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Steep decline in ‘drop houses’ used by human smugglers

Police seizures of drop houses, where smugglers stash undocumented aliens en route to other parts of the country, have plummeted in Arizona this year.... Read more»

Feds announce 'deferred action' details

Immigrants brought to the country illegally by their parents will likely not face prosecution or other repercussions — and neither will their families — if they apply for a new federal program that allows them to avoid deportation, federal officials said Friday.... Read more»

'Official English' pushed in Congress

Rep. John Conyers didn’t speak a word of English at Thursday’s hearing on a bill to make English the official language of the nation, but he still made his opinion of the bill crystal clear.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Calls for gun control miss the target

Liberals, we need to have a heart to heart about gun politics: There will be no new gun control laws. Gun manufacturers, through the NRA and other trade groups, have a complete lock on our federal government.... Read more»10

John C. Scott Show

J.C. Scott: Candidates Aguirre and Carroll interviewed

Interviews with Amanda Aguirre, a Democratic challenger in CD3, and Pima County Supervisor Ray Carroll, the Republican incumbent in District 4.... Read more»

Feds defend deportation rate as backlog swells

A year after the Obama administration announced it would prioritize the government’s resources on criminals when selecting which illegal immigrants to deport, the backlog in immigration courts has swelled to new highs.... Read more»

Guest opinion

If only Latinos could be more Asian

If there is any repeating storyline in American history, it's the traditional hazing of immigrants. The Irish went through it. So did the Italians. And the Asians apparently are emerging from it, no worse for the wear. Latinos may be next, although one might hope it wouldn't take a century to do so. ... Read more»

Napolitano defends ‘deferred’ deportation policy

Homeland Security Sec. Napolitano on Thursday defended the Obama administration’s plan to suspend deportation for young, undocumented immigrants who were brought to this country as children.... Read more»

Reports: Rocky Point gun battle kills police officer, others

Local media in Mexico have reported several dead, including a police officer, after a rolling gun battle in the middle of Puerto Peñasco. Some reported 4-6 people were killed after shots were exchanged between police and drug traffickers.... Read more»2

Deadly patrols

Prosecutions rare in Border Patrol shootings

Cochise County Attorney Edward Rheinheimer, who's practiced here for 20 years, has seen more than half a dozen cases involving Border Patrol agents fatally shooting people. He's taken only one of them to trial. Twice it ended in a hung jury.... Read more»

Deadly border patrols: One who lived to tell

"They call me the soap opera guy." Ever since a Border Patrol agent shot him and the bullet damaged his spine, Jesus Castro Romo has adjusted to a sedentary life. He used to drive a dump truck and do landscaping work. Now he walks with a cane. (with videos)... Read more»1

Mexico’s drought turns farms to dust

As droughts continue to devastate Mexico's farmers (350,000 head of cattle have starved to death in Chihuahua), experts are asking whether these climate changes are permanent.... Read more»

Video: Mexico City using electric taxis to spark cleaner downtown

Mexico City, one of the world's most polluted cities, is introducing a fleet of electric taxis to clean up its historic downtown. ... Read more»

Mexico's presidential runner-up challenges results

The runner-up in Mexico's presidential election announced last week that he will officially challenge the contest's results in court, after making allegations of vote-buying.... Read more»

‘Prosecutorial discretion’ barely dents immigration case backlog

A year after federal officials announced a program of “prosecutorial discretion” aimed at reducing nearly 300,000 pending immigration cases, only 1.5 percent of the backlogged cases have been closed.... Read more»

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