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  • Dylan Smith — Editor & Publisher
  • Maria Coxon-Smith — Director of Development and Engagement
  • Paul Ingram — Senior border & politics reporter/photographer
  • Ted Prezelski — Senior soccer correspondent, 'Tucson Legend of Soccer'
  • Blake Morlock — 'What the Devil won't tell you' columnist
  • Julie Jennings Patterson — Music & entertainment critic
  • Betty Beard — Business reporter
  • Sasha Hartzell — Reporter
  • Alana Minkler — Reporter
  • Hugo O'Conor, A. Nonie Maus, John Behan & Kchryystjgeyån Gärbøjhé-Phyrr — 'El Chisme' contributors
  • Curtis Thompson — Web developer, wire editor
  • Dave Irwin — Theatre/arts critic
  • Bill Epstein — Theatre/arts critic
  • Joshua Pearson — Photographer/reporter
  • Rebekah Zemansky — Reporter/photographer
  • Arnie Bermudez — Editorial cartoonist
  • Roberto De Vido — Editorial cartoonist, East Asia bureau chief
  • John Kiniston, Simply Bits — Server administrator

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  • Tucson, AZ 85745
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