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Death toll in El Paso shooting climbs to 22

The number of fatalities from the massacre is nearing the total number of homicides the border city experienced in all of 2018. FBI officials, meanwhile, say they fear potential copycat shootings.... Read more»

Senate hears problems, differs on answers to border detention crisis

With border apprehensions at their highest level in a decade, all sides at a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing Tuesday agreed that the situation at immigrant detention facilities has reached crisis levels.... Read more»

Advocates vow Supreme Court ruling not last word on border wall funds

Immigration advocates are vowing to continue to fight the use of Defense Department funds for construction of a border wall, after the Supreme Court late Friday lifted an injunction on the funds transfer.... Read more»

Inspector paints rosy picture of immigration detention - in contrast to audits

For the past year, the tiny company employed by the federal government to inspect U.S. immigration detention centers has painted a rosy picture of life in captivity. But those bland assessments stand in stark contrast to recent findings.... Read more»1

Alcohol causes cancer? Should bottles and cans come with a warning label?

There is a broad scientific consensus that alcohol is a carcinogen, and that even moderate drinking increases one’s chances of getting cancer. But surveys show that most Americans remain unaware of that fact.... Read more»

Supreme Court allows Trump administration to shift Pentagon funds to border wall

In a 5-4 decision issued Friday, the Supreme Court dismissed a lower court's move to block the Trump administration from using $2.5 billion siphoned from Defense Department funding to build border barriers in Arizona, California and New Mexico.... Read more»

Number of detained migrant children without U.S. sponsors spikes, federal official says

The Office of Refugee Resettlement's director told CBS News that thousands of unaccompanied migrant children could be held longer — some past their 18th birthdays — because they don't have U.S. sponsors.... Read more»

Lawmakers spar over family separations, detention center conditions

A House panel grilled administration officials Thursday over migrant family separations and conditions at border detention facilities, but the hearing produced more partisan sparks than answers. ... Read more»

Asylum-seekers who followed Trump rule now don’t qualify because of new Trump rule

Migrants hoping for U.S. protection have been waiting in Mexico for months, as the U.S. allowed fewer than ever to enter. Then it changed the rules entirely.... Read more»

Unpacking Biden’s and Trump’s big cancer promises

On the campaign trail, former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump have both claimed that a cure to cancer would soon become a reality — if they were elected in 2020. Experts, however, don’t share that degree of optimism. ... Read more»

At a Mexican safe house, migrants risk violence as they wait in the shadows

A couple in Ciudad Juárez has opened their home to shelter Central American migrants hoping to obtain asylum in the U.S. And the migrants risk their safety every time they leave the house.... Read more»

Factcheck: Meme falsely compares benefits for refugees, senior citizens

A popular meme falsely claims that each month refugees in the United States receive over three times more money in “federal assistance” than Social Security beneficiaries. That’s a new version of an old claim we debunked more than a decade ago.... Read more»

Trump administration to soon expand 'remain in Mexico' for migrants to busiest part of border

It started in California, on the western edge of the southern border. Now officials say the controversial “remain in Mexico” program, which sends asylum-seeking migrants back across the border to await their fate, could soon hit the other end: Brownsville.... Read more»

Two Az Democrats vote for impeachment, others take pass – for now

Four Arizona Democrats had previously called for impeachment proceedings against President Trump, but an impeachment inquiry vote this week took a surprising turn when just two of them voted for it.... Read more»

Sinema pushes for streamlined reviews for asylum seekers

Sen. Krysten Sinema joined eight other senators in pressing immigration officials to spin up a pilot program that would streamline the asylum review process, and allow the Trump administration to deport migrant families within 15 days. ... Read more»

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