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Adaptive reuse movement spares iconic buildings from wrecking ball

A new use for a property often involves tearing down what came before, but owners of dozens of Phoenix businesses are putting iconic buildings to new uses through what's known as adaptive reuse.... Read more»

Ft. Huachuca adding to Az's military solar effort

By the end of the year, Southern Arizona will host the two largest solar power arrays on U.S. military bases. A new installation at Ft. Huachuca will be part of the Army's attempt to save energy and combat climate change. Currently, the largest solar array on a military base is at Davis-Monthan AFB, but last week officials broke ground on a new 18-megawatt array that will produce 25 percent of the fort's power.... Read more»

Some cool uses for drones instead of killing and spying

What about fighting forest fires instead of bombing wedding parties in Yemen?... Read more»

Kozachick, Tucson Water holding public meeting

Wednesday night, Ward 6 City Councilman Steve Kozachik will host experts from the city utility as they deliver presentations on Tucson's water sources, drought preparation and water quality.... Read more»

Thirsty tamarisk endangers watersheds, native plants

A mature tamarisk, also known as saltcedar, can consume 200-300 gallons of water a day and produce up to 250 million tiny seeds annually that are spread easily by the wind. ... Read more»

Park Service OKs landmark at site of Grand Canyon air collision

On the morning of June 30, 1956, a Trans World Airlines L-1049 Super Constellation and a United Airlines DC-7 collided 21,000 feet over the Grand Canyon. All 128 people aboard the planes died. It was the deadliest civilian plane crash to date, and its fallout resulted in modern air traffic control and the establishment of the Federal Aviation Administration.... Read more»

U.S., Mexico collaborate on flood to boost Colorado River delta

For more than 20 years, water from the Colorado River has stopped at Morelos Dam, which diverted its flow into Mexican canals for agriculture and municipal use. But in March, water began rushing through the gates to help regenerate the river’s delta habitats.... Read more»

Jump in fatal train accidents during 2013 prompts nat'l safety campaign

A nationwide spike in fatal train accidents involving trespassers and motorists in 2013 has prompted a national safety campaign urging people to think trains when they see tracks.... Read more»

Tucson native chugs in to town for book reading

Journalist, author and Tucson native Tom Zoellner will give a reading from his new book "Train" at Antigone Books, 411 N. 4th Ave, on Friday evening. ... Read more»

Tucson Water holding public info meetings

As part of Water Awareness Month, Tucson Water is holding a series of public information sessions throughout April. Thursday night, Ward 4 City Councilwoman Shirley Scott will host experts from the city utility as they deliver presentations on Tucson's water sources, drought preparation and water quality.... Read more»

Arizona’s long-term water future: Balancing growth and drought

Residents of the Sun Corridor stretching through Phoenix and Tucson turn on faucets, water lawns and fill swimming pools without any doubt that the state's most precious resource will be there. But are Arizonans ready for the conversations required to keep water flowing? ... Read more»

The 6 most surprising ways the U.S. gov't is spending your taxes

You paid $81.50 toward America's nuclear weapons last year. ... Read more»

Nevada, Arizona officials hold informal Interstate 11 meeting

Supporters of the proposed Interstate 11 met Wednesday in Washington where they expressed optimism about the future of the long-discussed highway that could link Phoenix and Las Vegas – and possibly beyond.... Read more»1

And 'Rio Nuevo' stayed its name-o

After spending $6,000 to hold a contest to solicit new names, Tucson's downtown development district stuck with the familiar Tuesday. The board of the taxing district voted to keep the moniker "Rio Nuevo," deciding against a name change.... Read more»2

AAA Az urges lawmakers to focus on distracted drivers

Pointing to an advocacy group's report listing Arizona among states falling behind in addressing distracted driving, rules for novice drivers and protecting occupants of vehicles, AAA Arizona is calling on state lawmakers to strengthen traffic-safety laws.... Read more»

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