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Four manslaughter charges for driver in July crash

The driver involved in a deadly collision last month was released from the hospital Tuesday and booked into Pima County Jail on four counts of manslaughter, authorities said. Three adults and an unborn child died after a car, driven by 26-year-old Jesus Olea, struck a palm tree in Midtown on July 27.... Read more»

Pot advocates look to legalize in Az, but concerns remain about MMJ

When Arizona voters approved medical marijuana in 2010, the traditionally conservative state did so tentatively: The “yes” campaign garnered 50.1 percent of the vote. Now, pro-legalization groups have once again targeted Arizona as a state that could legalize recreational marijuana in 2016.... Read more»2

Weed rush

Pro-legalization groups prepare marijuana measures for 2016

Advocacy groups have poured millions of dollars into legalizing both recreational and medical marijuana in states across the country. “Out of the five campaigns that we’re running nationwide, Arizona’s definitely going to be the most heated, the most active,” said the state political director for the Marijuana Policy Project.... Read more»1

Deadly temps: 112-114° possible; 100-year-old record tied Saturday

Tucson and points west will see potentially deadly heat through the weekend, with the Weather Service warning that "unusually dangerous" temperatures could reach 112 degrees in Tucson, and even hotter in the desert. Saturday, a 100-year-old record of 109 degrees was tied.... Read more»

Weather Service warns of deadly temps: 113° possible

Tucson and points to the west will see potentially deadly heat Friday and through the weekend, with the Weather Service warning that "unusually dangerous" temperatures could reach 113 degrees in the Arizona desert, and up to 111 in the Tucson metro area.... Read more»

Az officials hopeful, watchful as toxic release moves toward Colorado River

Arizona officials said Tuesday they continue to monitor a massive spill of toxic mining sludge that is heading downstream toward the Colorado River, but are hopeful that it will have little impact by time it reaches the state. ... Read more»

Advocates: Health, homelessness are linked and must be addressed

Sister Adele O’Sullivan said he was known as Mr. 280, a homeless man with chronic mental illness whose trips in and out of the hospital racked up bills of more than $358,000 over several years. But now, with supportive housing and a part-time job, his health issues are being treated, said the founder of a Phoenix charity.... Read more»

FactChecking the GOP candidate forum

Several Republican presidential candidates made false and exaggerated claims at a candidate forum in New Hampshire on Aug. 3.... Read more»

Sick camel closes Reid Park rides

Reid Park Zoo announced Tuesday that it has temporarily closed its camel ride operation as the result of one of the camels being diagnosed with a bacterial infection.... Read more»

Judge rejects Douglas hospital's last-ditch attempt to keep doors open

Cochise Regional Hospital’s last-ditch attempt to keep its doors open has been rejected by a federal judge, who refused to order Medicare to keep funding operations of the Douglas facility. Problems cited by the agency included failure to monitor patients, lack of prescribed medications, failure to properly transport patients and an inability to troubleshoot malfunctioning equipment.... Read more»

Unspinning the Planned Parenthood video

Several Republican presidential candidates have claimed that Planned Parenthood is “profiting” from abortions. But the full, unedited video they cite as evidence shows a Planned Parenthood executive repeatedly saying its clinics want to cover their costs, not make money, when donating fetal tissue from abortions for scientific research.... Read more»2

VA whistleblower cites progress, work still to be done

A doctor who blew the whistle on problems at the VA hospital in Phoenix testified Thursday that some things have improved since last year’s revelations, but whistleblower retaliation is alive and well.... Read more»

McSally staffers to hold constituent service hours throughout CD 2

Staffers for U.S. Rep. Martha McSally will hold office hours throughout CD 2 during August and September, with stops planned for Bisbee, Douglas, Tombstone, Benson, Sahuarita, and Green Valley. Staffers will be available to assist with issues ranging from veterans and immigration to Social Security and Medicare.... Read more»6

Report: About 40 percent of workers in Az, U.S. have no paid sick leave

Nearly half of Arizona’s private-sector workers, more than 934,000 people, do not have access to paid sick leave, according to a report by a group pushing for such laws. More than 43 million people, accounting for about 39 percent of private-sector workers in the country, don’t have the ability to earn paid sick leave.... Read more»1

To boost health, rehab sometimes starts before cancer treatment

Cancer patients who do rehabilitation before they begin treatment may recover more quickly from surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, some cancer specialists say. But insurance coverage for cancer “prehabilitation,” as it’s called, can be spotty, especially if the aim is to prevent problems rather than treat existing ones.... Read more»

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