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Man dies after stepping in front of Downtown train

An adult man who walked in front of a train on the Union Pacific tracks in Tucson was declared dead at the scene Thursday afternoon, authorities said.... Read more»

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Report road hazards, graffiti & other issues

Is your drive home less than smooth? Use our mapping tool from SeeClickFix to report everything from potholes and graffiti to broken streetlights and overgrown weeds and keep watch over your neighborhood... Read more»

Update: Blowing dust detours Interstate 10 in SE Az; crashes reported

Interstate 10 in southeastern Arizona, between U.S. 191 and the New Mexico border, was closed Thursday afternoon due to blowing dust. At least three multi-vehicle crashes were reported, involving more than a dozen cars, including a semi-trailer, a DPS patrol vehicle, and a San Simon fire truck. Minor injuries were reported.... Read more»

I-10 eastbound opens after dust storm

Interstate 10 between U.S. 191 and the New Mexico border has reopened on the eastbound side after being closed due to blowing dust. The westbound lanes remained shut at San Simon following a crash, officials said. ... Read more»

Delayed: Final paving on I-10 between Tucson and Benson

As the final paving work on a 17-miles stretch of Interstate 10 rolls out over the next five weeks, drivers should be aware that trips between Tucson and Benson could take a bit longer than normal. Monday, officials announced that work would be pushed back until warmer temperatures arrive.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Pay tribute to Gowan's water entitlements

Let's talk water rights and water entitlement. Few cases better illustrate how the Legislature has looked out for the "little guy" over the last quarter-century. Water security is key to the future of Sierra Vista — not to mention Ft. Huachuca — but Tribute's developers see it as a just bump on their road to fortune.... Read more»1

Goldwater launches suit vs. Pima County balloon deal; officials mum

A rightwing lobbying group has sued Pima County over its backing of the high-altitude technology firm World View. Although officials had blasted back a week before when the Goldwater Institute floated the prospect of suing, the county maintained radio silence after the filing.... Read more»


Hunting: Az ranks 40th in federal regulatory burden

Other than complaining about our taxes, there’s hardly anything more American than grumbling about oppressive regulations. A generation of politicians have made careers of campaigning against “job-killing federal regulations.” But how onerous are these rules, really?... Read more»

Bridge project will mean another 67-mile I-10 detour

Travelers headed to Tucson from points east will be in for a long drive next Wednesday night, as westbound I-10 lanes will be closed overnight while crews place concrete for the deck of a new bridge at Davidson Canyon, between Tucson and Benson. Drivers will be detoured 67 miles around the closure.... Read more»

Officials tell Congress infrastructure upgrades needed to keep water safe, reliable

The president of a Phoenix-based water company joined other officials from around the country to tell a Senate panel Thursday that the nation’s aging infrastructure needs help if Americans want a reliable, safe source of water.... Read more»

Airline performance was up, but so were passenger complaints in 2015

Airline passengers got slightly better service last year – but they weren’t happy about it. The 2016 Airline Quality Rating said domestic carriers did a slightly better job with on-time performance, baggage handling and denied boardings in 2015, up from a down year in 2014.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Balloon payment: County foray into space as dubious as it is inspired

The idea of Pima County Supervisors rocketing into the space biz provides guffaws that write themselves. However, manned spaceflight has been turned over to the private sector and I'll tell you the folks at the Kennedy Space Center weren't laughing at World View. They were eager to rip World View from Tucson and relocate it on the shores of Cape Canaveral. The county's move to keep the company here has been met with hostility, derision and legal threats. I concur and completely disagree. ... Read more»2

Census: State added 100K residents in 2015

Arizona’s population grew by nearly 100,000 in 2015, driven largely by growth in Maricopa County which saw the second-largest increase among counties in the nation, according to new Census Bureau estimates.... Read more»

Court restores claim that Yuma rejected housing plan for racial reasons

A federal appeals court Friday reinstated a developer’s lawsuit that charged Yuma city officials with rejecting a housing plan because white neighbors feared it would attract Hispanic residents.... Read more»

Phx firm sued over alleged real estate scam targeting Spanish speakers

The Arizona Attorney General’s office has filed a consumer fraud and civil racketeering lawsuit alleging a ProSolutions, a Phoenix based company preyed on Spanish-speaking families who believed they were buying or refinancing a home.... Read more»

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