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Immigrants help hometowns with Mexico’s ‘Three for One’ matching program

A Mexican government program matches remittances sent home by immigrants in the U.S., helping build hospitals, schools and scholarship funds as well as local businesses. "They are productive investments and they make a big difference."... Read more»1

DHS planning to launch large scale immigration raids

In response to a spike in the number of Central American families coming into the United States, immigration officials are planning a series of raids in January aimed at deporting thousands of adults and children.... Read more»

Despite downward trend, Arizona still sees 30% of border narcotics busts

Drug seizures have declined 17 percent in the past year along the Arizona-Mexico border, but nearly a million pounds were still intercepted in the state — nearly one-third of all narcotics intercepted by federal border authorities.... Read more»

Migrant apprehensions falling along Arizona-Mexico border

Apprehensions along the Arizona-Mexico border declined nearly 25 percent in the past year, following a 10-year trend dating to 2005. DHS officials also announced shifts in deportations toward those with criminal convictions, and an increase in removals of illegal immigrants along the border.... Read more»

Texas Gov orders National Guard to stay in place on border

Because of a recent spike in minors crossing the border illegally in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced Tuesday that he is ordering the state's National Guard to stay in the area.... Read more»

Operation Streamline

Tucson clergy interrupt immigration court

Nearly a dozen pastors interrupted federal court proceedings in Tucson on Monday, as part of an ongoing protest against a fast-track immigration prosecution system known as Operation Streamline. ... Read more»

Sonora River

Health impacts continue 1 year after toxic mine spill in Mexico

It’s been more than a year since a toxic mine spill, dubbed as the worst environmental disaster in Mexico’s history, contaminated the Sonora River. Communities are now pushing back against the mine and the government to protect their families and the lands they call home.... Read more»

Central American migrants deported from U.S. and Mexico face danger and debt

Hundreds of thousands of Central American migrants, including children, are deported by the United States each year to their home countries where they face gang violence and a lack of state services to help them reintegrate, researchers said.... Read more»

Young migrants who arrive at the border alone struggle in U.S.

Immigrant youth who arrive at the border alone and have no family to take care of them in the U.S. often struggle to build a life. They are sent to foster homes or special shelters. Those who are about to turn 18 are sent to detention centers. Those who are released often have no place to go.... Read more»

For detained immigrants on hunger strikes, results aren't guaranteed

How effective are hunger strikes by immigration detainees? Recent evidence seems to suggest they work for some groups but make matters worse for others. The outcome depends on several factors, including size and scope, how frequent they are and now much information the public can or will absorb about what's going on behind closed doors.... Read more»

More Mexican immigrants leaving U.S than entering

More Mexican immigrants are leaving the United States than coming into the country, according to a new report. Data from the U.S. and Mexico show that from 2009 to 2014, an estimated 870,000 Mexican nationals left that country for the United States, outnumbered by the one million who returned to Mexico. ... Read more»1

Colombia to legalize medical marijuana

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos is expected this week to issue a decree legalizing the cultivation, commercialization and research of medical marijuana.... Read more»

Obama calls Trump's plan to deport illegal immigrants unrealistic

President Barack Obama said on Thursday that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's plan for mass deportation of undocumented immigrants is unrealistic.... Read more»

Cancun: Transformation of vacation hotspot comes at a price

Cancun's transformation in the 1970s from a small Caribbean fishing village into a strip of nightclubs and high-rise hotels has reduced biodiversity and polluted water resources as infrastructure struggles to keep up, critics say.... Read more»


Appeals court rejects Obama immigration programs

The fate of two Obama administration programs intended to shield the parents of Americans and lawful residents from deportation may hinge on a Supreme Court decision after a lower court again refused to remove an injunction keeping the program from going forward.... Read more»

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