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Midtown woman missing since March

Lacy D. Moreno was reported missing from her Midtown home around St. Patrick's Day, and police are asking the public if anyone has information on her disappearance. The missing woman is "possibly a danger to herself," a Tucson Police Department spokeswoman said.... Read more»

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Although a fugitive, accused Guatemalan war criminal hasn’t run far

Retired Col. César Adán Rosales Batres, a veteran of the elite Kaibil commandos of the Guatemalan Army, is a wanted war criminal and a fugitive with an Interpol warrant on his head. But according to recent information obtained by ProPublica, he hasn't run far. The ease with which he eludes capture shows the fight for justice remains difficult in Guatemala. ... Read more»


‘Zero Dark Thirty’ is right: Torture useless in finding Bin Laden

As "Zero Dark Thirty" rightly implies, the systematic use of enhanced interrogation techniques came at a steep moral cost while producing little to no valuable information in the hunt for Osama bin Laden. ... Read more»1

The latest myth about govt’s mishandling of housing market

No matter how many times people debunk the notion that government policy created the housing bubble, it doesn't die. Now, we are having another argument about whether the government is creating a new housing disaster for taxpayers. The target this time: the Federal Housing Administration.... Read more»

Is Venezuela harboring Hezbollah?

American conservatives warn of militant Islam's spread in Latin America. But their claims are hard to prove.... Read more»

Cold Pueblo: Hard freezes to threaten pipes, plants

Hard freezes this weekend will put plants and water pipes at risk. Tucson Water is advising checks of exposed plumbing, water pipes and especially backflow assemblies. The National Weather Service is warning of hard freezes overnight Friday-Monday, with temperatures as low as 23 degrees.... Read more»1

John C. Scott Show

J.C. Scott: A look at events surrounding Jan. 8th Anniversary

Tucsoncitizen.com administrator Mark B. Evans, Tucsonsentinel.com's Dylan Smith, state Sen. Linda Lopez and Tucson City Councilman Paul Cunningham reflect on the Jan. 8 anniversary and the political prospects for gun control.... Read more»

Az Dem: Double school resource officers, close gun show loophole

Rep. Chad Campbell, D-Phoenix, says spending $261 million to beef up school security, help at-risk students and address the needs of the mentally ill would help prevent gun violence in schools and communities. A House GOP spokesman calls the proposal "irrelevant." ... Read more»

Mexican gray wolf set for release in White Mtns

Federal officials say the release of an adult male Mexican gray wolf will help add genetic diversity to the population of dozens reintroduced to the mountains of eastern Arizona. Environmentalists, however, say it isn't enough to help the species thrive in the state. ... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Supes Chairman Valdadez outlines 2013 agenda

An interview with Ramon Valadez, chairman of the Pima County Board of Supervisors. Then, we talk with aging expert Beth Ernst, life enrichment manager at Splendido, plus Mia Hansen, U.S. coordinator of the National Danish Performance Team.... Read more»

Report: Panama Canal expansion will aid exports, not imports

A $5.5 billion infrastructure project under way in Central America will have far-reaching effects on Texas, but not in the way many had originally guessed. A report predicts that the project will do more for selling Texas goods to the rest of the world than the other way around, because of the long trip from Asia.... Read more»


Obama's clean energy progress

Despite congressional failure to pass essential legislation to reduce carbon pollution and establish a renewable electricity standard, during its first term the Obama administration successfully adopted policies to protect public health from air pollution, lower oil consumption, and create jobs.... Read more»

NRA to attend White House meetings on gun violence

The National Rifle Association is sending a representative to meet Biden, and the gun violence task force.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Is professional licensing the enemy of the good?

Clearly, changes are needed in the way we approach government licensing for professionals. First, Arizona should reciprocate professional licensing with all states as long as a professional can demonstrate good standing.... Read more»

Deputies: Missing Southwest Side woman found by TPD

A woman missing from her Southwest Side home since Tuesday afternoon was found just after 10 p.m. by Tucson police.... Read more»

Home builders lobby weakens drywall legislation

A bill heralded by lawmakers as a victory for thousands of homeowners harmed by contaminated drywall was weakened after input from the homebuilding industry.... Read more»

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