more»

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What's open & what's closed Monday

It may be the Fifth of July, but the Indpendence Day holiday isn't quite over for some. Here's a roundup of what's open and what's closed on Monday:... Read more»

Guest opinion

Goddard: Sensible outline for immigration reform

Guest opinion: This week we heard two well-reasoned calls for reforming the nation's badly broken immigration system. Though the calls came from very different places, they propose similar reforms that I have long supported and deserve the immediate attention of Congress.... Read more»6

World's largest solar plant slated for Gila Bend

The "world's largest solar plant" planned near Gila Bend will receive a $1.45 billion loan guarantee, President Obama announced Saturday. "This plant will be the first large-scale solar plant in the U.S. to actually store the energy it generates for later use – even at night," he said.... Read more»19

Triano's ex-wife returned to Tucson, faces murder charges

The ex-wife of businessman Gary Triano, who was killed in a 1996 bombing of his car, was returned to Tucson on Friday.... Read more»

Historian talks violence on El Paso/Juarez border

Historian David Romo calls both El Paso and Juarez home. The day after a gunfight in Juarez sent a bullet across the border — into the wall of El Paso City Hall no less — he describes how violence has changed local business in both cities, and his own life.... Read more»

Obama's speech on immigration reform

Text and video of President Obama's speech on comprehensive immigration reform.... Read more»1

Border Roundup: Obama weighs in on immigration reform

A date was set for a federal judge to hear arguments on SB 1070 and Pres. Obama gave a speech in favor of comprehensive immigration reform. In Arizona, a training video was released for police officers on how to enforce SB 1070. ... Read more»

Brewer 18 points up on Goddard in new poll

Gov. Jan Brewer not only leads her Republican primary race, she's got a sizable lead on Attorney General Terry Goddard, who is unchallenged in the Democratic gubernatorial primary, according to a new Rasmussen poll.... Read more»

Rain? We don't mind...

Rain? We don't mind. And neither did the Beatles. If you want to see a repeat of the brisk rainfall we saw Thursday, you might have to do a rain dance. What's your favorite song about the rain?... Read more»2

Police training: Racial profiling not allowed under SB 1070

Police should not use race when deciding to ask about immigration status under SB 1070, training material released Thursday says. Tucson's police chief says the law will be a "drain on resources" and that he's "absolutely certain that we are going to be accused of racial profiling."... Read more»1

ACLU issues travel warning for Arizona

It's usually the State Department that issues travel advisories, warning Americans about traveling in dangerous foreign lands like Afghanistan or, say, Mexico. But Wednesday, the ACLU began issuing travel advisories warning about trips to Arizona, citing SB 1070.... Read more»4

70% support DREAM Act path for undocumented students

Support for the DREAM Act has increased nationally, even as tensions over immigration continue. The act would allow undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as young children a chance at permanent-residency status.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Giffords: Don't let the sun set on solar for schools

Those of us who live in Arizona know that if there's one resource we have in abundance, it is sunlight Given this plentiful resource, it only seems natural that we should harness its energy to power our homes, schools and businesses.... Read more»2

Border Roundup: Immigration the 'story behind the story'

Immigration is often the story behind the story of international events. • The federal government and the state of Arizona seem headed for a showdown over border security and immigration reform. • Tension continues to rise over the shooting of a Mexican boy at the border in El Paso. ... Read more»

Council seeks charter change input

Members of the Tucson City Council are seeking more public input on proposed amendments to the City Charter. Council members in Wards 1-5 have scheduled town hall meetings on the charter changes.... Read more»

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