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Texas activists want action on immigration issues

While Texas activists push Democrats to go softer on immigrants in local jails, conservatives are pressing Gov. Greg Abbott to act now on reforms targeting "sanctuary" policies in cities and counties. ... Read more»

Lawsuit aims to prevent licensing of Texas immigration detention centers

A watchdog group is suing the state agency charged with protecting the most vulnerable Texans, alleging the department fast-tracked a policy change that might help the federal government convince a federal judge to reverse her order shutting down two immigration detention centers in Texas.... Read more»

Texas kicks Planned Parenthood out of Medicaid program

Texas health officials say they are kicking Planned Parenthood out of the state Medicaid program entirely over what they called "acts of misconduct" revealed in undercover videos filmed earlier this year.... Read more»


Judge denies emergency fix in Tx birth certificate case

A federal district judge Friday declined to order Texas officials to institute a temporary fix so children of undocumented immigrants born in the United States can get their birth certificates while a lawsuit filed by their parents is being tried. ... Read more»

Federal judge presses state of Texas on birth certificate denials

A federal judge on Friday repeatedly asked an attorney for the state of Texas if denying birth certificates to dozens of U.S.-citizen children is an appropriate response to a problem whose scope is still unknown.... Read more»

Texas student arrested for homemade clock likely to transfer schools

A Texas teenager whose arrest for bringing a homemade clock to school drew a national outcry, said Wednesday that he would probably be transferring schools. ... Read more»

Union chief: Send 5,000 more Border Patrol agents

More boots on the ground and fewer supervisors to oversee them: That’s what the head of the United States Border Patrol union told a congressional committee is needed for the understaffed and outgunned federal agency grappling with the threat that violence south of the Rio Grande will spread north.... Read more»

Nationalist group wants Texas secession on primary ballot

Texas already seceded once — in 1861. But the Texas Nationalist Movement wants a repeat a century and a half later, and thinks the March GOP primary is the place to start. ... Read more»

Analysis: A new, dimmer era for Rick Perry

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry will be the first to tell you that he had no business running for president four years ago. He wasn’t in good health, wasn’t prepared, wasn’t up to the job. It was supposed to be different this time. But voters have concluded that Rick Perry, God love him, is not presidential material.... Read more»

Rick Perry suspends presidential campaign

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Friday suspended his bid for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, facing dwindling resources, bare bones staff and a staggeringly low position in the polls. ... Read more»

Border toll roads face enforcement issues

As El Paso prepares to open new toll roads, officials' inability to mail bills to Mexican drivers means only U.S.drivers will be required to pay.... Read more»

Cubans flood Texas ports after thaw in relations

If current trends hold, the port of Laredo is on pace to welcome about 60 percent more Cubans than it did last fiscal year. Why the exodus when the island-nation is on the verge of reestablishing ties with the U.S.? ... Read more»

Texas bullet train moving ahead despite obstacles

The private firm hoping to build a high-speed rail line between Dallas and Houston has been celebrating a summer of successes. But three years after Texas Central Partners first revealed its ambitious venture, challenges remain.... Read more»

Detained immigrants face challenges despite ruling

Two weeks after a federal judge ordered that the majority of women and children being held in Texas immigration detention centers be released, attorneys said they are making moderate progress in securing their clients’ freedom. But they also claim the government hasn’t established clear criterion spelling out who gets released and when.... Read more»

Federal judge will hear Texas birth certificate case next month

A coalition of undocumented immigrants whose U.S. citizen children have been denied birth certificates in Texas will have their case heard in federal court early next month. ... Read more»

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