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Girl and dog form healing bond

When Petey the terrier first came to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona he was barely alive. Today he is thriving with the help of an 8-year-old girl also living with Type 1 diabetes.... Read more»


Sources: Ron Barber to get Giffords endorsement

Ron Barber, an aide to U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords who was wounded in the Jan. 8 shooting, is likely to receive the former congresswoman’s endorsement to run as a caretaker candidate. Plus, no nod for Lisa Lovallo or Nan Walden.... Read more»

HSI agent guilty of handing out sensitive documents

A Homeland Security Investigations special agent pleaded guilty Wednesday to illegally accessing government documents that she handed to friends and family and later lying about it to another agent.... Read more»


Dueling debt deceptions

Factcheck: How much has the federal debt gone up under Obama? During his first three years in office, it rose $4.7 trillion, an increase of 45 percent. Partisan graphics circulating via email and Facebook are both incorrect.... Read more»


CBO offers its 2 cents on federal pay

Federal workers overall get just 2 percent higher wages than private-sector employees holding similar jobs, but they receive 16 percent more in total compensation because of generous benefits.... Read more»


Understanding the Mormon faith

An interview with scholar Joanna Brooks about the Mormon faith and politics, political coverage of religion, history of the LDS Church, and the progressive Mormon tradition.... Read more»

Phoenix growth in health & education jobs among fastest in nation

The Phoenix metro area has posted the nation’s second-highest rate of job growth in the private education and health services sector since the end of the recession. Tucson’s growth in the sector was low, but it already has a high percentage of teaching and health care jobs.... Read more»

Rep. Franks’ campaign account low, but re-election chances remain high

U.S. Rep. Trent Franks has a problem that most members of Congress wouldn’t mind sharing: The Glendale Republican is so popular in his district that potential campaign donors don’t think he can lose. His campaign fund is a paltry sum compared to the bankrolls of the rest of the state’s congressional delegation.... Read more»

Mexico's Silicon Valley fends off cartel concerns

While touting Guadalajara as Mexico’s Silicon Valley, President Felipe Calderón fielded questions on whether the city he’s trying to attract investors to is safe from the drug violence that has plagued the country.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Mainstream pundits join the War on Stupid

More and more mainstream pundits are joining our War on Stupid.... Read more»3

Eggs recalled in 34 states over listeria concerns

Over 1 million cooked eggs that may be contaminated with listeria have been recalled in 34 states, including Arizona.... Read more»

Air Force plans to cut 10,000 airmen

Air Force Secretary Michael Donley announced Friday that the Air Force will shed nearly 10,000 jobs next year, eliminating the positions of 3,900 on active duty, 5,100 Air National Guardsmen and 900 from the Air Force Reserve.... Read more»

Comic: Politics

The Retired Sergeants Club

The race is on to fill former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ congressional seat. ...... Read more»

Publishers, lawmakers wrangle over printed public notices

With budgets tight and the world increasingly connected by the Internet, state lawmakers and publishers are wrangling over whether the future of public notices should include paying for ads to run in newspapers.... Read more»

Bill to protect State Parks revenue moves ahead

A bill that would protect Arizona State Parks revenues from budget sweeps and allow the agency to use the money for operations took its first step Thursday in the state House.... Read more»

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