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Napolitano: Homeland security must include cyberspace

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Tuesday that cybersecurity has gone from a fringe issue to becoming one of the top priorities for her department going forward.... Read more»1

Flake calls sequester a scare tactic

Arizona would face millions in budget cuts and see the loss of services to thousands of residents if automatic budget cuts are allowed to take effect Friday, the White House warned. Critics, like Sen. Jeff Flake, accused the administration of engaging in scare tactics.... Read more»

Among veterans in Legislature, a drive to help returning troops

As a retired Marine, Rep. Sonny Borrelli, R-Lake Havasu City, said he knows how challenging it can be for veterans transitioning back to civilian life. “We owe it to them to try and give them something to get them back into society, so they’re not just collecting unemployment, and to allow them to use the talents they picked up to put them to work,” he said.... Read more»

Mexico drug war disappearances laid bare

A new Human Rights Watch report on Mexico cuts to the heart of the U.S.-supported strategy for battling the country's powerful drug trafficking syndicates. The report focuses on “enforced disappearances” of civilians at the hands of both Mexico's naval infantry and the militarized federal police.... Read more»

Human Rights Watch

Report: Mexican security forces murdered dozens in name of drug war

Mexican security forces abducted and murdered dozens of people over the past six years in the name of the drug wars on cartels, according to Human Rights Watch. Further, the U.S.-based rights group said, Mexico has failed to properly investigate human rights abuses committed by its own security forces. ... Read more»

ASU, NAU certified Veterans Supportive Campuses, UA to follow

After serving eight years with the U.S. Army in Germany, Iraq and Afghanistan, Sgt. Carlos Forcadilla returned home seeking a college education but worried about what that experience may hold. After spending a semester at a Colorado community college where he found it difficult to connect with other veterans, he moved to ASU and was pleased with the support available.... Read more»


How do you solve a problem like (North) Korea?

Five questions with MIT professor Jim Walsh on what North Korea's nuclear detonation means for China, the US and global security.... Read more»

North Korea admits to carrying out 3rd nuclear test

North Korea has admitted to carrying out a third nuclear test, hours after U.S. seismologists detected a 4.9-magnitude earthquake in the hermit kingdom.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Compact for America strikes right balance on war financing

While not perfect, state legislatures are closer to the American people and less likely to be driven by a narrow agenda to abuse the power to incur debt—or to instigate unjustifiable wars. For this reason, HB 2328 rightly puts state legislatures in the position of determining the legitimacy of any request to lift the federal debt limit.... Read more»

The best reporting on mental trauma and the U.S. military

The wars may be winding down, but the battle against PTSD is far from over. We’ve compiled some of the best journalism on the mental traumas faced by a generation of service men and women, and the U.S. military’s struggle to treat them.... Read more»

Drone strikes test legal grounds for war on terror

The Obama administration has justified its counter-terror strategy on a law Congress passed just days after 9/11. But more than a decade later, does it fit the facts on the ground? ... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Former Army chief of staff says women in combat makes sense

The Monday Political Face-off featured commentators John Munger and Vince Rabago. Plus, our monthly conversation on military and foreign affairs with Gen. John Wickham, former U.S. Army chief of staff.... Read more»

Mobile clinic finally hits road to take health care to Navajo vets

After sitting in one place since 2011, a mobile health clinic will leave Chinle and travel for the first time Tuesday on its mission to bring care to veterans in remote parts of the Navajo Nation.... Read more»

Bill aims to help visiting military get medical training in Arizona

Streamlining the state’s permitting processes and waiving fees for licensed military medical staff receiving hand-on training at Arizona hospitals would lead to better care for soldiers around the world, a state lawmaker said last week.... Read more»

Obama: 'Never Again'

International Holocaust Remembrance Day: By remaining vigilant against those who seek to perpetrate violence and murder, we honor those we lost during one of the darkest periods in human history. And we keep their memory alive for generations to come.... Read more»

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