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Widespread discrepancies found in nursing homes staffing levels

Analysis of data compiled for Medicare shows staffing levels lower than what’s reported on public website.... Read more»1

VA officials defend pace of action against senior agency executives

House members demanded to know why senior Department of Veterans Affairs executives who were implicated in recent scandals at the agency have not been fired, months after the agency got that authority. VA officials said they are making progress, but have to proceed cautiously.... Read more»


Obamacare helps millions, but falls short in many ways

Commentary: per capita cost of care still higher than in other nations... Read more»3

Tucson scientists developing supplement to keep bees alive

Malnutrition may play a role in a decline in bee colonies that has fueled headlines and public concern, according to experts at the Carl Hayden Bee Research Center in Tucson. They’re developing a supplement.... Read more»

Enrolling in Obamacare? Keep these 5 tips in mind

A quick checklist for people who don’t get their health insurance at work and plan to shop for coverage on the health law’s online exchanges, or marketplaces, starting Nov. 15.... Read more»


Health insurers win midterm election

Republicans weren’t the only big winners in last Tuesday’s election. So were health insurance companies, many of which spent heavily to influence the outcome.... Read more»1

By the numbers: Remembering America's veterans in 2014

This Veterans Day, and throughout the year, remember those who have served in our armed forces, and honor their struggles and sacrifices.... Read more»

Heroes on Horses uses therapeutic riding to help Az veterans

Joseph Bailey Jr. starts his Thursday mornings with Fiesta, a black-and-white-patterned horse. Bailey brushes Fiesta and whispers in his ear for him to behave before the two begin their ride. A Navy veteran, Bailey lost the use of his left leg and hand due to a spinal problem that developed three decades after his discharge. The Southern Arizona VA referred him to Heroes on Horses to help him rehabilitate from a 2002 surgery.... Read more»

Republican governors' victories make Medicaid expansion unlikely in 5 states

Tuesday’s re-election of Republican governors in closely contested races in Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin, Maine and Kansas dims the chances of Medicaid expansion in those states.... Read more»1

Az voters OK experimental Rx proposition

Arizona voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved Proposition 303, which aims to allow terminally ill patients to gain access to experimental drugs that have passed the first phase of FDA approval.... Read more»

For families with mixed immigration status, health insurance is a puzzle

Figuring out insurance options under the law can be especially difficult for individuals whose family is of “mixed status.” That is, some have federal authorization to be in this country and others don’t.... Read more»

VA challenges charge it influenced inspector general’s Phoenix report

Critics say emails from the Department of Veterans Affairs to its inspector general over a report on the Phoenix VA are cause for concern. But the VA said the emails were not only routine but helped explain “what happened in Phoenix in the clearest possible way.”... Read more»1

Programs aim to produce more primary care doctors

Arizona doesn’t have enough primary care physicians to meet the need in many areas, particularly in rural and under-served parts of the state. According to a study by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, only 53 percent of Arizona’s primary health care needs are being met.... Read more»

Northwest Medical heading to Southeast Side with Vail ER

Northwest Medical Center is planning a freestanding emergency department to be built in Vail. The center, expected to be completed late next year, will have 12 private patient rooms and offer a higher level of care than urgent care facilities, the company said.... Read more»

High E. coli levels found in scenic Greenlee County river

Authorities recently discovered that the stretch of the San Francisco River that runs through Greenlee County had levels of E. coli bacteria that exceeded the EPA’s standard.... Read more»

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