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Although a fugitive, accused Guatemalan war criminal hasn’t run far

Retired Col. César Adán Rosales Batres, a veteran of the elite Kaibil commandos of the Guatemalan Army, is a wanted war criminal and a fugitive with an Interpol warrant on his head. But according to recent information obtained by ProPublica, he hasn't run far. The ease with which he eludes capture shows the fight for justice remains difficult in Guatemala. ... Read more»

Is Venezuela harboring Hezbollah?

American conservatives warn of militant Islam's spread in Latin America. But their claims are hard to prove.... Read more»

Report: Panama Canal expansion will aid exports, not imports

A $5.5 billion infrastructure project under way in Central America will have far-reaching effects on Texas, but not in the way many had originally guessed. A report predicts that the project will do more for selling Texas goods to the rest of the world than the other way around, because of the long trip from Asia.... Read more»

Latin American nations push digital connectivity

Google is building an Internet data center and mobile providers are rolling out 4G networks, but that’s not all that’s in store for Latin America. ... Read more»

Mexican town's police force resigns after deadly attacks on cops

The majority of the police force in the Mexican town of Marcos Castellanos resigned on Saturday, after a series of attacks targeted their force during the last days of 2012.... Read more»


Setting the record straight on immigration and border enforcement

Those opposed to comprehensive immigration reform still point to deficiencies in border security as a reason to stall new immigration policy, but they are ignoring the facts. ... Read more»1

Feds announce new rules for legalizing undocumented spouses

The Department of Homeland Security has announced new rules designed to make it easier for thousands of U.S. citizens to legalize undocumented spouses without risking years of separation first. ... Read more»

Mexican troops kill 12 criminal suspects in gun battle

Mexican troops pursued and shot dead 12 suspected criminals in a gun battle in Zacatecas state, which lies on a key drug-smuggling route in central Mexico, the BBC reported.... Read more»


Drug cartel alms funding Mexican Catholic Church

Although church officials deny connections, there's mounting evidence that some Mexican Catholics worship in churches funded by donations from drug lords. "A steeple built with drug money has blood gushing from its rafters," a bishop said.... Read more»

Venezuela president

Spanish paper says Hugo Chavez on life support

Venezuela's VP challenged rumors about Chavez's health, while GlobalPost's correspondent in Havana said the truth about the ailing president's condition is unclear.... Read more»

In Latin America, a growing backlash against genetically modified food

Are genetically modified crops “Franken-foods” or the answer to global hunger and climate change? That is the dilemma dividing Latin America, where vast quantities of GM crops are grown. Ecuador’s constitution actually prohibits them and Peru recently voted for a 10-year moratorium.... Read more»

Mexican policy shift seen as push for sovereignty

Security initiatives recently announced by the Mexican government suggest that the country may move to reaffirm its sovereignty and focus less on the interests of the U.S. and other foreign countries. Last month President Peña Nieto utlined a strategy to fight crime that would create a 10,000-member force to focus on crimes like murder, kidnapping and extortion. It emphasized a shift from the previous administration’s focus on top cartel leaders.... Read more»1

Mexico: Armored car sales speed up

The sales of armored cars in Mexico were up 10 percent in 2012 from the previous year, according to the Mexican Automotive Armour Association. The most popular armored vehicles were Suburban, Grand Cherokee and Tahoe SUVs, sold mostly to private parties.... Read more»

Peru: Lima’s progressive mayor vs. gangster order

Mayor Susana Villaran has battled rats, tax cheats and chaotic streets of Peru’s capital. Now gangsters are attempting to bring her down.... Read more»


Immigration polls: Americans put 11 million undocumented first

On the heels of November's presidential election, the conversation on immigration reform has changed dramatically and for the better. Recent polling shows that the American people want immigration reform to first and foremost provide undocumented immigrants with a pathway to citizenship.... Read more»2

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