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Nearly 2,000 kids separated from parents in six-week period

Trump administration officials have separated 1,995 minors from parents or guardians in a six week period, a Department of Homeland Security official said Friday. ... Read more»

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Mon-later? Weather Service says dry season will continue

Tired of waiting for the monsoon? Keep your hopes up, but don't bet on a rainy summer. Already dry conditions across parts of Arizona and New Mexico are likely to worsen in coming months, said the National Weather Service.... Read more»

Reina de la noche

Night-blooming cereus flowers are 'unreal'

The night-blooming cereus is a remarkable sight - one revered by those who live in the desert because the bloom is rarely seen. The "Queen of the Night" only flowers on a single night per year.... Read more»

Border Roundup: First court hearing on SB 1070; migrant deaths rise

The first court hearing on SB 1070 was held Thursday. The arguments presented will be supplemented by those to be heard on July 22. As the lawsuits begin, the effects of the new law are felt on the ground in Arizona. ... Read more»2

UMC ranked one of nation's best pulmonary hospitals

University Medical Center is the 48th best hospital in the country the treatment of pulmonary disease, says U.S. News & World Report. 3 other Arizona hospitals - all in the Phoenix area - received high marks in other treatment areas.... Read more»1

$13.8 million grant to Az police for border security

Arizona law enforcement agencies will receive $13.8 million in grants for border security work, the federal government said Thursday. Operation Stonegarden funds can be used to pay overtime, buy vehicles and equipment.... Read more»

Isolation, poverty keep tiny border towns safe - for now

Presidio and Ojinaga, sister outposts on the either side of the Rio Grande, have long shared the misery of their isolation in the desert. Together, they’ve watched jealously over the years as other border cities have prospered. But today, the factors that have held them back keep them safe.... Read more»

Illegal immigrant deaths in desert on record pace

Illegal immigrants are dying at a record rate in Arizona's desert during July. 38 bodies of border crossers have been handled by the Pima County Medical Examiner's Office since July 1.... Read more»

Paton poll shows dead heat with Giffords, but fundraising lags

Republican Jonathan Paton and U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords are in a statistical dead heat in the race for the CD8 congressional seat, a poll by Paton's campaign says. But new fundraising numbers show Paton fighting an uphill battle to raise money.... Read more»3

Valley of Death: Bolstering security as Mexican deaths continue

For decades, residents of impoverished Mexican border towns have toiled in the fields or in the giant factories of Juárez. Those seeking more than paupers’ wages worked for the cartels. Yet their communities remained peaceful until the horror of the drug war bled into the farmland.... Read more»

Comic: Immigration

This land is your land, this land is my land

There are two sides to every issue. Or are there three?... Read more»

Giffords: $600k raised for reelection in Q2

Gabrielle Giffords reelection effort raised nearly $600,000 in the second quarter and has more than $2.2 million in the bank, the congresswoman's campaign said Wednesday.... Read more»

Rise of the independents, will it matter?

The rise of Arizona’s independents remains a very real and potentially decisive development in state politics — one echoed to various degrees across the country. But the likelihood is that this increasingly potent political force will fail to exert its influence in not one but both of their approaching electoral opportunities. Why?... Read more»1

Tragedy in Juárez spurs economy in El Paso

Depending on whom you ask, anywhere between 100,000 to half a million Juárenses have left Mexico since drug violence exploded in 2008. In a tragic irony, neighboring El Paso is flourishing economically as Juárez descends further into terror. (with video)... Read more»

Border Roundup: SB 1070 has unexpected political fallout

• The number of lawsuits challenging SB 1070 continues to grow as racial profiling issue takes center stage. • Federal agents are scouring corporate records to find illegal workers. • 1070 has some unintended political consequences.... Read more»1


'Danged fence' on border being built with rhetoric

Analysis: Public-policy debates can generate their own, almost irresistible momentum. In the heat of rhetorical battle, we can be so busy scrambling after new data and devising cleverer arguments that we leave older yet unresolved matters behind. Case in point: What McCain recently termed "the danged fence."... Read more»

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