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Super PACs out-raise candidates, thanks to super donors

Thanks to a small number of wealthy individuals, the outside spending groups known as “super PACs” that are working to put the four leading GOP candidates in the White House collectively raised more than the candidates themselves in January.... Read more»

Second suspect charged in Peterson killing

A second suspect has been arrested in connection with the killing of a 21-year-old Tucson man whose remains were found in the desert Jan. 13.... Read more»

15 arrested in heroin trafficking investigation

Fifteen people were arrested and more than 9 pounds of heroin were seized following a seven-month, multi-agency investigation into heroin trafficking in Tucson.... Read more»

Santorum talks immigration, faith in Tucson stop

GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum fed right-wing red meat to a roomful of red-shirted Tea Partiers in Tucson on Wednesday, saying President Obama is “systematically trying to crush the traditional Judeo-Christian principles in this country.” (with full video)... Read more»4

Nogales teacher accused of drug smuggling

A Nogales, Ariz., teacher was arrested Tuesday after a DPS officer found more than 19 pounds of methamphetamine and 12 pounds of cocaine hidden in a false compartment of the car the man was driving.... Read more»

Guest opinion

No more tax credits for Hollywood

It’s like a bad re-run. A few legislators are trying to revive Arizona’s film production tax credit (SB 1170) that lapsed in 2011.... Read more»1

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Is Mexico a safe spring break destination?

Today on Buckmaster - John Lervold, Republican candidate for Congress in the special CD 8 primary, Keith Rosenblum talks about the safety of Mexico for spring-breakers, and an interview with U.S. Rep. Raúl Grijalva.... Read more»

Obama tops 50% mark against GOP rivals

An Associated Press-GfK poll released Wednesday puts President Barack Obama past the 50-percent favorability mark against all Republican contenders.... Read more»

Az man, America's Most Wanted, nabbed in Montreal

Steven Dyer, a regular on America’s Most Wanted, is back in police custody after a decade running from a dozen sexual abuse charges in Arizona.... Read more»

Home sales up in January

U.S. home sales rose by 4.3 percent in January, bringing good economic news to a battered real estate market.... Read more»

Tucson man indicted on mortgage fraud charges

A former Tucson loan officer has been indicted on fraud charges stemming from allegations he was involved in a “cash back” mortgage scam.... Read more»


Immigration: Staying put but still in the shadows

Have state anti-immigration bills led to an exodus of unauthorized migrants from the United States as restrictionists have promised?... Read more»1


GOP's 'job-killing' whopper on health care law, again

The exaggerated Republican claim that the new health care law “kills jobs” was high on our list of the “Whoppers of 2011.” But the facts haven’t stopped Republicans and their allies from making an overblown “job-killing” claim a major theme of campaign 2012.... Read more»

Santorum exaggerates dropout rate

Rick Santorum incorrectly claimed that “one of three children drop out of school” in the United States. The 2009 dropout rate was 8.1 percent — slightly higher than it was in 2008, but down significantly from previous years.... Read more»

Facility's expansion puts Az at top of algae research

A five–fold expansion of the algae lab at Arizona State University’s Polytechnic campus will help move Arizona to the forefront of algae–based research and production, Gov. Jan Brewer said Tuesday.... Read more»1

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