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Election ad buys approach $30 million in Az, and still counting

Political ads peppering Arizona airwaves in this contentious election season have cost at least $29.4 million, based on newly mandated electronic filings to the Federal Communications Commission.... Read more»

Roundup: News from & about the border region

Technology issues along the border, Latino perspectives on politics and reporting, families separated by deportation and a look at the intersection between detention demographics and public records laws, plus a recap of Border Patrol activity in Southern Arizona.... Read more»

Dems allege GOP supes candidate Bell got illegal campaign help

Tanner Bell, a Republican candidate for the Board of Supervisors, has benefited from improper coordination between political consultants and campaign committees, a complaint filed by incumbent Democrat Sharon Bronson alleges.... Read more»3

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Why presidential candidates won't touch immigration issue

Interviews with Rev. Robin Hoover, founder of Humane Borders, along with the Reporters Roundtable featuring Jimmy Boegle, editor of the Tucson Weekly, and Mark B. Evans, administrator of TucsonCitizen.com, and Matt Russell, Tucson's Culinary Cruiser, with the Weekend Watch.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Top CEOs call for more taxes

On the same day that former Secretary of State Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama, 80 CEOs from America’s largest companies called for action on the deficit that sounds an awful lot like the Obama plan.... Read more»

A drive down the fastest highway in America

About an hour after road workers removed the hundreds of bright orange cones blocking the entrances and exits to the new State Highway 130 toll road, I gave the fastest highway in the country a test drive. (with video)... Read more»

Dark-horse presidential candidates berate role of money in politics

While President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, heartily disagree about the role of money in politics, campaign finance reform was never breached in any of the three presidential debates this month.... Read more»

Agreement has SRP, tribes sharing expertise, water rights

As the prolonged drought continues, SRP lays plans to keep water available in the event of shortages. On the Gila River Indian Community just south of Phoenix, leaders are looking to restore the Gila and its wetlands. A new partnership between the water and electric utility and tribal leaders is touted as addressing both challenges. ... Read more»

Az lawmakers get low marks on food-policy

Arizona lawmakers fared poorly Wednesday on a new national scorecard that ranked all 535 members of the current Congress for their votes on a range of food and farm issues. ... Read more»

UA telemedicine program to expand rural services

A $1.3 million federal grant will allow a University of Arizona center to expand a regional program helping hospitals and health care providers get into or make better use of telemedicine.... Read more»

Early ballot request deadline: 5 p.m. Friday

Want to the thousands of early voters in avoiding Election Day hassles? The deadline to request an early ballot is Friday at 5 p.m. You can do so online, or via phone. The Pima County Recorder warned voters not to give a voted ballot to a stranger to turn in.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Tucson poet laureate aims for more literacy

Interviews with Joan Lionetti, Executive Director of Tucson Clean and Beautiful; Tucson's new poet laureate Rebecca Seiferle; LD 10 state House candidate Stefanie Mach (D); and Tom Collier, Buckmaster contributor on consumer affairs. ... Read more»

Brewer appoints new Pima Superior Court judge

Experienced jurist Kathleen Ann Quigley was appointed as a judge in Pima County Superior Court on Thursday. With the appointment, Gov. Jan Brewer filled a seat left vacant when Clark W. Munger retired.... Read more»

Texas towns, parks embracing 'dark sky' movement

In recent years, Texas’ state parks have struggled with falling visitor numbers and budget cuts. These days, in their quest to lure people back, the parks are promoting opportunities for night-sky viewing, away from city lights. A small but growing number of Texas cities are passing lighting ordinances aimed at protecting star-gazing.... Read more»


The political backlash of bullying prevention

Optimist that I am, I always believed that even though our society is so politically divided, there were certain issues that we could all rally around as human beings, such as preventing violence against children and youth. But even this seemingly benign, universally acceptable issue is drawing criticism.... Read more»1

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