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Scottsdale company capitalizes on medical marijuana industry

The medical marijuana industry in Arizona has tripled since 2013, leading to a variety related businesses cropping up. Officials with Scottsdale-based The Marijuana Companies hope to capitalize on marijuana dispensary marketing and this growing industry.... Read more»

Officials: Fans from flu-heavy states bringing more than Super Bowl fever

Throngs of sports fans headed to Arizona for a string of high-profile sporting events may spread more than Super Bowl fever. Health officials warn they might also bring the flu, worsening what’s already shaping up to be a tough season. ... Read more»1

FactChecking Obama’s State of the Union

In his sixth annual address, the president stretched some facts on his record. ... Read more»


New generation embraces heroin, but youth doesn’t lend itself to treatment

Heroin is experiencing a renaissance. Fueled by easy access to opiate painkillers, a new generation of heroin addicts has emerged. They are young, white and suburban. But the hallmarks of youth, risk taking and impulsive behavior, do not lend themselves to treatment.... Read more»


Trend of over-prescribing painkillers a path to heroin addiction

Doctors in the U.S. are prescribing painkillers far more frequently these days, and experts say addiction to opioid drugs can be a pathway to heroin use. In fact, most heroin addicts have graduated from abusing prescription drugs.... Read more»2


For parents, a child’s struggle with heroin can be all-consuming

At meetings held around Arizona, parents gather to share stories about trials such as finding discarded tin foil with black lines on it – a telltale sign of heroin use. Having a child addicted to heroin has left many Arizona parents struggling for answers and support. Some find help at gatherings like these. ... Read more»


First responders, hospitals on front lines of Az’s heroin crisis

When someone overdoses on heroin, it's a race against time for first responders and hospitals to revive them. Learn about the struggle from the perspectives of overdose survivors, paramedics and emergency room workers.... Read more»5


Heroin overdoses grim toll of a deadly, unforgiving addiction

At its worst, the life of a heroin addict is deadly and unforgiving. From 2010 to 2013, drug deaths topped even the number of motor vehicle deaths in Arizona with 1,106 drug deaths compared to 711 motor vehicle deaths in 2010 and 1,200 to 770 in 2013.... Read more»

Supreme Court battle brewing over Medicaid fees

Providers and patient advocates nationwide worried about a U.S. Supreme Court case that they say could restrict their ability across the country to seek judicial relief from low Medicaid reimbursement rates.... Read more»


Nearby border makes Tucson epicenter of Az’s heroin epidemic

A little more than an hour up Interstate 19 from the border, Tucson has become an epicenter of Arizona's heroin epidemic. A Cronkite News analysis of state data shows the five ZIP codes that saw the most overdoses between 2009 and 2013 were all in metropolitan Tucson.... Read more»

Popularity of outpatient surgery leads to safety questions

The number of ambulatory surgery centers — which perform procedures such as colonoscopies, cataract removal, joint repairs and spinal injections on patients who don’t require an overnight stay in a hospital — has increased dramatically in the past decade, for reasons both clinical and financial. More than two-thirds of operations performed in the United States now occur in outpatient centers, some of which are owned by hospitals.... Read more»

U.S. bishops take aim at sterilization

A toughening of Catholic medical directives could include enforcing a ban on tubal ligations. ... Read more»

Fantastic Voyage: Tiny sensors may monitor seniors' meds from inside

Forget armband monitors like Fitbit, the newest body monitors are as tiny as BBs. These so-called nanomeds, miniscule sensors embedded in a placebo pill that you swallow, set up shop in your gut. As they slowly work their way through your system, these “ingestibles” – which are actually not digested – are switched on by contact with saliva and/or gastric juices. The signal is picked up by another sensor which looks like a Band-Aid and is worn on your chest.... Read more»


The good news and bad news on health care in 2014

Commentary: fewer uninsured and less inflation, but debt, mental health coverage and dental care are on the agenda for 2015. ... Read more»

Access to mental health care still a challenge despite expanded coverage

Even though more Americans have access to health insurance because of the health law, getting access to mental health services may still be challenging. Some state exchange health plans may still have a way to go to even the playing field between mental and physical benefits, according to a new report.... Read more»

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