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Memorial Day

Grijalva: Bring our troops home and help their families

Memorial Day is a day not just to thank all those who have fought for our country, but to remember that our soldiers are people with families who want them home. Plus, Gov. Brewer orders state flags flown at half-staff.... Read more»2

Memorial Day events

Tucson and the region will honor its fallen soldiers with a parade and ceremonies for Memorial Day.... Read more»

Colin Powell says he supports gay marriage

In an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday, former Secretary of State Colin Powell said he supports gay marriage.... Read more»

Women soldiers sue to lift combat ban

Two female are suing the U.S. government in an attempt to lift the country's ban on women in combat.... Read more»

Why Obama's Iran strategy is the best way forward

Even though halting Iran’s nuclear weapon ambitions is an urgent priority, there is time for a disciplined approach and a serious and determined effort to resolve the situation diplomatically.... Read more»

Fourth army officer held in Mexico drug cartel probe

A fourth high-ranking Mexican military officer has been arrested as part of an investigation into alleged army links to drug cartels.... Read more»

NATO withdrawal brings fears of civil war in Aghanistan

NATO states now meeting in Chicago are reaffirming the departure of foreign combat troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2014. But many Afghans have little faith in their own security forces.... Read more»

Remember Stuxnet? Why the U.S. is still vulnerable

Last week, the Department of Homeland Security revealed a rash of cyber attacks on natural gas pipeline companies. There was no damage, but security experts worry it may only be a matter of time. ... Read more»

White House may have leaked counter-terrorism intel

White House efforts to reassure the public that there was never a serious threat from the recently foiled underwear bomb plot may have inadvertently caused information about covert operations to be leaked.... Read more»

Former U.S. nuclear chief proposes cutting arsenal by 80%

A former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is urging that the existing American nuclear arsenal of 5000 warheads be cut by 80 percent, in an effort meant to be matched by similar reductions in the Russian arsenal.... Read more»

2 Mexican army generals detained over alleged cartel ties

Mexican soldiers have detained two army generals, including a former assistant defense secretary, over their alleged links to organized crime. ... Read more»1

Active-duty military offered annual passes to nat'l parks

Beginning Saturday, active-duty military can receive a free annual pass that gives service members and their dependents access to more than 2,000 public land sites, including America's national parks.... Read more»

Pentagon limits F-22 fighter jet flights amid safety worries

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta ordered the Air Force on Tuesday to investigate safety problems with the F-22 fighter jet and restrict missions to regions where pilots can quickly land if they experience oxygen problems.... Read more»

Army opens combat-related roles to women

Female soldiers serving in the U.S. Army will now be able to take up new positions in traditionally all-male units, as the Army formally opens combat-related roles to women.... Read more»

Another $250 million drink for missile defenses

The talk of the defense world is the budget — specifically, how to shrink it and what will be cut. Given the austerity pressures, it’s remarkable that a costly program targeted for cancellation can get a new government check for a quarter of a billion dollars .... Read more»

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