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Military dogs suffer PTSD

Soldiers returning from battle are not alone in their difficult readjustment to civilian life: their brave canine counterparts are also struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder.... Read more»1

Mexico activist slain — but by whom?

When his 18-year-old son disappeared last year, Nepomuceno Moreno became an anguished parent, searching for answers about his missing child. In his quest, became one of the public faces of the missing, joining up with anti-violence groups to call for justice. He was recently killed.... Read more»

Testing fails soldiers, leaves brain injuries undetected

A measure requiring the military to test soldiers' brain function before they deployed and again when they returned has failed to deliver, offering injured soldiers the appearance of help, but not the reality. ... Read more»

Giffords serves Thanksgiving meal to D-M airmen

U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords helped serve Thanksgiving dinner to airmen and military veterans at Tucson's Davis-Monthan AFB on Thursday—her first constituent event since being shot on Jan. 8. (Updated with video)... Read more»4

Noriega to be extradited from France to Panama

A French court has granted a request to return former dictator Manuel Noriega to his native Panama, where he is wanted for crimes committed during six years of military rule between 1983 and 1989.... Read more»


GOP debate: Pre-Thanksgiving Leftovers

The latest GOP debate was thin on memorable moments or major factual bloopers, but we do have some leftover claims to dispute before we shut down for the Thanksgiving holiday. ... Read more»1

Comic: Border

The subtlety business

They pull a knife, you pull a gun, They pull a gun, you mobilize ... an M1 Abrams tank battalion.... Read more»

Giffords' office collects holiday cards for troops

For the third year, U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' office is collecting holiday cards to send to Southern Arizona hospitalized vets and troops who are deployed overseas. ... Read more»

Mayors disagree about war-zone equipment on border

Mayors of cities along the Texas-Mexico border intent on protecting the images of their communities are drawing vastly different conclusions about a proposal that would bring in equipment from overseas war zones to bolster border security efforts.... Read more»2

Gaddafi son captured in Libyan desert

Muammar Gaddafi's son, Saif al-Islam, was captured in a firefight Saturday by revolutionary fighters in the Libyan desert after weeks on the run, senior military commanders said. He was reportedly injured during the firefight but is in good health.... Read more»

Lawmakers want defense technology on border

With American troops leaving Iraq and an eventual withdrawal from Afghanistan expected, advocates for military technology on the border said it is an attractive option because it could save taxpayer money, could complement the U.S. Border Patrol’s human resources and has proven successful before.... Read more»1

Brewer wants F-35s based at Luke AFB

Gov. Jan Brewer was in Washington on Wednesday to urge the secretary of the Air Force to base the service’s next-generation F-35 fighter jets at Luke Air Force Base near Glendale.... Read more»

Universities, colleges taking steps to ease veterans’ transitions

Pamela Stewart, a history lecturer at Arizona State University, wondered why a male student continued to stand up and walk around during her one-hour class. Then the student explained: He was a war veteran coping with a service-related trauma.... Read more»

Checking the facts at the GOP debate

We found several exaggerations and misstatements in the latest Republican presidential candidates’ debate. Romney issued a hollow threat to take China’s currency manipulation to a world body that doesn’t actually deal with overvalued money, and he claimed federal spending consumes more of the nation’s economic output than it really does.... Read more»

Veterans Day parade troops through downtown

The 92nd annual Veterans Day parade once again flowed through the streets and colored downtown Tucson on Friday morning with red, white and blue stripes. (with photo gallery)... Read more»

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