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Aging Arizona population brings new challenges

Arizona’s population is growing older, bringing new opportunities – and new challenges – to the state in coming years, advocates say. Those age 55 and older made up about 1.8 million people in Arizona in 2013, an increase of nearly 11 percent from 2010.... Read more»

The politics of poison

How politics derailed EPA science on arsenic

A ban on arsenic-containing pesticides was lifted after a lawmaker disrupted a scientific assessment by the EPA.... Read more»

Hobby Lobby decision may not be last word on birth control coverage

State laws and an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruling may come into play.... Read more»

Az advocates hail, condemn Supreme Court ruling on contraception

Reaction was swift to the Supreme Court’s ruling that businesses cannot be forced to provide workers’ contraceptive coverage, if it conflicts with the owners’ religious beliefs. Supporters hailed it as a victory for religious rights, while opponents saw it as a setback for women’s rights.... Read more»

'Pattern of errors' plagues military medicine

The New York Times’ investigation finds that on several important measures, the military system “has consistently had higher than expected rates of harm and complications.”... Read more»

Obama to name former Proctor & Gamble chief to head VA

The president is expected Monday to nominate Bob McDonald to take over as head of the troubled Department of Veterans Affairs. McDonald is a West Point graduate who served as the CEO of Procter & Gamble.... Read more»

Supreme Court sides with Hobby Lobby on birth control

A sharply divided Supreme Court ruled Monday that at least some for-profit corporations may not be required to provide contraceptives if doing so violates the owners’ religious beliefs.... Read more»

Texas provides 2,000 vaccines for child detainees

In light of a recent surge of undocumented immigrants crossing the southern border of Texas, the state has sent 2,000 state-purchased flu vaccines to a federal shelter housing unaccompanied minors.... Read more»

As more imported foods reach dinner tables, holes remain in FDA safety net

In April 2012, a team of inspectors from the FDA investigated a seafood company in India that had been exporting tons of frozen yellow fin tuna to the U.S. What they found was not appetizing: water tanks rife with contamination, rusty carving knives, peeling paint above the work area, unsanitary bathrooms and an ice machine covered with insects and “apparent bird feces.”... Read more»

Leadership at Chemical Safety Board questioned amid investigation backlog

New, damning evidence of management failures within the U.S. Chemical Safety Board was presented Thursday at a congressional hearing.... Read more»

The best reporting on children with PTSD

What happens to children and teenagers exposed to violence in their own neighborhoods.... Read more»

Free pet microchips, adoptions Saturday

Pima Animal Care Center is hosting a free Microchip and eegee’s Social Saturday, 8-10 a.m., at 4000 N. Silverbell Rd. There will also be free adoptions when the shelter is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.... Read more»

Humane Society offers 2nd round of free distemper shots

In response to an increase in dogs with distemper this month, the Humane Society is offering a second round of free vaccinations at a mobile clinic Saturday.... Read more»

Texas Gov. Rick Perry warns of 'Trail of Tears' from Central America

Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Monday warned that if Central American leaders do not heed the call to stop their citizens from flooding across the Texas-Mexico border, the summer months will bear witness to a “trail of tears” caused by a surge of dead migrants.... Read more»

Texas officials: Immigrant surge is a medical crisis

As immigrants — many of them unaccompanied minors — surge across the Texas-Mexico border, health officials warn of a looming medical crisis.

... Read more»

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