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Current donors & sponsors

Publisher's Circle

Guardian - $50,000

  • Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation
  • Ernie Pyle (Inspiration)

Sentry - $25,000

  • Hunter S. Thompson (Inspiration)

Lookout - $10,000

  • Lester Bangs (Inspiration)

Press Club

Newshound - $5,000

  • KXCI Community Radio
  • Rocco's Little Chicago
  • Dylan Smith
  • Lincoln Steffens (Inspiration)
  • Ida Tarbell (Inspiration)

Copy desk chief - $2,500

  • Access Tucson
  • Drew Pearson (Inspiration)
  • Tucson Police Department

Trusted source - $1,000

  • Betty Blue's Junk Shop

Correspondent - $500

  • Ryan Flannagan — Nuanced Media
  • Margaret Fuller (Inspiration)
  • Horace Greeley (Inspiration)
  • Bill Nugent — The Shanty
  • Ronstadt Insurance
  • Lara Rubio

Stringer - $250

  • Magdalena Barajas
  • Joan Kaye Cauthorn
  • Steve Elliott — Cronkite News Service/ASU
  • CE Elliott
  • Richard & Mary Fimbres
  • Alan Fischer
  • Suzanne Horst
  • Peggy Hull (Inspiration)
  • David Louie
  • Janet Marcotte
  • Ben McNitt — McNitt Bros. Wood Works
  • Maeve Robertson
  • U.S. Army Garrison, Fort Huachuca

Cub reporter - $100

  • Elena Acoba
  • Anonymous
  • Jennifer Boice
  • Betsy Bolding
  • Alison Don
  • Donald Hartman
  • Robin Hiller
  • Anita Johnson
  • Matt Kurz
  • Gawain Lavers
  • Linda Ray
  • Vanessa Richter
  • Richard Ringler
  • Robert Rogers
  • Rose-Mary Grzasko & Bill Vaughn
  • R. Scott Roy
  • Robert Shank Jr.
  • Steve Smith
  • Ronald P. Spark M.D. — Laboratory Medicine
  • Bob Vint

Printer's devil - $50

  • Bryn Bailer
  • Sondra Bettersworth
  • Mike Brewer
  • Maria Diaz
  • Jane Erikson
  • George Frantziskonis
  • Maggie Golston
  • Sara Hammond
  • Laura Ann Herman
  • Janet Jackman
  • Jake Jacob — Extreme Financial Makeover
  • Luke Knipe
  • Cindy Laughlin
  • Jen Lum
  • David H Mandel
  • Dawn Martin
  • Miller McPherson
  • Kilian Metcalf
  • Performance Systems LLC
  • Heidi Rowley
  • Patricia Russell
  • David Safier
  • Sonoita Networking
  • Marcia Spark
  • Charles Weesner
  • Margie Wrye
  • Jane Zavisca

Note: Those with “inspiration” after their names are, of course, not alive and not actual financial supporters of TucsonSentinel.com. It’s our way of paying a bit of tongue-in-cheek respect to great reporters of the past.

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  • $25,000 Sentry
  • $10,000 Lookout

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