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Goodyear, Gilbert among nation's fastest growing cities

The two Arizona towns were among the 15 fastest-growing cities in the U.S. in the last year, according to new Census Bureau estimates. While Phoenix added the most people in the state, Gilbert and Goodyear grew at a faster pace, landing sixth and 12th in the nation. ... Read more»

Graphic: Where America's most-skilled foreign workers come from

Every year, the US lets in 65,000 of the world's top-skilled workers. Here's where they come from and what they do.... Read more»1

I-10 drivers warned of wind gusts, dust storms

Anyone driving north from Tucson on Thursday should be aware that high winds and blowing dust could affect their ability to see the road. The Weather Service issued a blowing dust advisory until 7 p.m. for the Tucson metro area, Marana and Picacho Peak.... Read more»

Ocelot sighting adds new delay to Rosemont Mine

The discovery of a lone male ocelot roaming around the proposed Rosemont Mine in the Santa Rita Mountains will delay the controversial project. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials will review their analysis of the environmental impact of the copper mine.... Read more»

Trans-Pacific Partnership

Curious about the biggest trade deal in history? Sorry, it’s classified

Governments and big corporations can read the Trans-Pacific Partnership, but not you. Here are 6 ways it could change the world.... Read more»

U.S. now sells more petro-goods to Mexico than it buys

For as far back as records go, Mexico had always exported more oil and petroleum products to the United States than it imported from its northern neighbor. This year, they're trading places.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Kyl & Morrison: Az has more rights than water

The economic and social disruption caused by the extreme drought in California has prompted increasing questions about the water future of the West. While there are still some conservation and management methods that can extend our current supplies, in the long run, Arizona is going to need additional water sources. ... Read more»

Tucson Water holding town halls on proposed rate hikes

Tucson Water is holding town hall meetings this week to give residents information about operating costs and proposed increases to water rates and service fees. The city-owned utility plans to propose two alternate rate schedules at a City Council meeting June 3.... Read more»

City hosting urban agriculture meeting

The City of Tucson is holding a public meeting Tuesday about efforts to change local zoning rules to allow for urban agriculture.... Read more»1

Chinese tycoon preparing to build a canal across Nicaragua

Yup, a rival to Panama’s canal. And he's breaking ground this year. Here are 7 things you should know. ... Read more»

Proposed border rail project gets mixed reviews

As Mexican officials contemplate relocating a major railway that connects the state of Chihuahua to Texas, trade experts in El Paso have mixed views on whether the investment is needed immediately. But activists in Ciudad Juárez say the trains need to go now. ... Read more»

DuVal: Jobs plan includes tech, education, avoiding Daily Show

Increasing education spending, fostering innovation, and staying "off the Jon Stewart Show" will make Arizona an economic leader, according to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal, who presented his jobs plan Friday in Tucson.... Read more»


Hart: Has Arizona's entrepreneurship sailed?

These are far from fat times for the economy, in Arizona or most of the country. But there's one potent economic weapon we can still rely on: our entrepreneurial spirit. We innovate, we invent, we risk it all to create new ventures. Or, we did. Lately, it seems, not so much.... Read more»

Thwarted by Legislature, ride-sharing firms facing fines

Ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft contend that their smartphone-based services are more convenient than taxis. But a state official says that if the companies want to continue operating here they will have to abide by the same regulations as taxi companies. ... Read more»

Tucson water rates higher than Phx, usage lower here

It’s a complex calculation, but at the most fundamental level this much is true: The amount of water needed to have a lush, green lawn in Phoenix would yield a substantially higher water bill for a homeowner in Tucson. As Arizona leaders ponder the long-term future of the state’s water supply, some say that raising water prices is an option for encouraging conservation.... Read more»

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