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Sudan faces new charges of war crimes

As thousands cower in caves, the Enough Project petitions an African commission to stop Sudan from bombing civilians in the Nuba Mountains.... Read more»

Syria: Return to a city on lockdown

Revisiting Daraa, where Syria's uprising began, to find a city under military lockdown. ... Read more»

Norway killer: McVeigh, al-Qaida were inspirations

The Oklahoma City bombing and al-Qaida attacks served as inspiration and education for confessed mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik, he told a courtroom in Norway on Friday... Read more»

Guest opinion

McCain: U.S. must arm Syrian opposition

Bashar al-Assad has not abided, and will not abide, by a ceasefire. And the only way to stop Assad's campaign of slaughter is for the United States to take tangible steps with our friends and allies to help the Syrian opposition change the military balance of power on the ground.... Read more»

Drawbacks seen in stationing Nat'l Guard on border

When the Obama administration announced in December that it would draw down the number of National Guard units that patrol the southern border, critics said the decision would leave Texas vulnerable to spillover violence from Mexico.... Read more»

Lawmaker: Preserve military bases in land swaps

A state lawmaker wants to give voters a second chance to approve land exchanges that allow the preservation of military installations.... Read more»

Comic: Politics

Close Protection

What happens in Cartagena stays in Cartagena ... until you decide to stiff the hookers and they complain. Loudly. To (eventually) your boss. The President. Of the United States.... Read more»

Comic: North Korea

Pyongyang, we have a problem

North Korea's attempt to launch a satellite (and test its long-range missile delivery capability) failed miserably Thursday when the rocket exploded not long after launch.... Read more»

Az marks 150th anniversary of Battle of Picacho Peak

Now it's a place for hiking or to stop at Dairy Queen but 150 years ago Sunday, it was the site of a small but violent engagement between Union and Confederate troops.... Read more»1

Summit of the Americas

Peru backs the U.S. in the war on drugs

As some Latin American leaders call for legalization of narcotics, Peru — a leading coca grower — remains opposed. A former anti-drug czar-turned-dissident explains why.... Read more»1

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

Wright Flight kids open D-M air show

The Davis-Monthan Air Force Base Open House air show continues despite the wet weather.... Read more»

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

Thunderbirds prep for D-M Open House air show

The Air Force's elite demonstration team, the Thunderbirds, took to the skies over Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in a practice run for Saturday and Sunday's events.... Read more»

N. Korea rocket launch ruffles international feathers

The United Nations and several countries were quick to respond to news of North Korea's rocket launch, saying it was a provocative move. ... Read more»

US: N. Korean missile launch a failure

The North Korean rocket launch, intended to place a satellite in orbit, was an unambiguous failure, officials in Washington, Seoul and Tokyo all agree.... Read more»

Comic: Crime

America's Most Wanted

The FBI has finally filled Osama bin Laden's spot on its 10 Most Wanted list. The good news is, the new guy probably won't cost you $1.3 trillion.... Read more»

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