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FactCheck: Trump’s false claims about Rep. Ilhan Omar

President Donald Trump accused Rep. Ilhan Omar of professing a “love” for al Qaeda and talking about “how great” and “how wonderful” al Qaeda is. That is false.... Read more»

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Health care debate

Corporations already claiming pain from health care reform

A week after the health overhaul cleared Congress, a business lobby that opposed the plan is now regrouping to shape its implementation and exact political retribution on supporters.... Read more»

Election 2010

'Daily Show' looks at McCain/Palin reunion

"Daily Show" host Jon Stewart had an observation or two about the recent (apparent) rapprochement between John McCain and Sarah Palin.... Read more»1

Bill would make jobless full-time students eligible for unemployment

With so many people working and going to school full-time, it's difficult to see why anyone in this position would be disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits, a state lawmaker says.... Read more»

Laws on service member funeral arrangements unclear

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Phoenix, wants state law to clarify who makes final decisions about what's done with remains of service members who die on active duty, saying that confusion can lead to lawsuits.... Read more»

Comic: Not the moon

To drivability and beyond!

U.S. regulators have asked NASA to help investigate the possible origins of the sudden unintended acceleration problem in Toyota cars. The agency put their best man on it.... Read more»

PR firm behind propaganda videos wins stimulus contract

A PR firm chosen to win consumer trust on medical records privacy was hip-deep in controversy a few years ago for producing a series of fake TV news stories that violated a federal ban on propaganda. ... Read more»

N.C councilman offers naming rights of his twins to Google

A Raleigh, N.C., city council member has promised to name his children after the founders of Google if the company will provide the city with high-speed internet.... Read more»

Iran enters space, rockets at the ready

A mouse, two turtles and a bunch of worms may not sound like much of a threat compared to centrifuges that are working overtime to produce weapons-grade uranium. But the critters are representative of another track in Tehran's effort to build its military into a force to be reckoned with.... Read more»

Activists push immigration reform

Immigration reformers have been itching for Congress to finish the health-care overhaul and finally begin the debate about fixing the nation's broken immigration system. "We have to end the suffering of all these individuals and families and allow equal access to health and education for millions."... Read more»


'Dumping ground' for immigration detainees

Picture, if you will, a Twilight Zone episode in which foreigners are stripped of their mental capacities and thrust into a government-sanctioned delusional purgatory. But this is no Hollywood script. Every one of these stories is true.... Read more»

Health care debate

Polls show Dems face uphill climb in selling health votes to electorate

A USA Today/Gallup Poll "shows an uphill selling job ahead for President Obama and congressional Democrats to convince most Americans that the health care overhaul passed last week will help them and their families."... Read more»

Comic: Entertainment

Poll: Republicans more likely to have insurance, strip club VIP cards

No word on whether or not Sarah Palin was in the cage, and Michael Steele says he wasn't there. Pretty much a non-story, then.... Read more»

On the records: Census gets interactive

The U.S. Census Bureau recently launched an interactive map that makes it easy to track participation in the decennial count of households. The map application, which relies on the Google Maps API, visualizes the participation rates by color — orange for higher rates, and blue for lower rates.... Read more»1

U.S. subways still vulnerable to terrorism

Terrorists have repeatedly made transit systems a target of attacks. But the fortification of U.S. subways remains an open question. Despite more than $1 billion spent, U.S. subway systems are only now starting to address threats that have been known for years.... Read more»

Moscovites familiar with terror

Two female suicide bombers blew themselves up inside the Moscow metro at the start of rush hour Monday morning, killing at least 39 people and injuring dozens more. ... Read more»

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