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Tucson & Southern Arizona

Live weather radar

Live weather radar for Tucson and the rest of Southern Arizona from the National Weather Service.... Read more»

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Unwary gamers sign over souls in online contract

Before you sign one of those "terms and conditions" forms, you might want to actually read it; otherwise you could lose your soul.... Read more»

Analysis: Age of loose nukes

Securing loose nuclear material at top of Obama's agenda

The 47-nation conference that ended this week was a unique effort to spotlight what has become the most dangerous prospect the world faces, the summation of all terrors. Securing the world's loose nuclear material is rising to the top of Obama's agenda.... Read more»

Teaching Twitter in Havana

As an educational institution, Cuba’s Blogger Academy suffers from a few notable deficiencies. It doesn’t grant an accredited degree, its single, cramped classroom isn’t hooked up to the internet. Then there’s the possibility that the next knock on the door might be the police.... Read more»

HHS report shows increase in hospital-acquired infections

The Health and Human Services department's 2009 quality report to Congress found "very little progress" on eliminating hospital-acquired infections and called for "urgent attention" to address the shortcomings – first brought to light a decade ago.... Read more»

Nuclear proliferation

Nuke summit a historic gathering

The threat is the stuff of Hollywood thrillers, but the work of keeping nukes out of the hands of terrorists is not so exciting. President Barack Obama hoped to rectify the imbalance by hosting a historic summit of foreign leaders. Can 47 world leaders keep nuclear material out of the hands of terrorists? ... Read more»

Teen files charges against Mom for Facebook posts

A 16-year-old Arkansas boy has charged his mother with harassment after she posted some items on his account, then changed his password so he couldn't get back in.... Read more»

Onion: UA study shows shoving, yelling makes things go 76% faster

Researchers at the University of Arizona released a study Monday showing a causal relationship between raising one's voice, pushing people in the chest, and getting what you want more quickly, the Onion reports. ... Read more»

Pictures of sick people can boost your immune system

Drop the echinachea. If you don't want to get sick, just look at the photo with this story.... Read more»

Downtown Tucson

Cadaver exhibit aims to bring life to downtown Tucson

One of the next prominent signs of life in the ongoing revitalization of downtown Tucson may be a public exhibition of 160 specimens of cadavers and body parts.... Read more»3

Young men who smoke have lower IQs, study finds

A new study has found that young men who smoke are likely to have lower IQs than those who don't.... Read more»1

Comic: Annabel's book

Literacy in the age of iPad

Is the iPad the end of print? Or the savior of formerly printed "content"? ... Read more»

Magnets can affect our morality

Stay away from magnets if you get picked for jury duty. It could affect how you view the defendant.... Read more»1


iPad mania: Start spreadin' the news

The iPad is here! The iPad is here! The iPad is here! The iPad is here! The iPad is here! The iPad is here! The iPad is here! The iPad is here! The iPad is here! [yawn]... Read more»

Nuclear program

Will sanctions work on Iran this time around?

Having failed to talk Iran out of its nuclear program the Obama administration has ramped up efforts to get the Security Council to endorse a new round of sanctions. ... Read more»

Comic: Not the moon

To drivability and beyond!

U.S. regulators have asked NASA to help investigate the possible origins of the sudden unintended acceleration problem in Toyota cars. The agency put their best man on it.... Read more»

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