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American trees take over Mexico's Christmas

U.S. and Canadian Christmas trees have flooded into Mexico in recent years, along with increased North American trade in everything from avocados to artisan liquor.... Read more»1

Nov. jobless rate down in 43 states

The unemployment rate declined in 43 states in November, the U.S. Labor Department announced Wednesday.... Read more»1

UA snuffing out cigarettes at hospitals

The University of Arizona’s network of hospitals an clinics is going completely smoke-free — outdoors as well as inside — beginning Jan. 1.... Read more»2

Illegal immigrant gets nearly 7 years in prison

A 30-year-old Mexican man was sentenced Friday to nearly seven years in prison for illegally entering the country... Read more»

Tea Party ‘super PAC’ going after Sen. Orrin Hatch

An outside spending group affiliated with the conservative Tea Party movement is targeting long-time Utah Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch in 2012 for not being conservative enough.... Read more»


A historian’s perspective on Gingrich & Lincoln

Newt Gingrich wrongly claimed the Dred Scott decision “ruled that slavery extended to the whole country…” It did not. The ruling stated that Congress had no authority to ban slavery in new territories, but it stopped short of applying the ruling to all states.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: National and local crime rates continue to fall

Today on Buckmaster - We’ve got a newsmaker interview Pinal County Attorney Jim Walsh. Then, Certified Financial Planner Shelly Fishman has the Tuesday Money Maker Report. Also, ways to combat holiday depression especially among older Southern Arizona residents. Plus, Buckmaster Show Consumer Affairs Contributor Tom Collier has consumer tips on last minute Christmas shopping and a new twist on credit card credit limits.... Read more»


'Not in my kitchen' is easier said than done

The controversial chemical bisphenol A was not on my radar screen back in 2008, when I ordered an electric food steamer online. Not so fun were the stories I started reading soon after, questioning the safety of polycarbonate in food applications, because that plastic contains BPA.... Read more»

More choppers, planes to patrol border as Guard pulls back

The Defense Department will send more helicopters and airplanes to keep watch over the U.S.-Mexico border next year, as the number of National Guard troops working with the Border Patrol is reduced.... Read more»

Senate finds most 'trapped' offshore income already in U.S.

A select group of U.S. multinational corporations have been furiously lobbying for a tax holiday, they say, to bring more than a trillion dollars in so-called “trapped” foreign earnings back home. But a Senate report released last week shows the money is anything but trapped.... Read more»

Sweating bullets: Body scanners see perspiration as potential weapon

While X-ray body scanners used in airports face concerns about potentially increasing cancer cases, a safer type of scanner has been plagued by another problem: a high rate of false alarms. France and Germany have decided to forgo using the scanners because of false alarms triggered by folds in clothing, buttons and even sweat.... Read more»

Meet the pilots who fly America's drones

It is not at all, participants say, like waging war by Wii. Almost everyone involved with unmanned aerial systems winces when they hear their vehicles called “drones.”... Read more»

Pima College adds degrees to transfer program

Students in 16 more areas of study can transfer to ASU with guaranteed admission, a Pima Community College spokesman said Monday. PCC now offers its Transfer Admission Guarantee toward 27 ASU bachelor’s degrees.... Read more»

Cats, bunny survive fire; need new home for holidays

Three cats and a rabbit who survived a fire last week are looking for new homes for the holidays, after their family had to give them up when they had to find a new place to live. They’re available for adoption at the Humane Society.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Slow recovery predicted for housing market

Today on Buckmaster -It’s the Monday Political Face-off featuring Republican Bruce Ash and Pima County Democratic Party chair Jeff Rogers. Also, a newsmaker interview with Arizona State Rep. Vic Williams. Plus, a year-end update on the Tucson-area real estate scene from housing expert John Strobeck.... Read more»

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