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How far are we from making Dr. King’s dream a reality?

We will only realize Dr. King’s vision when every American has the chance to find a well-paying job, get health care when they get sick, and receive a quality education. The following numbers show how much work remains.... Read more»

Punishment for coordination between candidates, PACs rare

There is no established fine for offenders of rules against coordination of PACs and candidates. It is up to the six-member FEC — split evenly between Republicans and Democrats — to decide on punishment, and punishment is rare.... Read more»

Miguel Sacal latest symbol of Mexico's wealth gap

The video of a wealthy Mexican man beating an employee for not doing what he wanted has reignited debate over the wealth gap in Latin America’s second-biggest economy.... Read more»

BP agents seize 1,440 lbs of pot

Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents seized 1,440 pounds of abandoned marijuana worth $720,000 in separate incidents Thursday.... Read more»1

Lawmaker: Better disclosure needed on rural homes’ water supplies

In the growing rural areas of Arizona, many home buyers learn too late that they aren’t assured an adequate supply of water, a state lawmaker contends.... Read more»

Humane Society warns about dog treats made in China

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona is reminding dog owners to be cautious with the treats they feed their canine companions after a dog died in Ohio after eating treats made in China.... Read more»

Sion Power

German chemical giant invests $50 million in Tucson battery maker

A German chemical company has invested $50 million in Tucson-based Sion Power Corp., a manufacturer of lithium-sulfur batteries.... Read more»

Poll: Mormons feel misunderstood by Americans

In the latest poll taken by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, 1,000 Mormons answered questions about their faith and on the overall said they felt uneasy in the spotlight and misunderstood by Americans in the mainstream.... Read more»1

Lawmakers’ video helps kids understand government

Leaders of today are reaching out to potential leaders of tomorrow with a DVD explaining to kids how Arizona’s government works. The two-hour video, timed with the state’s centennial, features state lawmakers, Gov. Jan Brewer, former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and others.... Read more»

Medical marijuana

Brewer: No MMJ suit, process dispensary applications

Rolling up the idea of suing the federal government over Arizona’s medical marijuana laws, Gov. Jan Brewer said Friday she is directing the state health department to begin processing applications for dispensaries.... Read more»

Los Zetas, Mexico's cartel army, are drug war's scourge

Many in Mexico’s federal police and army consider the Zetas to be the biggest problem in the drug war. They have launched a sustained campaign against them, resulting in hundreds of deaths and thousands of arrests in recent months, but despite the onslaught, the Zetas keep coming back.... Read more»

Az's Senate Democratic leader offers plan to bar racial profiling

Taking a swipe at Arizona’s controversial law on illegal immigration, the state Senate’s top Democrat wants to ban racial profiling by law enforcement.... Read more»

Az schools get C- in national report

Arizona schools were ranked in the bottom 10 states in a national report Thursday that gave the state a below-average grade in student achievement, teacher requirements and state spending, among other areas.... Read more»

Kids hope to launch paper planes into history

Children will have the chance to compete Saturday to see whose paper airplane will fly the farthest and stay aloft the longest in the hopes of gaining a spot on a team building a paper plane to challenge the Guinness World Record.... Read more»1

Farley wants license-plate shields banned

State Rep. Steve Farley, D-Tucson, is renewing a push to ban license plate coverings that thwart photo enforcement cameras, saying the products endanger the public and law-breakers alike.... Read more»3

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