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Sources: Bonnie Allin 'fired' as Tucson airport chief

Bonnie Allin, the CEO of the Tucson Airport Authority for 17 years, is out after a hastily called TAA board meeting today, in what sources characterized as a "firing."... Read more»2

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Border & immigration

Many immigrants overstay visas after entering legally

While the term illegal immigrant often evokes images of people eluding authorities at the border, a large share of undocumented workers in the U.S. arrived with visas and stayed.... Read more»

Afghanistan war

Peace Jirga hangs in balance of Karzai-Obama visit

As Afghan President Karzai goes off to Washington for what promises to be a cordial meeting with his U.S. counterpart, he will be closely watched by his countrymen, who are expecting him to bring home major concessions.... Read more»

Immigration SB1070

McCain's graduation speech draws protest

About 75 people protested Arizona's new immigration law in an Ohio town where John McCain gave the commencement address at Ohio Wesleyan University.... Read more»

Health care reform

Some could lose insurance benefits because of 'grandfather clause'

Millions of people could end up losing some benefits of the new health law because of the interpretation of "grandfathered." ... Read more»

Australian smokers get a rude shock

Australia's smokers will be finding it even tougher to light up after a raft of tough new government legislation further tightened the country's already stringent restrictions on smoking.... Read more»


Peace talks resume as Hamas rebuilds popularity and weapons

Indirect talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority were set to resume this week, as Mideast envoy George Mitchell prepared for yet another round of shuttle diplomacy intended to revive the peace process.... Read more»

Russia's Victory Day parade bolsters nationalism

In a country with no unifying ideology beyond WWII victory, parade honors history while overlooking tensions of today... Read more»

Analysis: Times Square bomb attempt

What motivates a terrorist?

Was Faisal Shahzad radicalized solely in Waziristan's training camps? Or were the seeds of his radicalization planted here in the United States?... Read more»1

Feds may sue Arizona over immigration law

Attorney General Eric Holder said Sunday that the Justice Department is considering suing Arizona over its new immigration law.... Read more»1

Alliance for Community Media

Media conference joins boycott of Az

The Alliance for Community Media is seeking to move its 2011 conference from Tucson in response to SB 1070.... Read more»

Johnson & Johnson investigated after kids' Tylenol recall

A House committee is looking at Johnson & Johnson after the company announced a recall of children's medicines.... Read more»

Hairdressers respond to 'fashion emergency' after Chile quake

In the Chilean town of Curepto, all is void and emptiness. The picturesque rural town was flattened by the 8.8-earthquake in February and almost all its stores are still closed — including its two beauty parlors.... Read more»

Border & immigration

La Raza, other Hispanic groups boycott over Arizona's SB 1070

Several Hispanic groups have organized a boycott of Arizona because of the state's new immigration law.... Read more»2

UA feeling effect of Arizona's new immigration law

Passage of SB1070, the state law that requires local police to enforce federal immigration law, has not yet gone into effect but its reach is already being felt at the University of Arizona.... Read more»

Report: Fixes for broken unemployment insurance system

Some 33 states - including Arizona - have run out of money to pay benefits and have been forced to borrow nearly $38 billion from the federal government just to keep benefits flowing. Those financial difficulties are also taking a human toll as states scramble to replenish their funds.... Read more»

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