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Az gets high marks for retirees’ pension, health funding

Arizona was one of the best states in the nation when it came to the annual funding of pensions and health care for state retirees in 2010, according to a national report released this week.... Read more»

Barber appointed to Armed Services, Homeland Security committees

New U.S. Rep. Ron Barber has been appointed to two powerful House committees: Armed Services and Homeland Security.... Read more»1

John C. Scott Show

J.C. Scott: Marana weighs options after wastewater takeover flushed

Marana weighs its options following an appelate court ruling that invalidates the town's takeover of a wastewater facility, Tucson City Councilman Steve Kozachik discusses feedback from Wednesday's RTA meeting about Broadway work, and this week's 'Tucson Weekly on Radio.'... Read more»

Woman sought in robbery of East Side bank

Tucson police are seeking help in identifying a woman accused of robbing an East Side bank Wednesday and who may be the same woman accused of robbing a Midtown credit union Monday.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Green light for county road repairs

Today on Buckmaster- Pima County Supervisor Sharon Bronson, marketing expert Peter Schwartz, and state lawmaker hopeful Adam Kwasman. Plus, Keith Rosenblum on the Mexican presidential election.... Read more»1

Rogue Columnist

Dog days for Arizona

If all I knew was, as Will Rogers said, what I read in the papers, I'd be pretty depressed. This is ironic considering in Arizona their mission is to most of the time be the cheerleaders for the Everything's Fine! propaganda ministry.... Read more»


GOP: 'Obamacare’ taxes sick puppies

A Republican claim that the federal health care law taxes “heart attacks, sick puppies and even new babies” is a dog. Turns out it’s a reference to excise taxes on certain medical devices.... Read more»1

U.S. existing home sales down in May

Existing home sales fell 1.5 percent in the United States in May, according to the latest data from the National Association of Realtors. ... Read more»

Barber to hold 'Congress On Your Corner'

New U.S. Rep. Ron Barber will hold a "Congress On Your Corner" event on Saturday.... Read more»1

Court challenge could result in Medicaid cuts, not expansion

But if the Affordable Care Act is struck down, states for the first time since 2009 would be free to tighten eligibility and make it more difficult for people to apply. The law had barred such changes. ... Read more»


G20 in Los Cabos: A study of ineptitude

The world is going to hell, from the economy to the environment. But don't worry, the leaders are on it. ... Read more»

GOP backs down on effort to defund transparency rule

Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee on Wednesday dropped an effort to defund a new Federal Communications Commission rule that will make political ad data available on the Internet. ... Read more»

Mexico's revolution will not be televised

Yo Soy 132, Mexico's youth protest movement, is working to stage a democratic revolt against an almighty establishment: television.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Goldwater: Let highway dollars make U-turn and head home to states

As cars become more fuel efficient, how much fuel a driver purchases is becoming a less reliable way to gauge how much driving someone is doing and, subsequently, how much wear and tear they are inflicting on state roads. States need to be able to freely experiment with innovations like open road tolling, which are a better way of aligning the costs and benefits of road use.... Read more»

No SB 1070 decision yet from Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court did not release an decision on Arizona's SB 1070 on Thursday, as another batch of opinions were released. The legal fate of two of the year's most controversial cases—Arizona's anti-illegal immigration law and the Affordable Health Care Act—remain unknown.... Read more»

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