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Bacteria eat arm of 'bath salts' user

A New Orleans woman attacked by flesh-eating bacteria after injecting the increasingly popular drug "bath salts" has had her arm and shoulder amputated.... Read more»

Rick Santorum's 'Google problem' is NSFW

Some voters who took to Google to find out more about GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum the morning after the Iowa primary didn't end up any the wiser — the first result is a link to a vulgar definition.... Read more»1

Zuckerberg takes hit from Facebook security flaws

Mark Zuckerberg's private photos — of him at home with girlfriend Priscilla Chan, meeting Obama ... holding a live chicken by the legs — have leaked onto the internet following the discovery of yet another security Facebook flaw.... Read more»

World not ending in 2012, scientists say

Remember those Mayan heiroglyphics that were supposed to forecast the apocalypse for next year? Turns out somebody got the translation wrong. Oops.... Read more»3

Zombies invade Mexico City

Mexicans claimed they reached a world record number of people dressed as zombies Sunday, when nearly 10,000 people staggered through Mexico City, dripping with fake blood, rotting plastic flesh and smudged mascara. (with videos)... Read more»

White House: Sorry, no aliens in space

Is there life on Mars? If there is, the U.S. government isn’t admitting it. The White House has released an official statement saying that there is “no evidence that any life exists outside our planet.” ... Read more»1

Beagle plays mom to 4 orphaned kittens

A 4-year-old Beagle named Railey recently found herself playing mother to four orphaned kittens when her family took in the 2-week-old felines.... Read more»

'Take This Lollipop' and get a creepy stalker

A creepy man in a dimly lit room stares at his computer screen while stalking your Facebook page. He clicks through some of your more embarrassing moments, documented only for your friends. Your only misstep? Allowing a page with a giant blue lollipop to access your Facebook information.... Read more»

Oldest weapon in America identified

A spear tip embedded in a mastodon bone indicates that humans were hunting in North America 13,800 years ago – 800 years earlier than previously thought.... Read more»1

Actress sues Amazon for revealing age on IMDb

An unnamed actress is suing Amazon.com for more than $1 million for showing her age on the company’s Internet Movie Database site, the AP reports.... Read more»1

Women end 'sex strike' in Colombian town

Women in a small Colombian town can finally return to the bedroom.The women have been on a "sex strike" since June to demand that the road connecting their town to the rest of the country be paved.... Read more»8

Bull gores Spanish matador

A bull gored a Spanish matador, ripping apart the man’s face as it tore through his jaw and gouged out his eyeball in front of an audience on Friday.... Read more»

King crabs invade Antarctica

King crabs — 3-feet-wide red monsters that devour everything in their path — have invaded Antarctica.... Read more»

Is Happy Feet the penguin dead?

The young emperor penguin, Happy Feet, who showed up in New Zealand and quickly became an international celebrity might have been eaten alive after being released into the ocean in August. ... Read more»

Tiger caught in deadly love triangle

After months of suffering through a feline love triangle, a female tiger has choked her mate to death at an El Paso Zoo, and the attack came only a few hours after the two tigers had been seen nuzzling each other.... Read more»

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