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Appeals court tosses Arpaio challenge to Obama immigration moves

A federal appeals court on Friday threw out a lawsuit brought by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who argued that President Obama's executive actions on immigration were unconstitutional. A judge wrote that Arpaio's claims "rest on speculation beyond that permitted."... Read more»

Far from home

Sexual violence plagues young women attempting to flee Central America

A brutal pattern of sexual violence affects thousands of girls and young women who flee from Central America to enter the United States, reveals a review of legal documents and interviews with defense lawyers in political asylum cases along with Los Angeles religious and social service workers.... Read more»

Rip-crew recruiter pleads guilty to role in Brian Terry killing

The recruiter for the rip-crew that allegedly killed Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry pleaded guilty to first degree murder as part of a plea agreement that will allow him to escape the death penalty. ... Read more»

Mexicans aren’t about to pay for Trump’s wall

The billionaire Republican frontrunner has no way of forcing Mexico to foot the bill for increased border security — and zero political capital south of the Rio Grande.... Read more»

SF shooting, federal policy put pressure on 'sanctuary cities'

Two things happened July 1 to pressure hundreds of cities and counties to rethink their policies limiting cooperation with federal deportation requests. One was the shooting death of 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle, allegedly killed on a San Francisco pier by a Mexican immigrant with seven felony convictions. The second was the rollout of a new federal policy asking local police to only detain immigrants for deportation if they are convicted of serious crimes. ... Read more»

Photographer’s murder has Mexico’s journalists furious and afraid

Photographer Ruben Espinosa, activist Nadia Vera and three other women were found in a Mexico City apartment Friday tied up, beaten and shot in the head.... Read more»

Drug traffickers are wiping out the jaguar in Central America

The jaguar roams jungles and riverbanks from the Amazon to Mexico, and even into the southwestern United States. It’s a powerful and cunning hunter, and a single cat’s territory can stretch hundreds of miles. But powerful drug cartels are carving up its Central American habitat. In some areas, the big cats are at risk of disappearing entirely.... Read more»1

Mexico issues ‘gender alert’ to stop rampant killing of women

The United Nations has called the abduction and murder of women in Mexico a “pandemic.” Some organizations estimate six women are killed every day across the country.... Read more»

In Big Bend, pipeline opponents claim small victory

A coalition of Texas ranchers, environmentalists and other disgruntled landowners is claiming a small victory in its long-shot battle to block a hefty pipeline planned to carry natural gas beneath 143 miles of largely untouched Big Bend-area land into Mexico.... Read more»

The drug war isn’t the only battle Mexico is losing

The country now has 2 million more poor people than it had in 2012.... Read more»


Trump a star in our dysfunctional political reality show

Heroic or pathetic: Which is Donald Trump to you? If the former, you need no encouragement to applaud his flamboyant proclamations, even when they cast aspersions on no less a national icon than John McCain. But if you’re one to dismiss Trump’s oratory as merely the ravings of an egotist with too much money on his hands, think again.... Read more»

Trump visits border in Texas after BP union backs out

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump landed on time in South Texas on Thursday, even though a Border Patrol union here backed out of hosting him.... Read more»1

Crime novel about Mexico's drug violence as painful as the true story

Do novels about the drug war glorify violence? The best-selling author of 'The Cartel' says he wrestles with the question constantly.... Read more»

Drug war veterans cynical about El Chapo escape

Over eggs at a San Antonio café, a reporter listens as former law enforcement officials and one ex-drug cartel operative swap theories about El Chapo’s latest escape and what it says about the U.S. and Mexico.... Read more»

Study: Illegal immigration from Mexico still declining

Changing migration patterns and shifts in border enforcement mean the population of unauthorized Mexican immigrants continues to decline in the United States. While net migration of Mexican immigrants reached zero in 2010, since then more Mexicans have left the U.S. than have arrived.... Read more»

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