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LaWall campaign's use of TUSD print shop may cross legal lines

Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall has for years paid the TUSD print shop to produce election materials — a practice that may be barred by state law, and that the school district said would be halted after TucsonSentinel.com pointed it out.... Read more»

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Guest opinion

Grijalva: Cancel sequester, close tax loopholes with Balancing Act

The massive federal budget cuts that will start Friday as part of the "sequester" will damage our economic recovery and mean fewer services here in Southern Arizona. Strip away the conservative economic theories and party-line rhetoric and that's the reality we're facing. ... Read more»

Mesa mayor says lifting bonds’ tax-exempt status could hurt cities

While much of Washington is focused on the impact of Friday’s “sequestration” cuts, Mesa Mayor Scott Smith is worried that a proposed solution to that problem could end up seriously hurting cities.... Read more»

D.C. rally demands voting-rights protection in states like Az

Hundreds gathered on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday to rally in support of a federal voter-protection law that governs mostly Southern states with a history of discrimination, including Arizona.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Why does health care cost so much?

Shouldn't the focus in health care policy be aimed at understanding why health care costs so much? Wouldn't the answer determine the right policies to pursue? If we bring down costs, wouldn't many of our concerns about the cost of care and access to insurance be addressed? ... Read more»

Tucson lawyer tells senators assault-weapons ban is misguided

Tucson lawyer David Hardy told a Senate committee that limiting semiautomatic weapons would be a misguided response to mass shootings that have sparked renewed calls for gun control. Others at the often-contentious hearing said something must be done. ... Read more»


Hagel sworn in, now the hard part begins

Analysis: Chuck Hagel is now secretary of defense, but with a world of trouble awaiting him, he may wonder whether he really wants the job. ... Read more»

US Airways official repeats assurances about Phx jobs after merger

A US Airways executive repeated assurances in Washington on Tuesday that the company plans to maintain a significant corporate presence in Phoenix after its proposed merger with Texas-based American Airlines.... Read more»

Benedict XVI: Text of farewell address

The full text of Benedict XVI's final address before he steps down from the Holy See: "'Always' is also 'forever'--there is no return to private life. My decision to renounce the active exercise of the ministry does not revoke this. I am not returning to private life .... I no longer bear the power of the office for the governance of the Church, but I remain in the service of prayer, within St. Peter's paddock."... Read more»

Report: Az's smaller defense firms face sequester cuts

Smaller companies with contracts to supply products and services to Arizona’s top-tier aerospace and defense companies face the greatest threat if sequestration cuts take effect, according to a report released Tuesday.... Read more»

Pope says he resigned for 'good of the church' in farewell address

Outgoing Pope Benedict XVI addressed a crowd of tens of thousands at St. Peters Square in Rome on Wednesday, in an emotional farewell in which the pontiff claimed that he had resigned while "keeping the good of the church in mind."... Read more»


How thoughtful

When it comes to debt, count on politicians to "think of the children."... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Study confirms Mediterranean diet is best

An interview with Victoria Maizes, M.D., executive director of the University of Arizona-based Center for Integrative Medicine. Plus, a conversation with University of Arizona Regents Law Professor and water expert Dr. Robert Glennon, and Tom Collier, Buckmaster consumer affairs contributor.... Read more»

Raytheon dodges $17 million overbilling claim

Raytheon Missile Systems escaped a multimillion-dollar claim that it overbilled the Pentagon for remanufacturing Tomahawk missiles when a federal appeals board rejected government arguments that would have extended a statute of limitations. ... Read more»

Saguaro Nat'l Park has $22 million economic impact

Visitors to Saguaro National Park spend $21.9 million yearly in communities near the Southern Arizona park, a government report said.... Read more»

Proposed sequel to film tax credits faces uncertain future

A bill that would revive Arizona's tax credits for film, TV and commercial production is stalled in the state Legislature.... Read more»

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