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Gaddafi denies fleeing to Niger

In an audio message Thursday, deposed Libyan Muammar al-Gaddafi dismissed speculation that he fled south to neighboring Niger as lies and psychological warfare.... Read more»

Comic: The War on Terror

An intelligence-based approach to airport screening

So ... that ten years we’ve just had of taking our shoes off for airport screenings? Um ... never mind!... Read more»

Napolitano sees an end to shoes-off screening at airports

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says travelers may soon be able to keep their shoes on when they pass through airport security checkpoints.... Read more»

CIA rendition flights continue under Obama

New documents have surfaced several new details about the shadowy practice of snatching terrorism suspects from one country and rendering them into the custody of another. While the Obama administration has tried to distance itself from the some of the harshest counterterrorism techniques, it has also said that at least some forms of renditions will continue.... Read more»

Petraeus sworn in as CIA director

David Petraeus, newly retired from the U.S. Army, was sworn in as director of the CIA in a ceremony led by Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday at the White House.... Read more»

Ziggy Marley in-store to promo comic, Somalia aid

Something that comic book fans come to expect out of their local comic shop is the “in-store”: an appearance by a comic book artist, maybe doing a sketch or two for eager admirers. Exciting for fans, but not all that unusual. What is unusual is for an internationally known reggae musician to do an in-store.... Read more»

Vietnam War babies: Grown up and low on luck

An obscure U.S. visa for Vietnamese nationals fathered by GIs, a clunky State Department term for mixed-race children of the war, appears to be fizzling at last.... Read more»

Amid cuts, U.S. military withdraws from Europe

Focus may be on U.S. military drawdowns in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the larger strategic change underway is taking place in Europe, where American troops have been stationed in large numbers since World War II.... Read more»


Libya's road to the World Cup

At some point, Qaddafi will be gone, and Libya will be able to start rebuilding. Will that be in time for World Cup 2014?... Read more»

Did CIA rendition flights rely on bogus State Dep't letter?

An obscure court case in New York state has led to the disclosure of new details on CIA’s extraordinary rendition program, in which the United States captured dozens of alleged terrorists and sent them to secret prisons overseas.... Read more»

Month passes without U.S. deaths in Iraq

For the very first time since the U.S.-led invasion in Iraq in 2003, a month has passed during which no U.S. soldiers or personnel lost their lives.... Read more»

McCain denies offering Gaddafi military aid

At a Tucson town hall Tuesday, Sen. John McCain denied offering U.S. military gear to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi during a 2009 meeting. The offer was laid out in a State Dep’t cable released last week by WikiLeaks. (with complete video)... Read more»1


Corruption, war hinders food aid to Somalia

As the famine in southern Somalia worsens, aid experts fear that corruption and the politics of terrorism are crimping the flow of humanitarian relief to areas where starvation is worst.... Read more»

Windfalls of war

Pentagon's no-bid contracts triple in 10 years of war

As U.S. military deaths and injuries from roadside bombs escalated after the invasion of Iraq, the Pentagon rushed to find solutions. Non-competitive DOD contracts have almost tripled since 9/11, including a Tucson company that was paid $50 million for a now-canceled program.... Read more»

Lockerbie bomber reportedly at death's door

The Libyan convicted in the bombing of a U.S.-bound plane over Lockerbie, Scotland, that killed more than 200 people, Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, is unlikely to face extradition because he is “at death’s door.”... Read more»

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