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McSally at border in Nogales: 'No opportunity to vote yet' on gov't shutdown

Newly minted Sen. Martha McSally met with border agents in Nogales on Tuesday. "I'm for funding the government, I'm not for shutting down the government," she said. Federal courts handling immigration cases in Arizona are set to run out of money at the end of the week. ... Read more»

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Troops wonder what McChrystal was thinking

Soldiers knew more than anyone else what damage had been done when news broke that their commander, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the commander of the U.S.-led international force's 140,000 troops in Afghanistan, had criticized his commander in chief in an inflammatory Rolling Stone article.... Read more»

Attorney General candidate debate videos: Democrats & Republicans

Democratic attorney general hopefuls David Lujan, Vince Rabago and Felecia Rotellini squared off in a Clean Elections debate Wednesday. Republicans Tom Horne and Andrew Thomas debated Tuesday. Watch videos of both debates.... Read more»

Guest opinion

SB 1070: Outraged artists should speak out in Arizona, not boycott

Guest Opinion: An open letter to artists boycotting Arizona: By not performing in Arizona, artists are harming the very people and places that foster free speech and the open exchange of ideas that serve to counter the closed-mindedness recently displayed by the new law.... Read more»4

Australia dumps its leader for a redhead

Australia's vigorous political climate turned into bloodthirsty this week when, in a stunning upset, deputy prime minister Julia Gillard displaced her boss, Kevin Rudd, from the party leadership — and thus, his elected office.... Read more»

Election 2010

Hayworth: Infomercial was a 'mistake'

J.D. Hayworth says he regrets making a 2007 infomercial for "free" government grant seminars that critics have described as shady.... Read more»

Democratic Senate debates set; Glassman agrees to 2 of 3

The candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate have agreed to a series of primary debates around the state. John Dougherty, Randy Parraz and Cathy Eden have agreed to participate in the debates, while Rodney Glassman will appear in two.... Read more»

McChrystal's ouster: The view from Kabul

A day after Gen. Stanley McChrystal's resignation, the profound challenges the U.S. and its allies face remain and some are brought more sharply into relief by the surprising turn of events, particularly the deep divisions within the administration of President Obama.... Read more»

Analysis: How Petraeus will change the Afghan war

President Obama’s decision to call upon General David Petraeus to take the helm as the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan looks like a political and strategic stroke of brilliance. It is history in the making. But it is also history that will ultimately be the judge of this dramatic and surprising decision... Read more»

Jan Lesher taking over Goddard campaign

Tucsonan Jan Lesher will take over Democrat Terry Goddard's campaign for governor beginning in July.... Read more»

House at war: Saudis struggle to reclaim Islam

The ruling House of Saud is struggling to reclaim key tenets of the Islamic faith from Al Qaeda. ... Read more»

46% of Democrats undecided on Senate candidate

46 percent of likely voters in Arizona's Democratic primary haven't made up their minds on a candidate yet, according to a new poll.... Read more»

Border crime

Cartel lookouts in U.S. to monitor Southern Az law enforcement

Mexican drug cartels have set up lookout points in Southern Arizona in an effort to monitor law enforcement along the border, Fox News Reports.... Read more»

Researchers study how Gulf oil spill will affect human health

Medical researchers are this week meeting in New Orleans to discuss how the major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico will affect human health.... Read more»

Border Roundup: SB 1070 debate not cooling off

In the last few days the SB 1070 debate has continued to evolve, including a possible federal lawsuit against the controversial law. In addition, there were shootings on the Arizona/Sonora border and members of the Texas Legislature are proposing the use of microwave weaponry on the border.... Read more»


U.K. economy: Time for the thin upper lip

At half past twelve, Britain's 39-year-old chancellor of the Exchequer rose from his place and ushered in a new era of austerity in British life. Cut spending, raise taxes. Can it make a difference?... Read more»

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