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What newly released docs tell us about the IRS and how it handles dark money groups

A GOP-led House committee voted Wednesday to seek criminal charges against former IRS official Lois Lerner, who used to run the IRS division in charge of tax-exempt groups. In a party-line vote, the committee accused Lerner of unfairly targeting the applications of conservative groups and misleading the Treasury inspector general, which was auditing the IRS based on allegations of bias against conservative groups.... Read more»

From laser-leveled fields to drip irrigation, farms stretch water they have

With agriculture accounting for about two-thirds of the water used in Arizona, a state program encourages farmers to adopt water-saving practices and technologies. Through the Best Management Practices program, farmers receive incentives if they follow suggestions from the Arizona Department of Water Resources.... Read more»

CBP: $4M in marijuana found in red bell pepper shipment

The driver of a semi-trailer truck was arrested after officers discovered four tons of marijuana, worth more than $4 million, hidden in the trailer among a shipment of red bell peppers.... Read more»

Police seek help IDing suspect in five sexual assualts

The Tucson Police Department is asking for help identifying a suspect in a series of sexual assaults that happened in the area of 22nd Street and Craycroft Road.... Read more»

Four reasons to reconsider Common Core

Standards have suffered through attacks from both liberals and conservatives who express various complaints about the Common Core. To better understand standards, we looked at evidence from other sectors and found that if properly implemented there are numerous reasons that people should reconsider their opposition to Common Core.... Read more»1

4th Ave's Desert Vintage scorched by electrical fire

A fire at a 4th Avenue clothing store overnight took a team of 23 firefighters about ten minutes to extinguish. “The building is fine and our merchandise is safe,” a message posted on Desert Vintage’s Facebook page said Friday morning.... Read more»

Obama's numbers, April update

Corporations and stockholders are still prospering under Barack Obama’s presidency, while the economy steadily adds more jobs and millions sign up for health insurance under Obamacare. Wages remain stagnant for those who have jobs, and there are still 3.7 million who have been jobless for six months or more. U.S. oil production is booming and dependence on oil imports is plunging, but the national debt has now almost exactly doubled under this president, and historically large deficits continue.... Read more»

How not to use a survey

Republicans cite a new survey to claim health insurance premiums are up 90 percent in New Hampshire because of the Affordable Care Act. But that figure is based on just one insurance broker in the state.... Read more»

Pitch household hazardous waste at Saturday collection

Do you have broken a computer equipment, used automotive fluids, or old cans of paint cluttering up your garage? Don’t know what to do with all those dead batteries sitting around the house? Drop them off at a household hazardous waste collection on Saturday morning.... Read more»

Barber, McCain blast ‘ridiculous’ plan to retire A-10

Arizona congressmen Thursday renewed calls for the Pentagon to drop its “absolutely ridiculous” plan to retire the A-10 fighter, saying the replacement F-35 is 10 times as costly and does not protect ground forces as well.... Read more»

Texas opts for compromise on Ethnic Studies classes

Activist groups rallied in support of adding Mexican American Studies as an official Texas high school elective ahead of State Board of Education meetings this week. But at least one board member suggested the likelihood is slim.... Read more»

FBI releases 600+ pages from Jan. 8 investigation

The FBI has released more than 670 pages of documents from the early stages of the investigation into the Jan. 8, 2011, shooting that killed six and wounded 13 others, including former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. Most of the pages have information redacted, and more than 300 pages were held back by federal investigators.... Read more»1

In ticket scalping, laws of supply and demand play out near venues

Scalping, also known as ticket reselling, operates under a supply-and-demand model similar to almost every other market. It’s legal in Arizona, with some constraints on where it can occur. An economics professor says ticket scalping represents an unfettered market.... Read more»1

Advocate honored for giving voice to victims of violence

Jamie Blason, a deputy county attorney in Maricopa County, was recognized Wednesday by the Justice Department for her work giving a voice to victims of violence.... Read more»

Report: Phoenix ranks high among solar cities

Phoenix ranks No. 6 among a group of large U.S. cities in an environmental group’s accounting of per-capita photovoltaic capacity. For total capacity, Phoenix ranks behind only Los Angeles and San Diego.... Read more»

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