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Bordering on insecurity

Mexico fights illegal immigration on its own southern border

Under pressure from the United States, Mexico has tried to cut down the flow of Central American immigrants passing through on their way to the southern U.S. border. ... Read more»

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Top 5 things to know about mayoral control of schools

Switching to a mayor-led school system can provide a huge boost in student achievement, and cities across the country are experimenting with this new method of district control.... Read more»


Welcoming the newcomer: Faith groups rally religious on immigration reform

Advocacy around immigration reform continues to gain momentum, with bipartisan groups in Congress and President Barack Obama pushing to fix our nation’s immigration system and provide a road map to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in our country.... Read more»

Supreme Court limits use of drug sniffing dogs in private homes

The U.S. high court ruled that bringing a drug sniffing dog into a private home is a "search" within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution and is not allowed without a warrant.... Read more»

Mexico violence: 7 bodies dumped in plastic chairs in Michoacan

The bodies of seven men were found in the sitting position in plastic chairs alongside a street in western Mexico. Authorities said the victims had been shot in the head and placed near a traffic circle in Uruapan, a city in Michoacan state.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Valley fever epidemic in Southern Az?

An interview with Rick Myers, chair of the Arizona Board of Regents, along with Certified Financial Planner Shelly Fishman, David Modeer, head of the Central Arizona Project, and UA Valley fever researcher Dr. Joseph Tabor.... Read more»

Gay marriage: The Supreme Court's possible rulings

Leave it to San Francisco to advance what's likely to be one of the most contentious cases facing the Supreme Court in decades, with California's Proposition 8 heading to the nation's top court on Tuesday carrying activists' magic question: are gay marriage bans unconstitutional? Yes or no? (with hearing audio)... Read more»3

Border Roundup: Feds debate border security, voter rights while border deaths rise

The Supreme Court heard arguments on one Arizona voter law while more are proposed at the Capitol, protestors weigh in on state laws, Homeland Security tries to define border security and updates on border crossers during a busy week for law enforcement.... Read more»1


Justices want Prop. 8 to go away

There are probably five justices who object to California’s anti-gay Proposition 8 and who would prefer to see it struck down. Justice Kennedy, the conservative viewed as most likely to provide the fifth vote for equality, openly pondered whether Prop 8 violates the Constitution’s ban on gender discrimination. (with full audio)... Read more»

Report calls for revamp of Az’s trauma-care plan

Arizona’s free enterprise-based trauma system would benefit from increased government control and an updated comprehensive plan, according to a recent report by the American College of Surgeons.... Read more»

Arizona’s ‘dropout factories’ decline, but graduation rates still lag

Arizona posted one of the country’s sharpest declines in so-called “dropout factories” in the last decade, but was still slightly below the national average for high school graduation rates in 2011, according to a recent report.... Read more»

How Intuit fought free, simple tax filing

Intuit, producer of the top-selling tax software, has opposed letting the government do your taxes for free – even though it could save time and headaches for millions of filers.... Read more»

Video: Mark Kelly pulls daughter's dog off stricken sea lion

Amateur video showing Mark Kelly, the ex-astronaut husband of Gabrielle Giffords, pulling a dog off a baby sea lion at a California beach over the weekend, has been posted on YouTube.... Read more»

Gun shop owner cancels Mark Kelly's purchase of AR-15

The owner of a Tucson gun store has canceled the sale of an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle by Mark Kelly, the ex-astronaut husband of Gabrielle Giffords, because he did not plan to keep the gun for personal use.... Read more»1

Pima Community College

PCC's Miles: 'Openly admit we erred' in admission change

Pima Community College officials signaled Monday that they are likely to reverse course on tightened admission standards in the wake of a accrediting body's report into administrative lapses at the school. "We're going to openly admit that we erred" in not clearing new enrollment standards for most courses with the Higher Learning Commission, PCC chief Suzanne Miles said.... Read more»2

Energy efficiency bill slammed by green groups

The Home Builders Association of Central Arizona backs legislation establishing a statewide standard for residential energy efficiency building codes, but opponents say it is less stringent than the international codes to which many cities and towns adhere.... Read more»

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