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Three adults, unborn child killed when car crashes into palm tree

Three adults and an unborn child died after a car struck a palm tree in Midtown overnight, authorities said. The driver of the car was hospitalized with critical injuries.... Read more»

The drug war isn’t the only battle Mexico is losing

The country now has 2 million more poor people than it had in 2012.... Read more»

I-10 reopening none too soon for businesses that rely on road

Interstate 10 reopened Friday after a five-day closure, but not soon enough for businesses in western Arizona and eastern California that depend on the highway.... Read more»

Businesses hope I-10 closure is road-funding ‘wakeup call’ to Congress

Arizona Trucking Association President Tony Bradley says one good thing may have come out of the closure of a section of Interstate 10 last week – it could point up the need to fix the nation’s infrastructure.... Read more»

Monday is deadline to register for Tucson primary election

If you're not registered to vote, or have recently moved, Monday is the deadline to make sure you can cast a ballot in next month's primary election in Tucson. Of course, there aren't any contested primary races, with three Republicans set to challenge three Democratic incumbents on the City Council in November, and the mayor running unopposed.... Read more»

Pedestrian killed when hit by vehicle on 22nd

A man died at the hospital Wednesday after being hit by a vehicle in the Downtown area, authorities said. ... Read more»

No escaping medical copays, even in prison

Even going to prison doesn’t spare patients from having to pay medical copays. In response to the rapidly rising cost of providing health care, states — including Arizona — are increasingly authorizing the collection of fees from prisoners for medical services they receive while in state prisons or local jails.... Read more»1

Gila River leader says lack of broadband is harming tribal, rural areas

The governor of the Gila River Indian Community told a House panel that Indian Country is the nation’s “least served” area for broadband access, despite the “astounding” opportunity that it presents.... Read more»

FactCheck: Sanders stretches state of the rich

Sen. Bernie Sanders claims that in the United States, “almost all of the wealth rests in the hands of the few.” He exaggerates. At most, the top 0.1 percent of U.S. families own 22 percent of the nation’s wealth, and Federal Reserve Board economists put the figure at 14 percent.... Read more»

Apache vow fight to block Oak Flat land swap

The protest to preserve Oak Flat turned heated Wednesday as San Carlos Apache tribal members, rallying at the Capitol, vowed to do whatever it takes to reverse a deal to turn Oak Flat over to a mining company.... Read more»

Free rides to mark birthday of Downtown streetcar

About 1.1 million rides have been taken on Tucson's Sun Link streetcar since it began rolling one year ago, officials said. Saturday, to mark the line's first year of operation, anyone can take a free ride on the route between the University of Arizona and the West Side.... Read more»

Video: Mountain lions in lair, raccoon outfoxes dinner plans

A trio of mountain lions frequenting a cave near Tucson, and a raccoon making off like a bandit with a bunny meant for a fox's dinner are featured in recent videos shot by a local big-game guide.... Read more»

Officials: Az’s slip in state-funded pension ranks no cause for concern

Funding for Arizona’s state-run pension funds fell by more than 20 percent from 2003 to 2013, but the almost 600,000 state workers covered have no reason to worry about their retirement, officials said.... Read more»

1,300 near Oracle/Magee to be without water overnight Saturday

About 1,300 customers near North Oracle and West Magee roads will be without water service from midnight Saturday through about 5 a.m. Sunday as crews address water pressure concerns that have been reported in the area.... Read more»

U.S. House bars funding for 'sanctuary' cities for immigrants

The U.S. House of Representatives voted on Thursday to deny funding to cities that do not report undocumented immigrants to federal authorities, setting off outcry from the White House and immigration advocates.... Read more»1

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