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Lost in translation: Non-English speakers grapple with Obamacare

Explaining the Affordable Care Act is hard enough. Try explaining it to someone who comes from a country where health insurance itself is a foreign concept.... Read more»

Grassroots effort seeks labeling of genetically modified foods in Az

With no funding and facing a July deadline to gather 173,000 signatures, a Tucson man is out to require labels telling consumers whether food products are genetically engineered or made with genetically engineered ingredients.... Read more»

Obama: 6 million have signed up for ACA insurance

More than 6 million people have signed up for health insurance through the health law’s state and federal online marketplaces, or exchanges, since Oct. 1, the administration announced Thursday.... Read more»

Advocates, providers: Look beyond price when choosing health plan

Choosing insurance options under the Affordable Care Act based on lowest premiums could wind up costing consumers more in the end through out-of-pocket costs and not being able to see their preferred doctors, advocates and providers say.... Read more»

New Az abortion limits may face federal injunction

A federal judge in Tucson heard arguments Wednesday on new rules in Arizona limiting the use of the “abortion pill” RU-486.

... Read more»

Warning: Opting out of your insurance plan's provider network is risky

Out-of-pocket spending limits and some other safeguards in the health law may not apply if you opt out of your insurance plan’s provider network.... Read more»

Justices to weigh contraceptive mandate against religious freedom claims

Two businesses are challenging the health law’s birth control coverage requirement on religious freedom grounds.... Read more»

Obamacare FAQ: What are the penalties for not getting insurance?

If you don’t already have health insurance, you could face a costly fine if you don’t choose an Affordable Care Act policy in the enrollment period that closes March 31, and you likely won’t have another opportunity to sign up again until the 2015 plans are unveiled... Read more»


The health care industry's campaign of fear, uncertainty and doubt

Health insurers use front groups and spin doctors to sow concerns about Obamacare.... Read more»

The sign-up deadline is March 31: A consumer guide

With just over a week until the March 31 deadline to sign up for health insurance, backers of the health law—from President Barack Obama on down—are engaged in a full-force campaign to enroll eligible Americans, especially younger ones who tend to be healthier and less costly to insure. But the landmark law still faces opposition from Republicans and a public that remains skeptical the law can improve health coverage while lowering its cost.... Read more»

Obama mixing and matching insurance stats

President Obama jumbled his facts when asked about “skyrocketing” premiums for people who get insurance through work. He was correct to say that, generally, the Affordable Care Act isn’t to blame for “skyrocketing” employer-sponsored premiums, but he made two dubious claims to back up his argument:... Read more»


Obamacare subscribers: Beware of high deductibles

Low premiums plans may cause sticker shock down the road for Obamacare subscribers.... Read more»

FactChecking Sarah Palin at CPAC

Sarah Palin told her fellow conservatives at CPAC that “there are more uninsured today than when Obama began all of this,” referring to the Affordable Care Act. But there is no evidence of that.... Read more»


Obamacare deadline: Don't pay the fine

It’s here. The Affordable Care Act, or as you’ve probably heard it referred to, Obamacare. Despite all the bickering about its merits or deficiencies, it is the law of the land regarding health insurance. And it comes with teeth. Getting signed up this week could save you the trouble of a penalty next year. A local health insurance expert gives his take:... Read more»

Reid wrong on AFP criticism

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wrongly blamed the conservative group Americans for Prosperity for promoting a “false” story of a woman whose insurance premiums went up $700 per month. AFP didn’t feature that woman’s story in any of its ads.... Read more»

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