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Most states list deadly methadone as 'preferred drug'

Methadone far surpasses all other opiates as a cause of overdose deaths. But most state Medicaid agencies continue to list it as a “preferred drug” for chronic pain. ... Read more»

Arizona hospitals get middling scores in nat'l patient survey

Just four Arizona hospitals got the top score in a report on patient satisfaction with U.S. hospitals. Arizona's average of three stars on the five-star scale was 41st in the nation. None of the six Tucson hospitals included in the report received above a three-star rating.... Read more»

Az exec launches effort to provide cheap birth control, support women's health

After his teenage daughters visited Africa and Asia, the head of a Scottsdale-based venture capital firm decided to start offering affordable birth control in the U.S. and putting the proceeds toward reproductive health in the Third World.... Read more»

Rising access to substance abuse treatment faces 'critical' counselor shortage

Changes to health care law in the past year gave millions of Americans access to mental health and substance abuse treatment, but did nothing to address a 'critical' shortage of professionals who can provide that care.... Read more»

App addresses challenges women face trying to quit smoking

When it comes to quitting smoking, women may need some extra motivation: "Women are more likely to gain weight than men when they quit smoking, and women have more difficulty losing weight when they gain it." That’s why UA researchers helped develop an app to remind women smokers that their health is more important than being thin.... Read more»

Supreme Court declines Az fish pedicure case

State officials welcomed the decision, which ended six years of legal wrangling over the Board of Cosmetology's ability to regulate fish pedicures. An official with the Goldwater Institute, which had challenged the board, said it will now take its fight to the Legislature. ... Read more»

Children still being strangled by window blind cords

Despite years of talk, kids are still dying because of hazardous cords on window blinds. At least 332 children, most of them under the age of two, have been fatally strangled by window cords over the last 30 years. Another 165 have been injured, including some who suffered permanent brain damage or quadriplegia requiring lifelong care.... Read more»

Clean up your cabinets and the environment at Dispose-A-Med event

More than 2,900 pounds of outdated prescription drugs have been properly disposed of at collection events over the past two years. Saturday, you can empty out your cabinets and keep drugs out of the water supply at a Sheriff's Department Dispose-A-Med collection on the East Side.... Read more»

FactCheck: Santorum and the EPA’s mercury rule

Rick Santorum misrepresented the EPA’s impact analysis of a new agency rule that would reduce power plant emissions of mercury and other toxins.... Read more»

Chile is harvesting Latin America's 1st legal medical marijuana

Chile aims to harvest enough pot to make cannabis oil for 200 cancer patients.... Read more»

Obama's numbers, April update

Jobs, earnings, health insurance, oil production, exports and more. Our latest installment of the Obama scorecard. ... Read more»1

Arizona program to fight climate-related health issues held out as model

Arizona was one of seven states highlighted in a CDC report on programs aimed at reducing the health problems stemming from climate change. That report, in turn, was cited by President Barack Obama as he unveiled a series of actions aimed at climate-related health issues.... Read more»

Ducey signs law to allow lab testing without a doctor’s order

Arizona patients will be able to get any laboratory test without a doctor's approval under legislation signed Monday by Gov. Doug Ducey. The governor said the change will reduce barriers and red tape. The bill's author hopes Arizona will lead the nation in preventative care. ... Read more»2

Baby taken to hospital after being left in van near City Hall

A baby girl was taken to a hospital Monday afternoon after being left alone in an unlocked van, authorities said.... Read more»1

Census: Arizonans with health insurance rose as state economy fell

The number of Arizonans with health insurance rose even as the economy fell from 2007 to 2010, when both trends reversed course, a Census report says. The number of insured in the state improved only slightly from 2007 to 2013, inching from fifth- to eighth-worst in the U.S.... Read more»

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