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Tucson & Southern Arizona

Live weather radar

Live weather radar for Tucson and the rest of Southern Arizona from the National Weather Service.... Read more»

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Fatty foods can be as addictive as cocaine

Yes, it's possible that you can be addicted to junk food.... Read more»

Iran enters space, rockets at the ready

A mouse, two turtles and a bunch of worms may not sound like much of a threat compared to centrifuges that are working overtime to produce weapons-grade uranium. But the critters are representative of another track in Tehran's effort to build its military into a force to be reckoned with.... Read more»


Study: Corn syrup - even at lower levels - more damaging than sugar

High-fructose corn syrup results in more weight gain than regular sugar, even at much lower levels, according to a new study by Princeton University. ... Read more»3

Play dates

Gaming with girls? Yep, if you're willing to pay

Sick of playing online games with a bunch of dudes? Now you can play with an attractive girl – for a fee.... Read more»

Mafia suspect nabbed via Facebook

Italian police used a suspect's excessive use of Facebook to track down one of the country's most-wanted mafia bosses.... Read more»

Google departs China: the view from Beijing

Google has finally made its move, shifting searches from China to Hong Kong more than two months after threatening to quit China over hacking and censorship. ... Read more»

Brits to get personal web pages for all government tasks

Every person in England will soon have their own web page in an effort to cut government spending.... Read more»

59% say build 'virtual fence' on border

Despite this week's halt to funding for the project, 59% of Americans say the government should continue to build a "virtual fence" on the U.S.-Mexico border. 72% say the military should be stationed at the border.... Read more»1

Dog DNA helps British police get murder conviction

A gang member convicted of murdering a rival became the first person to be convicted using dog DNA.... Read more»

Life found beneath Antarctic ice sheet

Scientists have found life 600 feet beneath an Antarctic ice sheet, questioning assumptions about life in the universe.... Read more»

Sunset Magazine calls Tucson a 'town of the future'

Tucson's "innovative building" has helped the city make Sunset Magazine's list of 20 towns of the future.... Read more»


Despite warnings, Mexico continues using explosives scanner

The Mexican government will continue to use a hand-held device to uncover drugs and explosives, despite warnings it doesn't work.... Read more»

Technology could ID terrorists by a nose

Security experts, already able to identify you by your fingerprints and eyes, could soon be scanning your nose to see whether you're a terrorist.... Read more»

Comic: Kimjongilia

Kim Jong-il is 'pissed off'

Do trade sanctions work against rogue regimes? Many experts say no, but new evidence out of North Korea appears to support their use.... Read more»

Social networking

Classmates.com settles suit over fake emails

Classmates.com could pay up to $9.5 million to subscribers to settle a lawsuit that accused the social network sending fake emails from former classmates in an effort to get more subscribers.... Read more»

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