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Although a fugitive, accused Guatemalan war criminal hasn’t run far

Retired Col. César Adán Rosales Batres, a veteran of the elite Kaibil commandos of the Guatemalan Army, is a wanted war criminal and a fugitive with an Interpol warrant on his head. But according to recent information obtained by ProPublica, he hasn't run far. The ease with which he eludes capture shows the fight for justice remains difficult in Guatemala. ... Read more»


‘Zero Dark Thirty’ is right: Torture useless in finding Bin Laden

As "Zero Dark Thirty" rightly implies, the systematic use of enhanced interrogation techniques came at a steep moral cost while producing little to no valuable information in the hunt for Osama bin Laden. ... Read more»1

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Pending cuts threaten Az defense industry

The Monday Political Face-Off featured commentators John Munger and Vince Rabago. Then, it's our monthly conversation with Gen. John A. Wickham, former chief of staff of the U.S. Army.... Read more»

U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan kill 15, including top Taliban warlord

U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan have killed as many as 15 people, including a top pro-Islamabad Taliban warlord with links to Al Qaeda. ... Read more»

NY Times loses drone lawsuit against Obama administration

The New York Times had filed the drone lawsuit against the Obama administration seeking more information about the attacks.... Read more»

James Foley

U.S. journalist missing in Syria since Thanksgiving

Unidentified Syrian gunmen kidnapped a U.S. journalist on Thanksgiving Day. More than a month later, he remains missing. American James Foley, 39, was last seen on Nov. 22 in Idlib Province, the scene of heavy fighting in recent months. Foley was held by Libyan forces for 44 days in 2011.... Read more»

2012 was one of the bloodiest years for journalists

121 journalists died in 2012, making it one of the bloodiest years on record. ... Read more»


Global power will shift by 2030

A new U.S. intelligence report forecasts an end to U.S. predominance.... Read more»1

Senate approves FISA, reauthorizing warrantless wiretapping

The US Senate approved FISA, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, on Friday, reauthorizing the Bush era's warrantless wiretapping.... Read more»


North Korea: Axis of ridiculous

There's a new Kim in town, but can we expect the bad boy regime in Pyongyang to change?... Read more»

Missing: $200M in gas receipts for NATO aid in Afghanistan

The U.S. government is unable to “account for $201 million” worth of fuel purchases for the Afghan Army, according to a special report by a government watchdog on Dec. 20.... Read more»

Hundreds of sites complicate Navajo uranium cleanup

More than six decades after the first mines opened on Navajo lands, it is still unclear how many sites need to be cleaned up, how many people may be suffering from the effects of uranium exposure and what can be done to contain all the hazardous material in these communities – if that’s even possible.... Read more»


With a two-state solution dying, isolation looms for Israel

Steadfast US support is a losing bet in the court of world opinion... Read more»

Syria's rebels encircle Damascus

As Syrian rebels close in on nation's capital, many are bracing for a bloody fight.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Raul Grijalva, next secretary of the Interior?

The Monday Political Face-Off features commentators Vince Rabago and John Munger. Plus, a conversation with former U.S. Army Chief of Staff General John A. Wickham.... Read more»

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