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Phoenix mayor touts city’s successes, warns of need to fight for water rights

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton told a Washington panel Tuesday that Arizona is in a fight to make sure other states, particularly California, don’t take water “that rightfully belongs to the people of Arizona.”... Read more»

Edmund Marquez appointed to Rio Nuevo board

The owner of a Tucson insurance agency, Edmund Marquez, was appointed Monday to one of the three empty seats on the Rio Nuevo board. Gov. Doug Ducey named Marquez to fill a seat left vacant when Alberto Moore resigned last November.... Read more»

Hot roads mean fog-seal repairs pushed back for months

Blacktop baking in the sun has meant streets so hot that the city of Tucson has called a halt to several fog-sealing road repair projects until October. ... Read more»

Killing the Colorado

The Az power plant fueling America's drought

Arizona's Navajo Generating Station, the West's largest power plant, is consuming 22,000 tons of coal and emitting 44,000 tons of carbon dioxide each day, in large part to deliver Arizona’s water. ... Read more»

Trans-Pacific Partnership

Pacific trade deal has lots of protections for businesses — but not for workers

The secretive, humongous treaty won’t stop labor abuses in poor countries, critics warn.... Read more»

I-10 construction to slow Phoenix-Tucson travelers

Road work on Interstate 10 between Tucson and Phoenix will delay drivers this weekend and next week, officials said, with the highway being narrowed to a single lane at points.... Read more»

Feds want to run flimsy motorcycle helmets off the road

After years of inaction, federal regulators are trying to crack down on the use of cheap novelty helmets linked to thousands of motorcycle crash deaths and injuries in recent years.... Read more»

House OKs language to halt FAA changes to Sky Harbor flight paths

The U.S. House of Representatives gave preliminary approval Thursday to a proposal that would stop the Federal Aviation Administration from making further changes to flight patterns at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.... Read more»1

Despite gains, Phoenix falls in ranking of energy-efficient cities

Phoenix has made improvements in its energy efficiency policies but still fell three spots in a national ranking, as other cities made “impressive jumps” and surged ahead, according to a report released last week.... Read more»

Mexican taxis promise to 'hunt down' Uber drivers

A leader of Mexico State’s taxi drivers actually said as much: “We are not going to leave [Uber cars] alone. We are tracking these colleagues and hunting them down,” Esteban Meza, who represents about 13,000 cabbies, told the country's top-selling newspaper, El Universal.... Read more»1

All sides look for answers in feds’ clarification of Clean Water Act

A new federal rule was meant to clarify the scope of the Clean Water Act, but some critics are saying the 300-page document has done little to clear up the issue since its release last week.... Read more»

Hit-and-run kills jaywalking woman in Midtown

A 69-year-old woman crossing Craycroft Road died after being hit by an SUV on Friday night. The occupants of the vehicle checked the woman and then left the scene. The woman, who was not in a crosswalk, died later at a hospital, authorities said — the sixth pedestrian death of 2015 in Tucson.... Read more»3

Longer term car loans gaining traction, especially in Arizona

Since the Great Recession, more consumers are signing up for longer car loans. Although the move can lower monthly payments, experts warn it could mean more debt because of interest paid over a longer period of time. The national average for a new car loan term was 66 months, with a monthly payment of $482 in 2014.... Read more»

Uber just found another way to anger Mexico City's taxi drivers

Another battle in the war between Uber and the city's taxi drivers.... Read more»

Eco dev group TREO rebranding as Sun Corridor Inc.

Southern Arizona's economic development partnership, TREO, announced Tuesday that it is rebranding as "Sun Corridor Inc." and moving from its downtown Tucson offices. The organization's change "will expand its footprint across Southern Arizona," according to a press release.... Read more»3

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