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Pima County OKs new paid parental leave plan

New parents who work for Pima County will be eligible for reduced pay for a six-week leave, under a plan approved Tuesday by the Board of Supervisors. The benefits will cost about $500,000 annually, less than the $1.1 million estimated for a proposed plan that would've allowed for full salaries during parental leave.... Read more»

Humane Society responds to distemper increase with free shots for puppies

The Humane Society is warning dog owners about a recent rise in the number of distemper cases and urges the public to makes sure their pet's vaccinations are up to date. The group is offering free vaccinations on Saturday for dogs six months and younger.... Read more»

Mexico governor: Grow medical opium to reduce drug violence

A senior Mexican official has said legalizing cultivation of opium poppies for medicinal purposes might help reduce violence in one of the regions most affected by brutal drug gangs that have ravaged the country for years. ... Read more»

Border Patrol team working missing migrant cases

A small group of agents has worked for the last nine months at Tucson BP headquarters to coordinate reports of migrants lost in the Arizona desert, and either launch rescue efforts to save those lost in the desert, or help recover and repatriate remains of those who had died.... Read more»1

Former Tucson city manager slides over to county wastewater dep't

He spent years cleaning up the city streets, and now he's helping secure the sewers. Former police chief and city manager Richard Miranda is now working in the security program for Pima County's Wastewater Department.... Read more»

Mesa eye-tracking software company helps empower people with disabilities

Mesa-based EyeTech Digital Systems Inc. has created hardware and software for eye-tracking systems since 1996. The company is now emphasizing how it can be useful for people with disabilities.... Read more»

Study links cosmetics use to changed body chemistry

A new study released Monday suggests that consumers can quickly reduce the amount of hormone-disrupting chemicals in their bodies by switching personal care products. ... Read more»1

Shortage of large-animal vets threatens health of Arizona livestock industry

Traditional veterinary medicine for large food animals in rural Arizona has all but vanished, leaving the state’s livestock industry increasingly vulnerable to disease and even death.... Read more»

15-year-old Humane Borders water barrel headed to Smithsonian

A beat-up blue plastic water barrel, designed by Humane Borders to save migrants crossing the Arizona desert, will become part of an exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt museum, part of the Smithsonian. It has been 15 years since the group built two barrels, placing them in the desert in an effort to lower the number of deaths of illegal border crossers.... Read more»

Update: Deputies locate missing elderly man on NW Side

Authorities located a 73-year-old Northwest Side man with "advanced dementia" drove off in the family car Sunday afternoon. Ralph Nickerson was found in "good condition" and reunited with his family.... Read more»

Mexico sees spike in H1N1 swine flu cases, 68 people dead

Mexico has seen a sharp jump in cases of the virus H1N1, popularly known as swine flu, killing 68 people so far this flu season, according to health ministry data. ... Read more»

Az lawmakers say Phx VA needs more work in wake of ex-director's guilty plea

Arizona lawmakers welcomed Tuesday’s announcement that the former director of the Phoenix VA hospital pleaded guilty to failing to disclose gifts from a lobbyist, but said it was too little and too late for veterans waiting for justice. ... Read more»

Phoenix surgeon uses 3D-printing tech to reconstruct patient’s face

Generally, doctors would have used metal plates and screws to reconstruct Jake Reynold’s face. But the bones did not have enough blood supply and essentially “died away.” So instead, his surgeon decided to reconstruct his face using 3-D printing technology to create an implant.... Read more»

Texas case could define extent of abortion limits

On Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in the legal challenge to abortion restrictions passed by Texas lawmakers in 2013. Many observers had predicted a landmark decision might spring from the case, clarifying how far states can go in regulating the procedure, but that's less certain in the wake of Justice Antonin Scalia's death.... Read more»

Advocates: Medical negligence caused deaths in immigration detention

A review of eight cases shows serious problems in the medical care of detainees at immigration holding facilities across the United States and a lack of transparency and oversight when it comes to medical care, according to a report released Thursday by advocates. ... Read more»

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