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CBP: Get I-94s early for Easter travel

U.S. Customs and Border Protection updates travelers to the U.S. on spring conditions including holidays and online options.... Read more»


Welcoming the newcomer: Faith groups rally religious on immigration reform

Advocacy around immigration reform continues to gain momentum, with bipartisan groups in Congress and President Barack Obama pushing to fix our nation’s immigration system and provide a road map to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in our country.... Read more»

Mexico violence: 7 bodies dumped in plastic chairs in Michoacan

The bodies of seven men were found in the sitting position in plastic chairs alongside a street in western Mexico. Authorities said the victims had been shot in the head and placed near a traffic circle in Uruapan, a city in Michoacan state.... Read more»

Border Roundup: Feds debate border security, voter rights while border deaths rise

The Supreme Court heard arguments on one Arizona voter law while more are proposed at the Capitol, protestors weigh in on state laws, Homeland Security tries to define border security and updates on border crossers during a busy week for law enforcement.... Read more»1

Video: Dead men working: The most dangerous drive

Bus drivers in Guatemala city were killed at a rate of nearly one a day in the first two months of this year. ... Read more»

¿Como se dice R&D? South America’s still learning how

South America’s science and technology lag behind its breakneck economic growth, but some in the region are working to change that.... Read more»

Texas Dem: Sequester hurts border security, economy

A Texas Democrat is taking his GOP colleagues to task on sequestration. In a letter, freshman congressman Pete Gallego tells border hawks they can’t be for the continued sequester and for increased border security at the same time. ... Read more»

Mexico: Gunmen kill 7 in Cancun bar shooting

Two gunmen shot dead seven people, most of them members of the taxi drivers union, at a bar in Cancun. ... Read more»

Evangelicals challenge Catholic Church's dominance in Brazil

If Pope Francis wants to see firsthand the challenges the Vatican faces in Latin America, he should visit Rio’s notoriously violent slums. Here the youth are restless and evangelical church halls run by homegrown Protestant pastors appear on every second block, a pattern repeated on the poor periphery of most Brazilian cities. ... Read more»

Border roundup

Supreme Court looks at Az as injured men, explosives found in desert

Border roundup: Arizona proposition becomes a test case for voter registration laws, family green cards face restrictions, injured men and explosives are found in the desert and Mexican towns and newspapers respond to cartel violence.... Read more»

Vatican denies Pope Francis stayed silent in Dirty War

The Vatican is hitting back at critics who have charged that Pope Francis didn't do enough during Argentina's Dirty War. A spokesman called the accusations "defamatory" and told reporters today that they "must be clearly and firmly denied."... Read more»

First Latin American pope speaks softly, carries allegedly dark past

The 266th pope, and the first ever from Latin America, has one lung, rides the subway, reads Dostoevsky and has been described as both a moral compass and a sellout to Argentina’s former Dirty War leaders.... Read more»

Researchers: Kids' mental health affected by deportation surge

An unprecedented surge in deportations in recent years has affected tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of American children. The traumatic experience of losing a parent for an entire childhood is certain to have a profound impact on the mental health of these U.S. citizen children, according to researchers.... Read more»

Texas lawmakers: Mexico falling short on water pact

Sounding the alarm over a 70-year-old treaty that governs the release of water to Texas by Mexican officials, state and federal lawmakers say that Mexico is again falling short on its part of the agreement and that water users in the Rio Grande basin are feeling the impact.... Read more»

Man with throat slashed found at border; 2 dead in Mexico

A Mexican man whose throat had been cut was found by Border Patrol agents near the U.S.-Mexico border Tuesday, a spokesman confirmed. Sources said three others with slashed throats were found by Mexican authorities just over the border, two of whom were dead.... Read more»

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