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U.S. House Democrats make new immigration push

As the federal government shutdown continued for a second day, congressional Democrats said they are looking to make sure comprehensive immigration reform doesn’t fall off the priority list, as they announced legislation on Wednesday that includes elements of a border-security measure backed by a key GOP leader.... Read more»

Border Patrol mission continues during shutdown, even if pay does not

The government shutdown is no shutdown for Border Patrol agents, whose law enforcement and life-saving duties do not take a hiatus – even though their pay might.... Read more»

Mexico: Lack of university spots ‘cut short the dreams of so many’

Many of Mexico's college 'rejects' hail from working-class barrios or slumping rural villages. They're often the first in their family to reach for a university degree.... Read more»

Mexico’s militia moms fight crime and the law

After decades making another life in the United States, Nestora Salgado found herself back home in southern Mexico's mountains, leading scores of mostly male volunteer police against gangsters and officials alike. Salgado, 42, was elected commander this spring of the community police in Olinala, an artisan and cattle town buried deep in the Pacific coast range of Guerrero state.... Read more»

Illegal immigration shifts to Texas, as overall numbers fall on border

Illegal immigration along the Southwest border has shifted to the east in recent years, with Texas seeing a rise in apprehensions while numbers in all the other border states have fallen sharply.... Read more»

After federal change, border cattle industry struggles

The remote town of Ojinaga on the Texas-Mexico border used to enjoy the distinction of being one of the busiest ports for importing Mexican cattle into the U.S. But citing concerns about escalating drug violence in Mexico, the U.S. Department of Agriculture last year moved its cattle inspectors across the Rio Grande into Texas — a decision residents on both sides of the border say has crippled the local livestock industry. ... Read more»

Study: Undocumented immigration may be rising in Texas

While several other states have seen recent decreases in the number of undocumented immigrants residing within their borders, figures for Texas have remained the same or have possibly increased, a new report says.... Read more»3

Colombians face deadly risks of returning to stolen land: HRW report

Millions of people have been displaced by the drug war. Those attempting to reclaim their land are walking a dangerous path. ... Read more»

Double deluge: Tropical Storm Manuel and Hurricane Ingrid hit Mexico at the same time

Tropical Storm Manuel is drenching Mexico's southwest Pacific coast as Hurricane Ingrid barrels towards the country’s east coast. Ingrid, the second hurricane of the Atlantic storm season, was expected to reach mainland Mexico early Monday.... Read more»

Report: Border agents not properly trained in use of force

An inspector general's report released Tuesday showed that the Customs and Border Protection has not tracked allegations of excessive force by border agents, and that many agents did not understand policies on using force — including deadly force. ... Read more»

DREAMer stranded in Mexico after confusion at port

A mistake that left a deferred action beneficiary unable to re-enter the United States for weeks is being cited by immigration attorneys both as an example of confusion over certain laws and as a warning to those with a sensitive immigration status.... Read more»1

After brutal summer heat, border-crosser deaths up in 2013

Following brutal summer heat, deaths of border crossers in Pima County so far this year are up from 2012, the chief medical examiner said.... Read more»

Despite obesity, much of Mexico goes hungry

It may be the fattest of the world's major countries. But with 45.5 percent poverty, millions of Mexicans struggle to eat.... Read more»

On immigration, Cruz aims for middle ground

When it comes to immigration reform, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz has made it abundantly clear what he opposes: giving citizenship to people who broke the law to come here.... Read more»4

Ex-Mx pres Fox: 'Total advocate' for legalizing drugs

“Leaders commit” to resolving issues such as reforming U.S. immigration policy, former Mexican President Vicente Fox said Thursday during a visit to Arizona. Fox, who served as Mexico’s president from 2000-2006, also said he’s become a “total advocate” for legalizing drugs.... Read more»1

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