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What the Devil won't tell you

Pima County impasse over sales tax for roads a result of Dem gerrymandering

Five votes can not be found among Pima supervisors to raise taxes to fix roads because two of those seats only answer to Republican voters. Democrats saw to that. Strict party-line votes are the result of drawing boundaries to protect incumbents.... Read more»

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Florida senate approves new abortion restrictions

A controversial bill that would require women to undergo ultrasounds before they can have abortions received final approval in the Senate late Thursday, setting up an epic struggle in the House on Friday, the last day of the session.... Read more»

Election 2010

Poll: Brewer wins in primary, unless Arpaio runs

Gov. Jan Brewer, in the wake of signing a controversial immigration law, now leads in a Republican primary, unless she's running against Sheriff Joe Arpaio. ... Read more»

Former head of UN nuclear agency says sanctions in Iran will fail

Mohamed ElBaradei, former head of the United Nations nuclear watchdog agency, believes it is likely the international community will move to impose tougher sanctions on Iran, but is just as convinced that sanctions will fail.... Read more»


Vogt juggles law school and lawmaking in hectic session

Rep. Ted Vogt is a Tucson Republican and the new kid on the block. He was appointed to the legislature in the middle of the session. In the meantime, he's trying to keep up on his readings for law school — he's in his final semester at the UA.... Read more»


Arizona lawmakers OK changes to tough immigration law

Arizona lawmakers have approved several changes to the recently passed sweeping law targeting illegal immigration.... Read more»

Comic: British election

Prime Minister Gordon Brown puts his foot in it

Gordon Brown may be competent, but most elections are decided not on competence, or the expectation of it, but by appearances, i.e. false bonhomie and good hair.... Read more»


35 years after the fall of Saigon, what have we learned?

The effort to make over others in America's image will seldom be accomplished by force, and usually ends in tears.... Read more»


Immigration sound and fury in Congress doesn't signify much

In a repeat of national immigration debates in 2006, hard-line partisanship now coursing through Congress and the upcoming mid-term elections leave precious little room for compromise, raising the specter that reform efforts will again produce more noise than results.... Read more»

Space shuttle

Obama's NASA plan could benefit Southern Arizona

The Obama administration’s new direction for NASA's human spaceflight program should be a modest benefit to Tucson’s aerospace community in the short term, but could be a major boost should its admittedly vague long-term goals pan out.... Read more»1

Immigration SB 1070

Shelton: Honor students avoiding UA because of immigration law

Honor students are staying away from the University of Arizona in the wake of the state's new immigration law, according to a memo from President Robert Shelton. ... Read more»

SB 1070

Tucson cop files federal suit against Az immigration law

A Tucson police officer has filed a lawsuit challenging Arizona's new immigration law, claiming there's no 'race neutral' way to enforce a law that violates numerous constitutional rights.... Read more»

Election 2010: Senate

McCain trails with conservatives, commanding lead with moderates in GOP primary race

Sen. John McCain trails among conservatives voters, but his lead with moderates may still carry him to a primary victory over former Congressman J.D. Hayworth, according to survey.... Read more»1

Srebrenica massacre

U.S., Bosnia catch up on war criminal prosecutions

A former Boston resident who took part in the mass execution of 1,200 Bosnian civilians in the worst war crime in Europe since World War II was deported from the U.S. and arrested by Bosnian police on arrival in Sarajevo.... Read more»

British election

Who would replace gaffe-prone Gordon Brown?

Of all the obstacles to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's efforts to get his Labour Party re-elected next month, the biggest emerged with emphatic certainty this week: Brown himself.... Read more»

Moody's downgrade

Why financial markets won't give Greece a break

It's hard not to feel sorry for Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou. For months, the financial markets have spat on his efforts to enact dramatic enough austerity measures to begin bringing his country's enormous deficit and debt under control.... Read more»

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